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my world's kinda turned upside down this past week.
The Endless Forest is a nice escape from life, today I spent some time to really appreciate what this small, strange world has to offer...

First of all, a slow walk up the hill to the twin god statues. It wasn't til this moment that I zoomed out and realised that you can
hear the wind rushing through the tall trees above. it was pretty soothing for a few moments.

Down the hill, a brisk walk down as it's rather steep, and stepping into the shallow water's edge. Slowly walking through, hearing
the water wade around my feet with each step. Listening to the frogs croak, to all of the little sounds. I never really took notice of
the amount of life here til now. Watching the koi fish is nice too... I just wanted to peacefully stand here for a while.

The sounds from the pond gradually fade as you make your way up the riverbank, and the crying idol's gushing water becomes a
little more intense with each step made toward it.
Carefully stepping down onto the rock below, and bathing under the water. just imagine how refreshing that must be.

Carefully making my way into the birch, guiding myself through a path to avoid those who are peacefully sleeping together.

These rocks hidden in the birch forest... I didn't realise til now just how many are alphas. a well-placed illusion.

De Drinkplaats... a strange place. always feels very empty here. I hoped that some would join me, but despite there always being
so many players online, the forest always feels eerily quiet to me...

The hum of The Old Oak. Standing inside, in the shade, though it felt a little too cool and the intensity of the hum was... too much. So I found a spot nearby, with dandelions and sunlight. Feeling the sun wrap around me, it felt nice...
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I'm sorry to hear if you are

I'm sorry to hear if you are having rough life atm, but i'm very happy to hear that The endless forest can help you to excape.

These are very beautiful screenshots, hope to see more of them Smiling
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I agree with Hautakumpu. This

I agree with Hautakumpu. This is a touching story and great photos . It's nice to hear that the forest has lifted your spirits.
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Thankyou, Hautakumpu and

Thankyou, Hautakumpu and Kumu. Smiling