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Interactions n RP pls help me grow her
After years of suffering from dreadful nose, ear and eye bleeds has finally made some progress with them. They occur mostly on the times she sees or senses someone/-thing not physically there. Has been seeing the dead walk among the living, in a way. Often thought she had been granted with the gift of sight, but those she is able to 'see' have crossed the border long ago. Senses the haunted, the misfortuned and too early taken around her. Scared and worried over this, fearful of bringing it up with anyone really, believes it is the result of her own death in the past and the trauma attached to it.

Had been travelling, learning independence as trying to make it on her own. Returned to the forest to see if anyone she knows is around. To her surprise she found a familiar face from her fawnhood, one she was forbidden to approach due to her dangerous ties. Approached the doe (Ismay) anyway and was met with kindness and affections. Confessed that she had believed those stories of her not being too for her, felt foolish for believing so. Had a deep conversation with the older doe about independence, strength and love, admires the doe for how strong she is. Butt fell asleep and took a stroll around the forest only to find Lilu not too far off from her previous resting spot, joined her cautiously. Worried if she would be of trouble, happy when met with kindness too. Butt fell asleep again and wandered off after nuzzling Lilu some.

Went to get something to drink and got off track while heading to the pond, was caught off guard by a wolf, Hakon, who charged at her to bite her face. Forced herself to rip her face off of his grip in order to escape, managed to do so but was left with massive bleeding scars across her muzzle. Ran off, stumbling on every god damn thing on the way bc panic doesnt make things easier for a blind doe. Hakon managed to get a few bites and scratches across her hind, making her bleed from there, too. Lost sense of direction again but managed to get close enough to Lilu for her to notice her. Lilu jumped at the wolf to protect her, and then her legs gave out and she collapsed to the ground further away. Was joined by two curious passers by, Virus and Ryoko, who wanted to help her but she refused. The pain and the fear of more pain made her wiggle her butt to the forest floor, refusing to leave without Lilu. Appreciative of their efforts nonetheless.

Has reached her adult height as she has been bulking up for the up coming winter. Senses the change of the season more than she had ever before, enjoying it.

For the longest time has been plotting on revenge on her father and might have found someone to do the deed for her, for a very high prize due to her father's high rank and the risks it brings. Grown a lot (gonna draw her a new ref whenever I got tiem..), but remains rather thin and slender, taller than before. Losing her connection to the forest as well as her homelands, mentally drained but optimistic things will turn for the better.

Throughout the winter has laid low in the forest, hiding in the shadows only to occasionally visit Fletcher and Liathe, other than them she has had very little social interactions within the forest. Lurking in her own homeworld every now and again to plot for revenge. Has lured herself into the social circles of the royalty via his connections with the Emperor's right hand man's son. Keeping her identity hidden as for she is still assumed to be deceased.

During the last few months has had an inconvenient thing trouble her, every now and again whenever she gets agitated, frustrated or highly stressed her eye sockets, nose and ears began bleeding a few drops of blood, leaving a tiny trail of dried blood on her face.

Today got herself together and visited the forest again, first stopped by a sleeping Fletcher, but did not wish to bother the bull's sleep so headed to the pond where she could sense another familiar face, Rhea. Hesitant of approaching her so instead lurked behind a v large tree, was soon noticed by the hyena. Received a warm welcome from her and was beyond joyful. Got some snuggles and happy romping around before Rhea led her off to what she assumed was her tree. Clung to her side like there was no tomorrow.

Laying low after her little trip to her homelands and her little trip where Dahval showed her his favorite places. Starting to find a little traveler within and plans on taking another trip to her homeworld, aiming to get justice for what has happened to her by their great leader.
Feeling strange throughout the rut, as if some force was pulling her out of her shell to socialize with everyone and get boy bacteria all over her. Resisted the urge, though, and like a good little girl watched the show from afar.

After getting herself back in shape decided to follow the faint trace of her attacker, making sure she wasn't being followed she made her way out of the forest for the first time. It was a few days worth of travelling until she reached area where the scent was at its strongest. In a valley guarded by two large mountain formations and a sea lived a large herd of her kind. Most of the inhabitants there wore cloaks, furs and other cloths to show off their rank and status. Highest wore jewels and furs, lowest wore rags turned into cloaks. She grabbed one of the cloaks to fit in. Proceeded carefully as the environment was new to her. Learnt that her attacker was one of the highly respected individuals among the community there, puzzled by this. Eventually was thrown out of the community as none of the community's regulars recognized her, a sheltered community it was.

With this new information returned to her home, thinking and trying to figure out more of her attacker and her own past. Connects the scents of her attacker and the one abusing her as a newborn. Upon returning home sought out familiars desperately for comfort.

Fever is nearly gone by now and felt like joining the rest of the world again. She crawled out of her den, after a few days of not eating nor drinking, her legs felt wobbly and like they were going to fail her. The fresh air felt good for a change. After walking for a moment she heard a somewhat familiar voice behind her, turned to glance who was there to see her. Apparently the news of her survival had spread all the way to the Empire, and her father had decided to pay her a visit. As the Emperor left the forest the fawn was left bruised and hurt. She would crawl back into her den leaving a trail of blood leading to it. Most of the cuts were located on her rump and back legs, a few lacerations on her chest as well.

Yesterday cried at Liathe who ended up treating her fever for a moment, felt good and happy until the effects wore off. Fever spiked, leaving her unwell, grumpy and tired. During the dark hours crawled into her den, the one Liathe and Dahval dug for her when she was still dead, and likely to stay there until feels better again. Covered the entrance with ferns and flowers.

One month old bubu.
Past the last week has taken it to be her mission to learn her way around the forest, to be able to roam there alone without injuring herself on every root or rock. The rain got her off guard the other day as it added up to noises and scents, after the rain she has had it easier to navigate around and about though. The rain had a toll on her as she has felt feverish these past few days, lacking the energy and goofiness. Her body is hot to the touch, she has not been eating well. Most of the time had been spent curling next to loved ones.

Happy child is happy. Feels at home and loved.

Woke up next to Fletcher, hasn't moved too from a certain flowerpatch in the past few days. Noticed a familiar presence near by, noticing the scent, too. She was just about to go meet and greet Wollunka when the Crook stopped her. Puzzled as of why she couldn't go to meet him, leading Fletcher and her having a talk about danger and safety. Learnt that not all in the forest mean well, others cause hurt and pain. Soon she found herself asking if Liathe, Val, Fletcher or anyone else she has gotten close to was dangerous, beyond thrilled to hear they are all safe. Told Fletcher the trio felt like family, like home. Danger brought up memories of her death, where she had lost her parents but gained three more. Snuggled once again to the Crook, wondering if she will make her way to Narnia through all that fur and digging around.

Utterly pleased to notice Rhea around, cuddled to her side immediately as she has been waiting for the hyena to join them, a remembered presence in her early doom. Received a gift from the hyena, excited and thankful for the smooth stone. She will be carrying it around once she figures out how, though. Spent a great amount of time cuddled to the Hyena.

Even more overjoyed to see Val join them. Chiyo is a happy nugget.

The past few days she has been under the watchful eye of Fletcher, Liathe and Dahval, being fed by each of them in turns. She is relying on the three with her life as they provide her a safe environment to grow, and lotsa food. Has been cuddling all of them to death on their turns, practiced cleaning and grooming. That ended with Val and Fletcher's fur be covered in drool and slime. A proud girl. Received a gift from Val, a bracelet with a tiny bell on it, similar to the one he has, too. Now is able to discover the forest on her own more as she will find Dahval by the sound of the bells (they got some magic on them too, so they can find each other if need be huehue). Wears it around her neck, proudly as it is her first material gift.

Stayed with Dahval when Liathe and Fletcher went on their own ways, cried after them for a moment before settling with Val, curling up to his side happily.

Started the day with a long nap curled against Fletcher. She likes him now, too. The moment she sensed Dahval around rushed to his side, clinging to him again. Something had been troubling her mind the past few days as she has had nightmares of the day she died and events leading to it. Nightmares or flashbacks. Ended up asking Dahval why he stayed and why her parents did what they did. Assumed it was because she is flawed, but received a great self-esteem boost from the Cloud who told she was perfect the way she was, eyes or no eyes. For now feeling better.

Noticed Sweetkoi had joined them, sat closer to them and leaned against a log. Sensed Liathe near by and decided she was big enough for an adventure alone. Boy could she be more wrong.. She was scared shitless when Monochrome jumped at her, losing all sense of direction and Liathe's scent. Terrified as she was sure she would never, ever find Dahval again and this was her doom. Monochrome wanted her to follow her but since she was too slow, soon felt the ground vanish underneath her hooves and was picked up by the male fawn, carried into the depths of the Birch forest and placed in a den, between the birch tree roots. Confused and scared, but when the monochrome told her he just wanted to play she got excited and jumped out of the den. But then shit hit the fan.

[19.22.46] Kaunako: Rushes over, crying, I want mom.
[19.23.05] Ghost: oh gosh, what's wrong beb ):
[19.23.32] Kaunako: monochrome said he didnt like you and we cant play when you watch over me and I told him he is stupid and then he said Im stupid and yelled at me ;;

Sobbed and cried against the lion's chest until he took her on an adventure!

Yesterday was a huge breakthrough for the child as she walked from her den to the other side of the Ruins, mostly tailing Dahval, trying to grab him by his tail. After the walk she felt like she had walked a thousand miles and curled up next to Dahval to rest. So tired from her walk that she slept almost throughout the day today.

In the evening woke up hungry as hell, let Dahval know about this by starting to suckle on his fur on various spots. No food there. Cried out and continued to suckle on his fur. Poor Dahval. Not long after Liathe joined them, greeted the doe with love and affection. The child remembered Liathe's presence from the time she wanted to dig up a den for the child. As silly as it sounds, trusts completely. Saddened to see Liathe leave, though was beyond exited to see her return with milk. Fed with all she got, like there was no tomorrow. Burped every now and again as she was about to choke on the milk she fed with the speed of light. As the jar of milk was empty curled up next to Liathe, burped once more before dozing off.

