New Start, Clean Slate

Don't get too attached to this account, though. I tried to make a different account with a picto I liked a lot better, but I made a mistake and can't log into the forest with it. If I can get that sorted out and get the issue fixed, I'm going to be going to that account instead, while this one will remain a backup to be used later. For now, this one is giving me a chance to play in the forest and get re-acquainted with everything.

Guess that's all.

EDIT: Sage's actual picto is now live (the issue has been resolved) and it will be my main account now. The picto on this account will likely be used for another character to be created later.

In the meantime, before I eventually delete this post, if anyone wants my discord name to keep in contact, leave a comment here or send me a message on either tumblr or dA.
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I remember you

I remember you Smiling
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-is crying right now- Marti?

-is crying right now-

Marti? ;~;
I have missed you sooo much holy crap
I can't articulate how happy I am just ahhhhh welcome back <333333

Kaoori! I remember you, too!

Kaoori! I remember you, too! It's awesome to see you!

And YOOO CATO! I am so, so happy to see you too! I missed seeing you around, it's been so dang long ;-;
I'm all nostalgic for the old days now, goshdangit. But to see Atiq again is amazing lol.
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yeah I think of everyone

yeah I think of everyone every once in awhile, always nice to see a familiar face <3 And wit a new character too that's exciting ^^ I'll always miss Marti as well :')

and augh in my excitement I didn't get t say how far your art has come and how absolutely gorgeous that headshot of Sage is! I love the colors and those smooth lines c:

I do remember you a little.

I do remember you a little. Welcome back. Loving Sage's headshot.

Well now, I'm not against

Well now, I'm not against letting Marti visit the forest every once in a while! We'll have to see how things develop. Regardless, thank you! It was just a rough sketch to start getting my ideas down (for things like trying to make her fur a "mottled" color, etc.), so I'm hoping over time I can further develop her design and get to make something really finished and polished.

And thank you too, nebulae!
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I feel like so many oldies

I feel like so many oldies are coming out of the woodwork suddenly. It's awesome. ='D
Welcome back, by the way.
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Hey you. <3 Welcome back! I

Hey you. <3 Welcome back! I hope you've been alright the last few years.
Looking forward to learning more about Sage. Smiling

@Pega — We can't resist the

@Pega — We can't resist the call of the forest forever lol. Maybe we need to build an oldie army one of these days. And thank you! Glad to see you're still around!

@Vee — Howdy and thank you! I've been doing good, just busy. Hopefully I'll get some time to start developing Sage and get to share that whole process with y'all.
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I saw a Martisol next to Atiq

I saw a Martisol next to Atiq last night for a bit, that was a really nice surprise and Atiq thoroughly enjoyed that <3

also I see that discord invitation up there and omg if you wanted to hmu anytime mine is PenumbraEx#2103 c:
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I may not be as active as I

I may not be as active as I used to, but I'm always around. Lingering in the shadows. >>
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Glad to have you back, aaaa!

Glad to have you back, aaaa! ♥
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Welcome back! If the issue

Welcome back!

If the issue with logging into the Forest with the other picto is that you have a special character in your password, you can get around that by copy/pasting the special character (or the whole password) from Word or wherever into the login field. That'll at least let you use the picto while you wait for a password change/etc. from M&A as a permanent solution!
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....One more "oldie " Welcome

....One more "oldie " Welcome back!
" ~ Lady in Red ~ "

♥ ♥

@Clare & @Vala: Thank you so

@Clare & @Vala: Thank you so much!

@Aivilo: That was the issue exactly, however copying and pasting it did nothing when I was trying the different workarounds I found around the forums. I tried just copying the special characters, copying the entire password, but nothing worked. I did get a response from M&A earlier this morning, though, so the problem is fixed and I can move back to the original account now, so it's no longer an issue. Thank you, though! I really appreciate it c: