Where I keep track of process/ideas.

Common mod:

Browser map

Rotating pictograms/ interesting.

Cycle through pictos with the mouse wheel. Get the buried to the top & top to the bottom. [ Another cluster solution & alternative to tabkeying across the map. ]

Unplugged's addon concept. [ Base code fini. Zero priority due to the lack of user interest. ]
[ How about a built-in. Store the settings for your acc regardless of the device you're using. ]
[ With the add-ons, the settings gonna work whether logged in or out, tho on local machine only.]

Since I chose to base the map's function and design on the forest's core idea, friend lists are now off the table.
Practical, yeah, but they'd end up feeding the individualism and isolation in the long run.

[Working on an unrelated tefc addon, ~60% complete.]

Mobile map

Get a pile of pictos to sparse out on zoom/double tap/other action. [ W0lfclaw's idea. ]
Hover emulation & map scrolling. Major css.

From the original bug list/ Low priority/ :

hovering over a moving pictogram will quickly move that pictogram to its destination,
unable to use different map sizes,
tabbing from one pictogram to the next does not flow from top to bottom,
coordinates, pictograms, and/or map placement of objects may be off by 1 unit/pixel,
the coordinates report the incorrect value when the mouse is off the map,
the coordinates are unretrievable when moved off the map and hidden,
draggable text currently wraps around when reaching the right edge of the map,
allow the colors of the pictograms to be changed,
safari may prevent the map from working properly when in private mode,
coordinates stop updating while cursor is over pictogram.