[I] Dream.

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Because I'm bored and this is one of her 'hidden secrets'.
They will be revealed one by one when the time is right.

The air felt suddenly thinner than usually. A shiver ran down her spine as she made her way to the Pond. She drank from the water, it was cold as ice. Everything was cold, or colder than it normally was. Winter was coming. Quietly she spoke to someone, to something. Her laughter filled the forest, making all the other voices fade.

Her vision blurred. Everything around her turned black. No sounds could be heard anymore. No laughter. No talking. Even the whispers of the trees had become silent. She collapsed to the ice cold water which felt freezing to her stomach. For a moment she laid there without making a single move. Until she felt unpleasant, sudden pain in her muscles - it felt like they had frozen.

Slowly she opened her dark red eyes still being unable to move an inch. The cold breeze made her shiver even more. Trembling she stood up. Her vision wasn't got back to what it was before, but she was movement near by. Her eyes were narrowed and ears flickered as she tried to see who was moving there. Briefly she glanced next to her. Noone was there. She raised her head up high to see where her companion had disappeared. Now she saw a buck in a distance lowering his head. Unfortunately she wasn't able to tell who that buck was, she saw only his behind, his tail flicking furiously. The buck turned his gaze to her, grinning.
He was fully facing her and he looked familiar. Too familiar.

"Hello, m'love. Looking for this?" His voice was monotonic as he poked something small with his white antlers.


Trees were as old as the earth itself. No leaves grew on them branches, those trees had been dead for a long time and still they stood there judging the creatures passing them. The buck was gone and so was the other creature he was poking. She began to walk without knowing where she was going. This environment wasn't famliar to her, she had never seen anything like it. As she tried to find a way out, she heard whispers. None was around, no living creature was near. Some of the whispers were louder than the others.

"That's her.."

"It was all her fault if you ask me."

"No way, what a lame excuse for a doe."

"Hmph, bitch."

She started to panic, those whispers seemed to get closer and closer. Her breathing become heavier everytime she turned her head to see if there was someone behind her. Noone. There was absolutely noone near. She backed off getting ready to run away. One branch grew lower than the others, it got stuck in her neck fur making her to fall down to the ground. She lost her consciousness again.


The sun felt warm as she laid at the field. She opened her eyes again, seeing butterflies dancing above her. The smell of spring was exquisite. Trees swayed at the warm spring wind. There was no clouds at the sky and the sun made shine everything it touched. She stood up, closing her eyes and let the wind tickle her neck. She took a deep breath before she looked around her. This place wasn't familair to her either. She glanced behind her, the little creature stood there. Quickly she turned around to face the little one. She had seen it before but couldn't tell where nor when. Curious as she was, she took a few steps closer to it. Now she saw clearly how it looked and her ears flattened from distgust. Half of it's face was ripped off, large rotting wounds were all over its fragile boby. Only its left eye was left untouched.

"Why did you let daddy do it to me, mommy?"

That little creature's voice was so confused and full of love it made her freeze. She could only stare at the little one as it came closer to her step by step. Obviosly she was trying to say something but her voice was so quiet it looked like only her lips moved. Now the little one was only a few inces away, looking up to her.

"But I loved you, mommy. Why did this happen?"

All was back to normal again. Her breathing was heavy, she was sweating.
"I'm going to do much better this time."

Awh, that was fun to read. I

Awh, that was fun to read. I can't wait to see what the rest of her secrets are... o:
She looks so pretty in the first edit. <3
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Scary o_o.. Love how you

Scary o_o.. Love how you wrote this, makes me very curious.
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Nasty. o.o This was good to

Nasty. o.o This was good to read, very enlightening! And those edits are very well done too. ^^

She'll do better this time. Smiling



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Lalala, thanks everyone.

Lalala, thanks everyone. <33
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Whoa. God I've missed your


God I've missed your writings so, so much ;A; <333

By Leuvr
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Hnnn, thank you so much, King

Hnnn, thank you so much, King Anzarappa. <33