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Ayaki went into labor late last night, tossing and turning as she tired to get some sleep. the contractions of the coming fawn grew more intense as the night went on, by early morning her natural instincts kicked in and she began pushing. she had been experiencing difficulties as this was her first child birth and with being an older caribou cow she contributed the difficulties to her age. Diolmhain was extremely supportive grooming her and making her feel as comfortable as she possibly could. By mid afternoon she could see the beginning signs of her fawn as the hooves and legs are exposed with the last push. Several moments pass until the fawn is completely out. Happy of their sons birth she begins grooming the little fawn giving him the name Galloway. The three remain curled up together in the thicket until she feels the soft kicking from within her. A second one! Alarmed by how much time had passed between the birth of their first fawn and the second that still remains to be born. Ayaki's emotions sore into a panic as she nervously begins pushing. The soft kicks stop and it causes her to worry even more. The second fawn comes much faster than the first one, although the whole birthing process has paid its toll on her. Her fur was drenched in sweat as she shakes from the exhaustion and the pain. Hours later she finally gives birth to a smaller fawn, lighter in color and frailer. She begins grooming the fawn and noticed he was limp and he wasnt breathing. She cried and began rubbing her nose against the fawns back and grooming him. she cries out as her wisps collect around the small body. She cries out and thrashes her head and antlers into the wisps crying out not to take the fawn and to leave him alone. She rolled the fawn slightly to rub at its chest and breath a breath of air into the fawns nose. She didnt want to loose her fawn, her heart and gut were twisted with emotions. Dio watched on as his mate fought for the young fawns life while keeping their first born safe and warm. Moments pass before the small fawn coughs and takes a breath of air. Relieved Ayaki drops to the forest floor to clean and groom the fawns emotionally drained. Once calmer she names the second fawn Adair, curling tightly around the fawns. she hums the song of the wisps to her fawns while Dio and her rest from the events, thankful they were able to bring both of their fawns into the world. The family falls asleep in the soft blue glow of the wisps as the blink in and out all around them.

The pain and pressure grew with each passing moment as the sun set upon the forest for the night. Ayaki lays curled with Dio in the thicket, trying to stay as comfortable as possible, but the fawn was really pushing on her stomach. She focuses on her breathing and staying calm as she knows these are the beginning signs of labor. feeling restless and uncomfortable she begins to pace the thicket and outside of it, easing the pain and pressure. Although exhaustion begins to settle in as she hasnt been sleeping well, unable to get comfortable. Once the fawn finds a spot to rest and the contractions lessen she tries to get some sleep leaning against Dio's side, but the contractions wake her throughout the night. Uncomfortable and tired Ayaki paces the thicket and tries to get some sleep, but its going to be a long night ahead of her.
today she was able to get some well needed rest. the fawn was relaxed for once allowing her to get some sleep, although her mind was restless filled with terrible images of the past, and ones that she feared were an untold future. She stirred late in the evening feeling rested but the movement within her belly was still calm and thus caused her to panic. She got to her hooves quickly and began pacing and walking down the stream towards the pond. She waded in the water swimming towards the deepest end in hopes the the physical activity may wake the fawn within her. She tread water for several minutes panting heavily before she felt the first kick that stretched at her stomach. Her heart sang at the movement as she breathed a sigh of relief. These nightmares were messing with her head, and her heart couldn't take it if something were to happen to her little wisp. She dreams of what the fawn will look like. she swam to the ponds shore and shook off her fur and returned to her thicket looking for Dio as she needed his support.
As time went on Ayaki was growing more and more restless. Her belly was stretching her skin to the limits and she really couldn't find a comfortable way to lay and soon found herself standing for long periods of time leaning against the trees. She hasn't been able to sleep properly in days as images of the past have been haunting her dreams, and there are more voices than one within her dreams. Some of the events shes been dreaming about she's visited before, but there are more recent events that concern her. Plus her lullaby to both her babe and the wisps has been attracting a lot more attention than she had hoped. Perhaps the increase in spiritual presence is the cause for all of this. The fawn remains strong kicking at her sides and resting high within her rib cage, making it hard to breath. She is happy that the young one is healthy and happy within her, but she cant wait to meet them. "A girl....or a boy?" she asks herself when shes alone trying to envision what their fawn will look like. The fear of child birth creeps ever so nearer in her mind.
She was restless last night as the young within her was restless and kicked at her sides. She tossed but their restlessness was incessant and thus brought her to her hooves. She walked through the quiet forest, the moon shining down upon her and reflecting off the winters snow. It had been some time since she walked the forest and thus she decided to call for the wisps. Although the gods have blessed her with life within her womb, there were still lost souls out there looking for love....looking for a home, and she searched for them.
Her song started off with a louder call, before becoming serene and angelic. the sound as if an eerie ghost sang while the rest of the forest remained asleep. Specks of light began to flash and dance in the distance as her own wisps swayed and twisted around her, their fire burned bright. Her song always seemed to calm the young within her which caused her to smile. Soon little one....

