Name your deer!

It is possible to just download The Endless Forest and play as a deer that does not differ in anything from the other deer. But why would you want to do that? Especially if you know that you can give your deer an nice glowing halo between its antlers. A halo surrounding a symbol that represents the name of your deer.

Deer don't talk. Humans do. Especially in online games. And they make a mess of it. Slang and internet shorthand quickly destroy any illusion that the authors had crafted. No such thing in The Endless Forest. Deer don't talk. This is why your name is not a word. But a pictogram. A pictogram in an invented language of which nobody knows the pronunciation.

On the registration page you are able to choose a symbol for your deer. This symbol represents you throughout the game, so choose it carefully. In the current forest, the symbol simply identifies you to other players. But later there will be many more uses for it.

Go to the Deer Registration Page now!

Please download and install the screensaver first! That way you can check if the game actually runs on your computer. Your registration is useless if it doesn't.