The rumors of her existence and her dire need for a new soul had been spreading like wildfire, even though her corpse had been hidden well from the wandering eyes. Dahval had been by her side constantly throughout the past few days, healing her body with his best attempts. A strange doe (Lilu) approached the duo as she had heard about someone needing a new soul, overhearing a conversation where a male like the Cloud had been described. After a long moment of going back and forth, weighing if the whole thing was a scam or a trap, both bent in order to give the fawn a chance.

The Demon began to search for her lost soul while the Priest kept healing her to keep her body in a suitable condition for the soul to enter. It took a good while until the correct soul was found, the doe carefully and gently gave her her soul back, hoping it would settle and make root in it again. The rooting took longer than expected due to the corpse's condition, thankfully the Priest has been healing it. If not, the soul might have rejected the body.

Her chest moved subtly up, and down. Up and down as she attempted to breathe. After minutes she gasped to inhale deep, her eyes flashing wide open. As she opened her eyes, something haunting was revealed. The very reason why her parents had abandoned her and abused her; her eye sockets were empty. Her eye lashes framed two empty sockets, dark ones.

Reborn May 5th, 2017 1:05am

Her frail, delicate body pushed through the ferns and herbs and she bleated out in to the world, and touched Dahval's leg with the tip of her nose. Her body remains weak, malnourished and achy. After digging her way out of the den, she curled back inside only to fall asleep. Receiving a soul and crawling out of the den had already drained her and she needed rest.

Was joined by Ismay and Wollunka, rested with the two.

As the two previously mentioned departed the fawn was on her own for a brief moment. Was joined by a monochrome fawn who had been lurking near by ever since her appearance in the forest. Startled the monochrome by moving, he was already somewhat accustomed to her being a dead fish. Second thing that made him question his life choices was her lack of eyes. Few words were exchanged, before the fawn crawled back into her den. She did not wish to cause any distress towards the curious soul, and so hid herself. The monochrome stuck his head into her private little death smelling den, and right then Dahval appeared making the monochrome back off a few feet. Spent time glued to Dahval's side trying to get her new friend to join them, showing him her best puppy face impression. Puppy face without is creepy shit.

The den seemed to be doing it's purpose as the corpse of the fawn remain intact, vultures and predators have not been seen lurking near it. The constant presence of Dahval may affect this, too. The sky started pouring down thick, but the Cloud had placed himself tactically by the entrance to the den and so the rain water has yet to fully reach the corpse. A few drops here and there has made their way past the Cloud. The Fawn's temperature is decreasing due to the lack of physical contact and others actively warming her. However the temperature in the den is surprisingly warm considering the situation and her body temperature will reach its lowest point soon.

Dahval, Talla and Rossamund have been a constantly with her, Liathe lurking near by every now and again.

During her first night her body temperature hardly dropped as she was surrounded by various strangers cuddled against her tiny body. At the dawn Dahval picked up the fawn while others were still sound asleep and carried the fawn away from her death site. While carrying her she hang down lifeless, doll-like. Dahval placed her among the ferns by a tree near the Old Oak. Even though the lion cuddled to the fawn her body temperature dropped drastically and soon was cold to touch.

Hours passed by with Dahval curled up around her, keeping her warmish again. In the evening another stranger, Liathe, joined them. The predators of the forest would be after her scent soon and would be safer if her scent could be covered or replaced. She was picked up again by the lion as he and Liathe tried to find a suitable spot for her to hide in until further notice. Her two broken ribs cracked out of place while picked up again. She was placed in a den like structure among the violet flowers, by the border of the Birch Forest and the First Forest.

The scent of rotting, decaying corpse would still be there, getting stronger day by day. But for now it was covered with the scent from the flowers and various herbs. The Fawn was hidden. Can you find her?

During the early hours of the night a silvery fawn attempted to fill her lungs with air but instead of the chilly, moist air her lungs were filled with blood. The fawn gurgled, her nose bled, eyes bled. Even her ears bled.


The fawn opened her mouth to bleat yet no sounds escaped her lips only a stream of blood made its way through her parted lips. With that, Mother and Father took their leave and left their Child to rot where she laid. Had she survived her frail body would be decorated with bruises from the abuse she had to face during her first, and last, minutes of existence.

Date of Birth April 30, 2017 10:50pm
Date of Death April 30, 2017 10:55pm

Visited by Dahval, Rossamund, Talla, Irene, Rhea, Ehsan, Tog. Some staying by her side longer than others.

"Memories do not always soften with time; some grow edges like knives." - B. Kingsolver

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"Be a voice, not an echo."

I adore this. tracking

I adore this. tracking
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Poor, sweet thing ♥
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Omg I love her design, poor bby ;u;
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