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Physical: 100% / Mental: 100% / Emotional: 100%

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Name: Montrel
Pictogram: Lerr
Birthday: 31.8.2019
Day Of Arrival: 30.03.2021
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Gender: male, stag
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Reference: Fullbody
Species: Irish elk, Tef deer, Northwestern wolf
Size: #35
Scent: Sweet honey and bit of rosemary
Speech: "Speaking like this"
Voice: Liam Neeson
Face claim: Hades Ruso
Diet: Omnivorous
Status: Taken
Set In-game: Skull mask - Orca pelt - Zombie antlers


Gentle - Playful - Caring - Honest - Careful - Loyal - Silent - Impatient - Moody
Protective - Respectful - Curious - Jealous - Good listener - Naive - Romantic - Complicated
Lazy - Aggressive - Appreciative - Polite - Energetic - Ambivert - Stubborn - Possessive

- Cuddles/sleeping with his mate
- Walking/trotting around the forest
- Playfully chasing someone
- Spell spamming
- Different weathers ( favorites are snowy night and twilight with candles)
- Birch forest

- Predators
- Narrow minded people

- Even if he is quite energetic and active, he loves to sleep a lot too under the sunshine.
- One-woman man. Doesn't flirt with others even so if given chance to do so. Very loyal to his mate.
- Playful and energetic to play around the forest. Likes to spell spam.
- Likes to cuddle with someone he knows, but is cautious strangers company.
- Likes to hang out in big groups, but gets easily tired with big company and would like to be alone or with his mate to relax/sleep.
- Doesn't pick up a fight until someone gives a reason for that. Have a short temper so sometimes will snap easily than other days if on moody. Will do anything to protect his loved ones if they are in danger. Will become aggressively protective if the opponent gives a reason for that.
- "Fatherly" like. Would take anyone under his wings if he sees someone lost or alone. Likes to watch children playing and around kids he is more playful and silly.
- Strong body with good stamina, but quite bad speed.
- Very appreciative. Even a little things that doesn't mean anything to others makes him happy.
- Enjoys the different weathers in the forest. His favorite is snowy night and twilight with candle lights.
- Feeling comfort and happy when birds lands to his antlers, but because of his big size he have to be careful when stepping next to smaller animals so he won't step on them.
- Was born in the forest 31st day of august 2019, but made his first arrival to the forest at 30th day of march 2021. Didn't had a chance for see the forest with fawn eyes.
- Doesn't speak that much. Can say few words when around with strangers, but with trusted friends and loved ones he speaks normally.
- Usually never think when acting if the situation looks unfair to him.


Montrel is welcoming and polite deer. He like and enjoys to meet new creatures and hearing about them. Sometimes the silence company is the most appreciated than talking all the time. He is semi-social and will try to find groups to join, but it cost his energy aswell and he need to rest after being with big company. Some days are more active than others, he loves to sleep as much as playing and running around the forest, but also just to sit down and watch others running. He likes being around younger ones even so he is still young too. Children gives him more energy to play around since he try to make them laugh and have fun. He can be silly and very childish at times, but he knows when he should show his own manners and act like mature adult. He never stay back if he sees danger or predators hunting others. He also will protect anyone if he is there to witness.


To living on the endless forest, the forest will give something for the creature who live in there. To Montrel, the forest gave more demonic and aggressive looking appearance than he imagined. It's nothing like he wanted that to happen, but the forest magic was too powerful so it modified him a bit more that it should've. There is still same shape of the body as normal elks have on the nature. The body is heavier to be moved by another creature, unless the other is more larger and powerful than Montrel is. The muscles of this male's body can be shown when he fight or use strength for something, Otherwise the body looks very smooth. Male's body is like big meat shield which can take a lot of damage before falling down. He have good amount of strength and stamina to stay up during fights and the balance has become good as well.

Because of the forest magic, his right eye become stronger than the left eye which caused the blindess for left eye. The magic corroded around the left eye area which can be seen as black area around the left eye. It can't be healed. The right eye have now double better eye sight during day and night. The eye is colored as emerald green and will glow at night.

Fur is thick and short, sort of like wolf fur which is softer underfur and rough outerfur. On the summer, the fur will not change very much as on the winter when the fur will get little bit thicker and longer. At summer, the fur is very hot and take all the warm from the sun and make the heat very high which makes him uncomfortable since his fur color is mostly dark. The shadows, water and wind always make him feel better and cooler.

The antlers are shaped a bit of wapiti elk and Irish elk antler mix. The front shape of it are sharp and pointy, the back of the antlers are like big shovel-like with long and sharp tips. They has been modified to fight and to protect. Heavy and powerful antlers are good shield and to stab someone, but usually he use them for play fight and gentle using them to show affection. Montrel never shed his antlers and basically they can't grow any bigger size from that. He used to shed his antlers when he was younger and he had little nubs on top of his head and every fall he shed his antlers to get them bigger until now when the antlers has got to the point when they can't grow anymore. The antlers are colored as dark magenta and they will glow a bit during night. The horn on top of his snout is same as the antlers and is good with poking someone.


Malina Beloved mate, Soulmate | "Foxglove"
"You are my star on the midnight starsky. You are the reason why I'm here"
Deeply bonded, loved and very dear. Will protect her from eveything who try to hurt her. Will be there when she need it the most and will be her best friend and the shoulder to lean.

Isetore: A friend. First friend he had met in the endless forest. Trusts and likes. Enjoying the company of the feline everytime and would share the company any time. Feels like they have knows long time already.

Ediel: Nice doggo
Para: Quickly started to like the big feline. Didn't needed any words to start a play and fun. Would seek for running and company.
Yaidelin: Marisabel's daughter.
Sigel: Being personal punching back for Sigel. At first were just a little annoyed about it, but quickly became to like and enjoy it. Doesn't trust the Draxomera, but it doesn't mean he can't have secretly fun to fight with him since he doesn't really get badly injured by it. Accepted his apology and started to like the guy. He is ready anytime Sigel wanna get his steams out.

Yaidelin, Marisabel, Sigel, Arwein, Lamia, Min, Higanbana

Name: ...


Me: X - X - X - X

Top art made by me
Size chart made by Apeldille

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Any RP interactions won't be taken personally!

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Montrel is fully original character, based on TEF. He can be seen as IC or OOC.

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OoooOoo good to see you here!

OoooOoo good to see you here! :eyes: