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Home | Recent | Map | CreditCSS and Layout by Sycamorre with base snippets from Unplugged. Original disign by Krovtyman/Syva<3

Larkspur is 100% IC at all times and should be taken as such. However, will always go ooc for nameless/new players/those who are not clearly ic/etc. Their thoughts/actions/ect do not reflect those of their player's. Updates, relations and such are written based on Lark's ic POV.
Bio may contain mature themes in general, possibly gore/violence/sexual themes. Though will not make up the entire thing and will likely be kept more on the vague side if/when they come up.
If you have any questions about Lark as a character or something written in updates/relations/etc, please come to me directly in private (on discord)! I'm always open and happy to talk things out/explain things! Damage always accounted for, bUT I prefer (not require, tho), to be contacted right before an attempted attack is made on my character, please! I tab out a ton and my game's p laggy/glitchy so it'd keep me from being confused ;; THAT BEING SAID- If Lark seems unresponsive, it's NOT ic, I'm just tabbed. Feel free to dm me on Discord to get my attention!

RP, plots, any interactions in general are always welcomed and appreciated<3
Discord is Morto#9174

PVarious scratches and bruises, hidden by fur. A bit achey.
EMostly alright, calm. Prone to self blame currently.

"This is a quote"

Still hovering over Altair. Still struggling with blaming himself. At least happy to take him around the brightest, safest parts of Issioria. WHICH MAKES Up like 98% of it... but happy to hang out with his buddy nonetheless. Still battered up himself, but definitely not as bad at Altair. Moving too much hurts, but is making efforts to hide his injuries and pain. Trying to cover any scratches with his fur and avoiding limping because he doesn’t want anyone to worry about him...
Left his Altair watching duty for a little bit, slipping into the Forest. Checked on the grey and blue egg by the idol he’s been eyeing. Got there just in time to greet the hatchling as it was born. Surprised and hit with both a feeling of nostalgia and maternal feels when the bab turned out to be a moth hybrid. Tucked the hatchling in and waiting for her to fall asleep being slinking off. Was about to leave the forest when he caught sight of Sage. Excitedly ran over to snuggle his childhood pal.

Accompanied Altair to NYC. HAD A BLAST. But... stuck out bad and clung to Al for dear life because omg it’s so loud and big and crowded here... After spending sometime at the nearest botanical garden, grabbed Al and slipped into a portal to Issioria. Gave his buddy the say in what they do first, which ended up being the caves. Ventured through the caves that Lark himself isn’t really familiar with. Eventually came to one of the deepest parts. Lark was busy playing with bugs when he heard both a roar and his friend scream. Turned to see an injured Altair running from a dragon, and Larkspur didn’t hesitate on throwing himself at the creature. Bit, kicked and stabbed it with his horn till it retreated. Switched quickly over to human forms, carrying Altair all the way back to his house. Ignored his own injuries to treat his friend’s, not leaving his side for the entire day. Left feeling extremely guilty and kicking himself nonstop, convinced himself that it’s his fault.

Found his way back to the Forest after an entire winter (and maybe longer) of traveling through new places and worlds. Started to miss the familiarity of the forest and his friends there. Upon arriving, couldn’t find any of them, but happy to be back nonetheless

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q W J Y




Lark, Moth
*Name from past life. Given alongside his current name as of recently. Interchangeable with the name Larkspur.
100 more prolly

Androgynous male. He/they.

Both reproductive organs.

Young adult, unaging.



Lavender, gardenia.

Homosexual, homoromantic.


Toyhou.se | Pinterest | Tumblr

RD Mask | Magpie Pelt | Periwinkles

Depth . Notes
Welcoming - Soft - Affectionate - Loving
Gentle - Easy-going - Creative - Passionate
Emotional Protective - Fearful - Attentive
Sentimental - Longing - Empathetic - Talkative
Worried - Prideful - Confident - Sassy
Kind - Amiable

Emotional. Affected strongly by emotion. Feels things deeply, positive or negative. However, likely to hide or avoid showing when he's struggling with his emotions. Mostly so out of fear of worrying others.

Very loving. Oftentimes views especially close friends as his family. Puts his friends and loved ones first. Capable of becoming extremely attached but not to an unhealthy extent. His friends/loved are highly important to him.

Sentimental and longing. Mostly by nature, though invoked/strengthened by his past life. Finds himself desiring certain things, beit relationships (of varying kinds), activities, affection or anything else. Usually not material things, but does hold certain object with specific meanings close.

Empathetic. Caring and selfless. Generally, tends to put others wants/needs above his own, especially those of his friends and loved ones. Tries to be the shoulder to cry on for others. Willing to protect them to his best ability.

Trusting but not naively so. Heavily trusting of most he comes to view as a friend.

Prideful and confident. Walks with a strut in his step. Focuses a lot on keeping up his appearance. Fur/main/tail is never tangled, always well kept. Can come off as vain but not actually so.

Nature's important to him. Has a high respect and love for plants. As well as possessing plant related magic, and having mild plant influences himself.

Lived a life before his current one. Went by the name of Moth during his first time in the Forest. Memories are mostly fuzzy from that time. Prone to strong feelings of deja vu. Will subconsciously gravitate towards things that remind him of his past life, whether it's directly related or not.

Worries frequently over fears that transferred over from his previous life. Usually unable to exactly place the source.

Likely to view especially close friends as family, however, prone to feeling like an outsider or that he doesn't fully fit in anywhere. Sometimes finds himself envying those with tight families, though internalizes it heavily. Not something he really discusses. Despite this, does feel a strong attachment, and finds purpose in his relationships with others regardless.

Loves exploring and experiencing new things. Always up for accompanying others to pretty much anywhere. Loves collecting things from places he explores.

















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Oee purple! Nice design,

Oee purple! Nice design, keeping an eye on this one!
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I was wondering where he

I was wondering where he went! Good to have him back again
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I'm gonna cry I missed the

I'm gonna cry I missed the purple boy!!!
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Omg he is bACK!

Omg he is bACK!
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gotta retrack this precious

gotta retrack this precious purple sweetie pie

: 3 what sweetie

: 3 what sweetie
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