[II] Psychosis.

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Pouring rain hid all the other sounds of the forest, except one. The doe colored in pure white ran like she was fleeing from something. Near the Ruins she stumbled on a rock and fell down to the ground, her face hit the ground first following by the rest of her body. She was still conscious, yet horrified. Her ribbon was covered in mud.
She curled around the tree near by, hiding her face to her front legs. Her ears were flattened to her head, her tail was between her legs. Even the strongest ones of us can be taken down, when things get too real.


"I ain't gonna hurt ya, I love ya."

"Follow me-.. let's go find Nicho-..."

The voice was rusty, alluring. The voice was too familiar.
It sounded like it was coming somewhere near. Too near. The doe lifted her head to see if someone was still following her. She saw no one, but still she heard someone talking, someone she didn't want to meet again.
She glanced behind her and her eyes were wide open. Those big white antlers, fur colored in black and a devious grin reminded her from the days before this forest. The days she whished she never had to think about again. The days she'd rather wipe off her memory.
The doe totally froze to where she was lying now.

"Come home with us."

The dark figure came closer, close enough to rub his face to the doe's neck. The pure white doe trembled, trying to avoid the touch. She wasn't able to move, she was trapped between the stag and the tree.

"N-., N-n-no!"

The doe's voice cracked as she tried to scream. It sounded more like a pathetic attempt to yell on the top of her lungs. Tears ran down her cheeks and she closed her eyes tightly. She felt a cold breeze in her neck, it was his breath. She heard the hoof steps as he circled her. She buried her face again to her legs. Not long after she fell unconscious. It was too much for her, her mind could not cope with it anymore.
Rain was still pouring down, making everything look more green, flowers, leaves on trees, make everything more alive. Fresh scent filled the air and the forest looked liked it had been born again.
The doe's eyes opened slowly. She stared at the distance with a blank expression, there was no joy in her eyes. She inched to lay beside the tree. She didn't move, she looked like she didn't even breath. She just sat there staring nothing, nothing at all.
Her fur was messy, her ribbon was muddy. She didn't mind.

When a darker colored doe approached her, the pure white doe hid behind the tree, covering, trembling. The white doe knew, or so she thought, who the comer was. She didn't say a word until the other one did. Even then she didn't want to tell what was wrong with her. Stubborn as the black butterfly doe was, she didn't want to let it go. The pure white doe laid down again to hide in the tall grass. The darker one was cautious but decided to lay down next to her, to comfort her.

"K-kill-... He-... To go h-home.."

Her voice was always quiet, delicate even, but now it was almost a whisper. The pure white doe clinged to the doe beside her, burying her head to her fur. She was terrified, but she wasn't alone. She had a friend who cared.

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damn this is interesting

damn this is interesting o.O

I already told ya Rouda I love everything you write (:

♥ :c

♥ :c

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Awww Kauna! This is really

Awww Kauna! Sad

This is really good writing though. I did enjoy reading it even though I feel a little bad for her.
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Shutz: Aww, thankyou.

Shutz: Aww, thankyou. <3
Nopje: <3!
Vee: Dun feel bad about her, it's all happening inside of her head so there isn't really a reason to worry about anything. c: But thanks <3
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Aw! Poor girl! This gave me

Aw! Poor girl! This gave me shivers.. I was curious when you'd write more about Kauna's history. ♥
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Fff.. <3 That means a lot to me. <3
Anddd I didn't want to write it all at once, instead throwing these little pieces one at a time felt like a good idea.

;U; Lovely writing

;U; Lovely writing <3..
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Thank you

Thank you <3