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This story does NOT contain gore or anything graphic. HOWEVER, if you are sensitive to anything eye-related, you may not want to read it.

They couldn't have seen it coming. It happened so fast, they barely had the time to realize what was going on.

They said she wouldn't be able to see ever again. Her eyes were too damaged, a cornea transplant wouldn't be enough. And even if it was, she was too poor to afford the operation.

She stayed by her side, trying to comfort her. The poor teenager's voice was broken and shaky. She tightly held her mother's hand, as it was the only thing that reassured her. She feared that, if she let it go, her mother would disappear forever. Just like her father did.

"Mom," she said. "Please, don't leave me..."

"I won't," the woman promised. "Ever."


A few weeks had passed. Her daughter had been silent. Yet, she understood her sorrow. They said that it would take a while for her to adjust. That she just needed time. But seeing her like this broke her heart.

No more golden sky of the sunset. No more colors of the blooming flowers in the garden. No more stars illuminating their paths at night. All she could see was darkness. Always and forever.

She became clingy, like a little kid in an unfamiliar place. For everytime she found herself alone, her body would refuse to move. It came to a point where she couldn't go to school or even stay home alone. Rehabilitation became difficult, as her mother worked too many hours a day. Even during her free time, she had to remain productive to ensure she would get the money to pay them.

Them. The ones who had been pushing her to spit more cash out. They had been threatening her, saying they would get her fired and have her daughter taken away.

She had to make a choice. Either work all day everyday to get their stupid money. Or sacrifice her free time to help with her daughter's rehabilitation, at the risk of losing her. Forevermore.

No. There had to be another way. A way to get her out of this impossible dilemma. A way to make her daughter feel happy and safe again. A way that perhaps could even allow her to see again!

Yet, there was none. She knew it very well. She had used up all of her husband's large fortune to satisfy them, but that was not enough. It was never enough.

One night, as her daughter finally fell asleep, she wandered in the residence's garden. Where no one could see her weep her heart out. Where no one could see who she really was deep inside.

If only she was strong, if only she had what it took. But the truth was ever so painful.

She didn't deserve her.

"What's wrong, ma'am?"

The mother turned around. It was another woman. An older woman in a black dress, with black hair and chestnut eyes. She was wearing odd yet pretty accessories.

"Nothing," the younger woman brokenly whispered, wiping away the tears that kept flowing. Obviously, the stranger wasn't fooled by her answer.

"Please," she said, "do not try to hide it. It is very clear that you are not." She sat next to her on the bench and put her hand on her shoulder. "Tell me everything."

And so, the mother explained her situation. How much her daughter — who wasn't even her biological child — meant to her, and how powerless she felt.

Once she was done, the other woman, who listened to her silently, said: "I may be able to help you."

"You... may?" the younger woman asked, surprised. "How?"

The older woman stood up and offered her hand. "I'm Margot," she said. "And you?"

The mother took her hand and stood up as well. She doubted a stranger could possibly help her now, yet she was so desperate she would believe anything. After all, she didn't have a choice.



Margot opened the door to her apartment. It looked like a regular apartement at first glance. However, when she led the mother to a certain room, the latter realized what the stranger actually was.

The room was filled with jars, books, plants, candles and a symbol that she didn't expect to see. "Yes," Margot said. "I'm a witch."

Kara didn't think witches were exactly how she imagined them to be. Although she had never seen real magic before, she always believed its existence. "So, how will you help me, exactly?" she asked.

"Perhaps I could curse those people who are making your life a nightmare," she offered.

"No," the mother said. "I don't want to hurt anyone." In her book, violence and revenge were never the right solutions. They may be tormenting her, but they were still human beings, like herself.

"Alright, then," Margot said. "I can also give sight to your daughter again. But I'm gonna need something to make it work."

"What kind of thing?"

"A sacrifice."

This word sent chills down the mother's spine. "A sacrifice?" she repeated. "Like, a human sacrifice?"

"Sort of," the witch replied. "I'm gonna need eyes to replace hers. Any pair would work, as long as they're fully functional."

The younger woman pondered for a long moment. Where would she even find eyes? She couldn't go and ask at a morgue, nor scavenge them from the cemetery. What kind of crazy person would do that anyway? Killing somebody? Of course not! She wasn't a murderer! Obviously she was ready to do anything for her daughter. But was the cost of another person's life truly necessary? No, there was only one thing she could do.

At last, she took a deep breath and said: "Okay, I'll do it."


As the sun rose, the young adolescent emerged. When she opened her eyes, she gasped. She recognized her bedroom. The paintings on the walls, the books on the shelf, the TV, the game consoles, the desk…

She jumped on her feet. "Mom, mom!" she cried while rushing to the kitchen. "Mom, I can see again! I can see again!" Her mother, who was preparing breakfast, turned around to greet her with a smile.

The teen's heart skipped a beat.

She had a large ribbon wrapped around her head and tied in a bow behind it.

"Mom?" she said, confused. "Why is there a ribbon covering your eyes?"

And just as she asked the question, it hit her. She opened her mouth, but only unintelligible words escaped from it.

"Why?" she was finally able to ask. "Just… why?"

A few tears rolled from beneath the ribbon and down Kara's cheeks. She embraced her daughter tight and whispered in her ear: "Because I love you, Lily…"

"And love comes with sacrifices."

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