I´m a stranger in a strange land. [Calligeneia]

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Name: Calligeneia
Name Meaning: beauty-born.
Nicknames: Calli, Callig, Gen
Pictogram: Piramyde
Gender: Female
Birthday: 5th of July
Zodiac sign: Makara (Capricorn)
Orientation: Demisexual
Size: #17
Reference: Current
Speech: #785335
Scent: Dovetail, mud, nutmeg
Species: Babirusa* - Cervine hybrid
Diet: Omnivorous (leaves, fruits, berries, nuts, mushrooms, bark, insects, fish, and small mammals)
Home: (soon)
Arrived: 11.05 2019
In Forest set: Skull / Dark brown / antlerless


Kind - Wise - Sociable - Protective - Religious - Motherly - Anxious - Assertive - Adaptable - Calm - Dignified - Educated - Gracious - Gentle - Tolerant - Emotional

» Friendliness: Friendly
» Honesty: Honest
» Assertiveness: Dependent
» Confidence / Ego: Adaptable
» Agreeableness: Stern
» Manners: Respectful
» Discipline: Unpredictable
» Rebelliousness: Unconventional
» Emotional capacity: Unempathetic
» Intelligence: Smart
» Positivity: Relaxed
» Activeness / Lifestyle: Down-to-earth
» Current emotional state: Curious
» Social: Fairly shy

She has very motherly and caring personality, can be very social since shes most of her time lonely and seeking a company is a bit hard for her. And thats reason for her awkward self behaviour when meeting someone. But she can be very cheerful and fun-to play with. Very protective if she had young ones in her company. Loves to tell stories from her homeland and other interesting things that she got taught in her young age. Passing her knowledge to other living souls to keep on passing all the wisdom.
(so bad at writing personalities T.T)


Daughter: Deceased, lost her years ago in her homeland. Keeps on praying for her. Still loves.

Name: ...

Metsänkaiku: An interesting young doe she met recently, enjoys her company so far and the thing that shes very curious child. She looks forward to teach this doe some important life lessons.

Name: ...


- Traveled from far land of Indonesia, and arrived into TEF, came here for knowledge, meditate, and to meet new faces to hang out with. Gonna be shy and unsure at first, so her behavior might be awkward.
- Can use her hooves to dig for roots and insect larvae in the ground and is also able to support herself on her two back feet to stand up and feed on higher leaves.
- Tusks, which only the males possess. Teeth continue to grow throughout her life. The lower canine teeth are long and overlap the edge of her snout as they grow. But the upper These teeth start out growing downward, but then rotate and begin to grow up and into the top of the snout, penetrating the skin and curving back towards the animal's forehead
- Can dig a furrow, leaving a strong scent, and roll in the ash to take a nap or play in it.
- Stays near water sources, gonna chill in shallow waters or just lazingly relax in a pile of mud, to cool herself in hot, sunny days.*
- Has very thin fur, wich means she has to remain under trees shadows or in water and mud to not get sunburned. But her cape protects 40% of her body, shoulders, head,back
- Time to time gonna visit twin gods statues to pray to her gods from her homeland, reason you might her see just standing kneeling to the statues for a while, than taking a nap under them.
- If shes gonna feel lonely she is gonna visit some forest residents, sitting in a pleasing distance, not to make them feel uncomfortable.
- Her native language is Indonesian, reason she might not understand you at first but she is gonna try to speak to you back in yours language, but also gonna use gestures to express herself better for you.

Calligeneia is 100% In-Character. || Any interaction, chill, talk or RP is more than welcomed!!!
Discord: Oturo#5401

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