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never / gonna / give / you / up

basic info

name: Muon
nicknames: whatever you like to call this kid
gender: female
age: looks like young adult, doesn't grow older
species: deer-human-vampire,,,-thing. basically a deer with a human face who drinks blood, nothing new right
diet: vampir-ish, so drinks blood of small animals living in the forest. can drink other's blood but never will bc finds it unethical and kinda barbaric
identification: x
orientation: asexual, homoromantic
smell: strawberries, blood, too much herbs
size: x (3; regular mini size)
appearance (in game):
pelt - noh
mask - skull
antlers - noh
mini size
or click here for picture: x

muon is a deer with human face and vampir-ish abilities: she drinks blood from time to time, hunting for small animals for it and never other deers; doesn't age; she,,, uh, no, doesn't burn at sun, but feels much more powerful and cool at night and prefers dark places; has fangs ofc; when she is very very excited her eyes start glowing in soft light & she actually can't control this; wears a skull mask just for fun; also sometimes she doesn't notice drops of blood on her face and this annoys her very much

im too nervous to write in english so instead i drew her a reference, it's down here!

what's this?im very sorry for all the mistakes i make and please tell me if you find one so i can fix it? english isn't my first language and i tend to make stupid mistakes, i know!

also my discord is nevazhno#4837 if needed. im very chill and don't bite

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A track for the little cutie.

A track for the little cutie. Smiling

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thank you, @LookForDoves!

thank you, @LookForDoves! <3
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Traaaacking this Cute doe ^^

Traaaacking this
Cute doe ^^
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@akivia tha-a-a-nk u! *-*

tha-a-a-nk u! *-*
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Wow gosh this lil one is so

Wow gosh this lil one is so cute.
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Definitely tracking this!

Definitely tracking this! <3
She is so nice and sweet~ :3
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@humi aww, thank you! it was

aww, thank you!
it was very nice to spend time with you. you're cool ;>
hope to meet u in the Forest again someday, really
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It was really nice to see you

It was really nice to see you after a long time! (:
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absolutely indeed

absolutely indeed <3 <3
i am so sorry for leaving so fast :c
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Very lovely! Finally

Very lovely! Finally somebodycurious enough to try decipher her true name hehe!
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thank you so much!!

thank you so much!! am i right though?? lit(m)ina? i can't write this letter here but google says it pronounced like 'm' sksskdj

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Hello! Nice lady!

Hello! Nice lady!
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Yes, almost correct the (?) I

Yes, almost correct the (?) I suppose will have to stay a mystery Eye