[IV] Beginning.

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The doe colored in white was still lying on the ground unconscious. Her fur was messy and covered with mud. It was a rare sight, her fur was never dirty but now the rain, which seemed never to stop, had ruined her perfectly clean look.
She coughed and opened her eyes trying to see where she was. The place did not seem familiar to her. The trees looked different from what she was used to see, the forest's smell was different. Narrowing her eyes she tried to recognize the dark siluette in the distance.
Tired as she was she laid her head to the ground, hoping whoever the comer was wouldn't spot her there.

"Found you, darling."

The voice was familiar, the scent of the deer was too familiar. Jonathan. The stag who had been the dearest deer in the world for her, the one she shared her life with had followed her. Kauna took a deep breath and stood up trembling.l Her legs were still weak from the running. She locked her eyes to his.

"Mrh, what do you want?"

The black stag snorted and rolled his eyes. It was obvious what he wanted after murdering the rest of the herd. He's goal was to lead the herd and everyone who refused to stay in the herd, died. There was no one left but Kauna.


He grinned as he walked closer to the doe. This time Kauna didn't back off, she stayed where she was, glaring at him with a frown upon her face. Slight growling filled the air and Kauna's eyes turned from red to black.

She was tired, she was weak, but in her head was a thought that told her to save her herd's honour by killing off the one who was in charge of recent events.
The stag was twice as big as the doe, her head was at the level of his chest. Her fangs were in full view as she growled. Without responding to him, she jumped trying to kick him to his head. He caughed her to his black antlers and threw her to the ground.
She lost her breath as she hit the ground, her sides were bleeding. His antlers had cut her.
Despite the pain she was going through she stood up and jumped again, she was able to stick her fangs to his chest and tear it open.


He wasntb able to say a word until she let go and backed off with her ears flattened to her head.
The stag collapsed to the ground with his eyes wide open, the doe was about to run away.
"I am coming to get you, Maliyah!"

The doe found her way to the forest, she has been safe since then but those psychotic symptoms she had earlier weren't just hallucinations, her subconscious knew something was after her.
He's coming closer, he's here.
He wants her, he won't quit until he has got her.
Family, friends, beware.

He is after her.

If there will be RPing involving this, do it here. I'd like to have it all in one place.

So that's what was happening

So that's what was happening earlier D:
Kauuu :<
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I saw him just a moment ago!

I saw him just a moment ago! We'll watch out...
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Starling: Yup. c: I'm not

Starling: Yup. c: I'm not sure how this will turn out but ohwell.
Vee: You do that. Waitasec, where were you? Didnt see you anywhere. : <
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Ohai. ouo -readread-

Ohai. ouo
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Hraeth: haihai

Hraeth: haihai <3



Jonathan status:

Mental: 70%
Physical: 75% - Many two on one battles, wounds, cuts.
Losing strenght.

"I know you are here, darling.

Your delicious scent is everywhere. Mhhrh-... Dont you hide, it's no use. Even this white stag carries it.
Is he your mate? Your son?
He looks alot like you, shame I cannot stand little brats in my face. Hmph. What about the black stag then? The red doe? Butterfly colored stag? Those two little fellows?

They're only weakness is they leave you easily alone. Too eager to kick my ass that they forget to guard you.

You're on lucky bitch to have so many friends who cares.

But I told you I'd find you. It's only a matter of time now.
When you're alone-.. "

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Tracki [:

Tracki [:


;A; <3

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Corell: Thankyou.

Corell: Thankyou. <3
Nopje: <3


Jonathan's status:

Mental: 65% - Irritated, unpredictable.
Physical: 48% - Major wounds on his underside, bruises all over his body, possible limp.

"Foolish stag, Virgil was it? Mind your own business, get off and let us be. You won't hold me back for too long. I may be injured, but I am not dead.

I will not rest until I get what I came to get, where you standing between us or not. You might be talented fighter, but you cannot watch over her all the time. Hmhm.
If any of you are planning to get rid off me the harsh way, she's coming with me. Just wait.

Maliyah, Maliyah, Maliyah, why did you fight back? You know you want to join me, remember the times we had. It wasn't all bad, huh?
Why did you decide to stand beside Virgil? You would have gotten much more with me, you know that.
Think of a herd of our own, we leading it, being in charge. How does that sound?
Come, come with me and you can get it all.
Just you and me, like in the old times.
You want it. "
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