Felt anxious today and enjoyed several walks as she couldn't get comfortable today laying in the thicket. The fawn was super active kicking at her sides and overall restless. Even while singing to the fawn, its position was uncomfortable and she felt better when standing. Decided to try and take the weight off her hooves by wading in the pond, although she didn't stay in for too long as the water has cooled significantly and she worried about getting sick. Returned to the thicket to lay in a sunny spot to dry and tossed until she got comfortable slipping off to sleep.

Concerned about the sheer size of her belly, feels as if her skin is being stretched to far. Wonders if she was blessed with more than one fawn, Although Dio is quiet a bit larger than her. Prays softly to the gods to keep her baby safe and healthy, and for a smooth pregnancy. She can feel movement every now and then. The fawn enjoys her singing and grows quiet and calm every time she sings to them. She tries to stay calm and think positive, hopes she survives the birth.
Her energy has slowly been returning as she hasn't been getting ill as frequently as before. Although she is using mint leaves daily thanks to Dio to calm her stomach. Blueberries seem to no longer bother her which she is happy about, girl loves her blueberries and was craving it. Give a pregnant mama her snack of choice!
She has begun thinking of names for the little wisp within her, but what will you be a boy? or a girl? she spends hours in the sun patches grooming and nuzzling her belly and fur. It doesn't matter what you are, you will be loved and cherished.

The pregnancy has been a little rough as she been unable to keep much down she has been feeling weak and hasn't been leaving the comfort of the thicket to wonder the forest. She tries to stretch her legs every day and walk down to the pond to enjoy bathing in the cold water before returning to the warmth of the thicket. She been staying hydrated but her usual meals of blueberries and greens haven't been settling. Luckily the mint leaves from Dio have been allowing her to keep some things down but she doesnt have many left as she is eating one with every meal. Shes looking into other things to eat, perhaps mushrooms.

Today Dio has brought her Mint leaves to help and ease her stomach aches. She gladly munches on a few of the mint leaves as they help to subside the illness allowing her to eat something and keep it down. The two remain at the thicket curled together talking about the future and the fawn(s) within her.

She's still feeling rather ill, although the fawn has become a bit more active as the days have gone on. Small pokes and kicks can be felt on her belly as if the fawn is squished within her. Although feeling sick she is beyond happy with her pregnancy.

Ayaki hasn't been feeling well and has been resting a lot at her thicket deep in the forest. She slept most of the morning away enjoying the suns warming rays on her side, but now she is greeted with the sweet twilight of the forest.
Posting a development/ pregnancy blog for Ayaki and her babies. Also working on a new CSS for her which i will be posting soon. Background can sometimes be difficult just refresh and it behaves.
Her belly continues to grow stretching her skin to its limits, each day she whispers stories to her belly. She has spouts of sickness wash over her, but nothing can cause her attitude to waver. She has grown weary of others and hangs around her thicket more often, no longer wandering unless with Dio or a close friend.
She is convinced, her belly has grown rounder with each passing week and the wisps have grown more active. The idea of her approaching motherhood has caused her to start singing again for the wisps. Her angelic chants ring through the forest once more, collecting the lost souls, but also attracts Dio. Upon his arrival she tells him about their fawn growing within her. Her eyes well up with tears as she is beyond happy. The two retreat to the thicket where she rests against him and he noses at her belly feeling the first kicks of the fawn within.
She debates with herself as she thinks her belly has grown but is unsure. For now she will keep it hidden, but she whispers silently to the gods, praying for a fawn, in good health and thanking the gods. She suspects she may be carrying a little one within her.
Ayaki left the forest for several days returning to her head world. Although her original form has perished she is able to live and observe her past life. The time away soothed her nausea and her worry as she watched her family living on without her. Although her worries of children resurfaced as she saw her sister fall prey to the curse of the sister wife. She returns to the forest at night to find the thicket empty, she will look for Dio in the morning.
A rather bad day, she tries to stay hydrated but she cant keep anything down. Later in the evening Dio visits her, finding her resting beneath a large mushroom that sprouts among the forest after the days of rain. She doesnt inform him of her illness. He gives her a mushroom and she plants it near her thicket to grow among the white flowers and blueberries.
Dio and Ayaki go for a peaceful walk around the forest heading towards the ruins. Ayaki has been feeling weaker and experiencing spouts of sickness and nausea but still doubts that the gods would gift her with a child.

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