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´ v`)//

´ v`)//

gid outta here nerds.

gid outta here nerds. <3
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Another fmn character eeee

Another fmn character eeee

catch 'em allll B)

catch 'em allll B)
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Avatar © Squeegie & Siggy © Caiir + other

Echosong, kiwara; &hearts;!!

Echosong, kiwara; ♥!!
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lovely ! &hearts;

lovely ! ♥

little bab all grown up

little bab all grown up<3

Kee, Schutzgeist, Mauvable;

Kee, Schutzgeist, Mauvable; <3333
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wonderful deer track

wonderful deer

Rayrayray; Aw, thank you.

Rayrayray; Aw, thank you. <3
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what a handsome boy

what a handsome boy

thank, handsome gal.

thank, handsome gal. <3
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....Sigh ....&hearts;

....Sigh ....♥ ♥ ♥ !!!
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

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What a beautie.

What a beautie.
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What a gorgeous design!

What a gorgeous design!


Vala, Kee, Vee, malevolent;

Vala, Kee, Vee, malevolent; oh hey ya'll. /smooches

This guy is absolutely

This guy is absolutely gorgeous! Would love some RP interaction with this beauty sometime XD
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Fainalotea; Thank you! We

Fainalotea; Thank you! We definitely wouldn't mind RP interaction sometime. <3

Anytime! And anytime you'd

Anytime! And anytime you'd like, I'd love to! ^^
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*purrs* ('w') He is all

*purrs* ('w')

He is all happy kay give me a moment when he is not caus' Adagio has growing plants on his body too.

PLANT BuDDIEs (jsus christ


(jsus christ life is hard without skype ;C)
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Oh myyy

Oh myyy <3
Look at this scene, it is so peaceful. I can hear the rain. I really love how Adagio is looking at Brook, they look so comfortable together (despite the rut noise all around haha). Also dis green halo hgn ♥
Thank you so much dear, this unespected gorgeous gift makes my morning ;;

(ikr :< but it's working again!)
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This new artwork is holy.

This new artwork is holy.
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!!! <3

Kee; buhh, thank you, dear.

Kee; buhh, thank you, dear. also realized I never responded to your previous message here, was glad to hear it though ♥ !!!
tigerart27; !! <3
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-tracks- she looks lovely

-tracks- she looks lovely <3

kokote; they're actually

kokote; they're actually male, haha. but thanks, and hey, good to see you back! <3
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I have no idea why I said

I have no idea why I said she. I had to draw too many male antlered does recently xd

totally understandable, 's

totally understandable, 's not like he's the manliest man out there anyway, rofl. <3
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what the heck why have I not

what the heck why have I not stumbled upon this character before because he's awesome????
would love for my doe Tog to meet him sometime and if you read her bio you'll see why xD

Bayleen; Aw, thanks! I did,

Bayleen; Aw, thanks! I did, sounds like they'd get along well. 8] Tog seems lovely too.
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Oh the moving garden guy is

Oh the moving garden guy is back ♥

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kee; and so are you! hi

kee; and so are you! hi <3
theunborn; supp!

OOoh!! How beautiful!

OOoh!! How beautiful!

thank youu!

thank youu! <3


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pretty plant boi

pretty plant boi

Postmortem, sarkoja; hi hi

Postmortem, sarkoja; hi hi hii <3
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Oooh I love this *v*

Oooh I love this *v*

thank uuu! good to see you

thank uuu! good to see you 'round <3
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~` u ´~

~` u ´~