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[Switch X on to activate pictogram sniping.Get pictos off the map via left-click. Switch on to idle.Switch on to restore the hidden names.]

Hotkeys reference:

1gen - 5gen'1' - '5'
Restore default'←Backspace'


Version history
The Rut mod
Fixed missing 'grams. Revived mobile support
Pictos get two colors
Picto groups & switches
A tool to take individual pictos off the map & restore
5th gen and its switch
Refined picto hover action/aesthetics
Patched the storage
New graphics | Lag & load fix
Precise account links for browsing the map while logged off
Options panel
Event specials
Server freeze alert

/ Got suggestions / bugs to report / etc? Drop me a line.
Source code lifted from GMSuerte |

Check out the Neat Forest Map Prototype by SylvanRah |



This shows downages too?

This shows downages too? Sick. Thank you!
ShrinkingRose's picture

Thank you, Uitleger!

Thank you, Uitleger!

No problem, Rose. Glad to

No problem, Rose. Glad to pitch in.

You know, for the next year's Rally, I could make a code that lets you add custom markers for events and booths onto the map via the google sheets. When hovered, a marker'd show a pic of the host and a speech bubble with some information and some links (to the toyhous page/discord/etc).

Kinda like in this rough.
Nevermind the webdings font I used for the marker.
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^ Your brilliance never

^ Your brilliance never ceases to astound. That sounds very cool!
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Better than the original.

Better than the original. Nice job!
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Track! Thank you!

Thank you!