[light is easy to love, show me your darkness]

Health: 40% / Mood: Out of control

Wicaeria — Pictogram — Female — Cervine hybrid — Size between #15 and #17

Pelt: Monarch Butterfly / Antlers: Long / Mask: Skull

Patience - Protective - Aggressive - Confident - Elegant - Fearless Vengeful

"I am the fallen angel, and I'm here to cause you nightmares"

The healer, Have a ability to create potions with her magic. She can create healing potions with a strong power to heal wounds or broken bones. She can also make a poisonous potions which have bad effect; can cause blindness, muscle cramps, bleeding from nostrils and mouth. In the worst case it can cause a death, but it does need a lot of work and magic to create deadly potions. Making a potions will take some time and need always a lot of ingredients.

Karaba:: Big sister, mentor and a protector, loves dearly.
Grischa:: Big Brother, mentor and a protect, loves dearly.

Wicaeria is always 100% IC
Any interactions are welcome and fights/attacks will not be taken personally.
This character is created just for fun to the forest and to make it more active.
Best interactions will be shown in the game actions.

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little sister

little sister
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hello brat

hello brat <3