[III] Herd. {Bloodwarning}

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Was supposed to be a writing of another character, but it seemed to fit alot better to Kauna.

Starry sky opening above the patch of flowers, a secret place in the middle of the forest. The glow of the moon lightened up the lying doe colored in pure white. The doe had curled down to rest her eyes for a moment, her tail was wrapped around her.
Red flowers beside her tickled her sides as the wind makes them sway slowly. Fireflies dance right above the does head, it's their time to shine, to look after sleeping ones. Slight frowns appeared upon her face every now and then, like she was giving bad eye to someone or something in front of her. She mumbled to herself when she was asleep.



"No, go away."
It was like she knew something was to happen. Nights like that might make anyone's suspicions to rise.
It was too quiet, too peaceful. Too perfect-..
All out of a sudden the doe jumped up, like she never was asleep. The ground was underneth her hooves was moving.
The voice of trees' branches cracking filled the air, all the smaller creatures ran to the other direction, but the doe. Curiosity took over her, making her stand her ground. Large figure appeared from the shadows of the trees'. The doe trembled in fear but she refused to run away. Her ears flattened against her head, tail went hidden inbetween her legs, she closed her eyes and waited. One of the rare moments when she was scared.
The voices stopped, complete silence filled the atmosphere. Only thing she was able to sense was the warm breeze on her neck. After taking a deep breath she gathered all her courage to see if she was alone again.
She slowly opened her eyes, seeing a pair of hooves right next to hers, they were white, just like hers, only much larger. She lifted her gaze carefully.
As she finally look up enough to see who the stranger in front of her was, her eyes filled with tears. A massive stag, with fur black as night, face as emotionless as death one's face, stared down on her. Part of his face was ripped, bleeding. His left eye was dug out, his chest was teared open.


The doe whispered without a sound, like only her lips were moving. Across the male's antlers was lying an unmoving body of another male deer. It was more badly damaged than the one's who was carrying it. Those pretty white antlers were covered with other one's blood. The pretty pure white fur of the
dead stag was ruined, filthy and messy.

"H-how could y-you? Your o-own father-in-law-...?"

The male lowered his head with a vicious smile upon his face, with a devilish look in his only healthy eye. He narrowed his eyes, chuckling.
The doe took a few step backwards, avoiding the male coming closer. Quiet sob escaped her throat, she tried to hide it, tried to be strong.

"Run, bitch. Run."

The stag stood up to his hind legs, kicking the air with front legs, trying to scare her away. Behind the stag had gathered a herd of does, the herd which belonged to the stag who passed away. All of the does held their heads low, looking at the ground. They all seemed so apologetic, like they had just betrayed their leader.

"I s-should have k-known-..

F-first Nicholas, now Joseph-.. You used me to get the herd, d-didn't you?"

She laid the most pitiful gaze on him, trying to hold her head up high again. Her selfconfidence was long gone as the male threw the body off his antlers and cut her chest and face open with them. The doe was lying on the ground beside his beloved father. Joseph looked peaceful as he laid there, now he was able to look after Nicholas again.

"I said RUN."

The doe ran, and ran, and ran, until she was too tired to move her legs an inch. She collapsed to the ground, falling asleep-..

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poor girl :/

poor girl :/


;n; <33

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Purrr.. <3