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I'm lowkey putting out feelers for some rut babies, nothing is set in stone just yet but I want to see if there's any interest and if anything might fit.
One thing you have to keep in mind is that kids from my characters have to be sterile! The focus should be on the character, notif they can have kids or not.

The ones I've got on my mind right now are

I don't have too many requirements regarding activity, Ez won't be too involved in their life unless they seek him out.
No limit on amount of kids.
Should be noted too that Ez normally has a regular deer face, due to the curse his mask has merged with his face and thus his current facial features can't be inherited by his children.

The other is
Just a maybe.
Only one, maybe two kids. Very attentive mother and empress of Shosa, so the kids would be her successors should anything happen. Due to my headworld being involved I will be very picky I'm afraid.
Looking for both a baby daddy and kid players.
Baby daddy and one baby player found, possibly looking for a second baby player!

Players found, thank you all for the interest ♥

Comment here and contact me on discord; Jepha#7649
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