Insert clever adopt title here [YCHs!]

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temporary adopt/design thingy

Lmao two unexpected payments came in and ate almost all my money and I'm not getting paid for another two weeks so!!!

CONTACT me on discord; Jepha#7649 and leave a comment here so I know who you are!


Will be done in a style similar to this
They're $25 each, $35 with shading ORRR a window background like so
More complex designs/a lot of changes will be $10 extra.
#1 - OPEN

Mint tea -$15

Aaaand an oldoldold char that never got much attention, comes with absolutely lovely Munkel art x x

Blonde kudu -$20

Midnight Butterfly oh god.

Midnight Butterfly oh god. Heavy breathing.
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Midnight Butterfly and Dipped

Midnight Butterfly and Dipped Feet are so nice aaaah ♥
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Pixel Wis by squeegie~

don't do this to me I am so

don't do this to me
I am so weak

Adding you to Discord. I've

Adding you to Discord. I've got a question~ It'll be from lacie#5996 (:
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goodbye money

goodbye money

yes, jephadopts

yes, jephadopts
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Aaa I'm in love with the

Aaa I'm in love with the Golden Kiri design omg ;; and Mio is so pretty.
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omg thank you guys ;^;

omg thank you guys ;^;
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o gdi im tRYING tO sAVe

o gdi im tRYING tO sAVe '
stalk this ..
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;o; I must sit here. So

;o; I must sit here. So gorgeous!
gif by Hautakumpu
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Ah! I loving everything

Ah! I loving everything <3
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Added you on discord ^^

Added you on discord ^^