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Name is Helena.
The forest gods gave a gift for her to be known with the forest name, Hautakumpu
Her birthday is 31st day of January - Aquarius is her zodiac sign.
Female is the gender she were born with. The gender pronoun as she/her.
Pure TEF Deer specie, the size is same as Wapiti elk, 1.5m from shoulder.
Mate with Adam, paired with him at 13.6.2015.

Reference -- In-game set

Inner soul

Helena was born in the fantasy forest called The Endless Forest. She didn't had a fawn phase and couldn't enjoy and see the forest from child view. Her soul has been in the forest since 2011, but finally the forest gods gave her a physical body so that she could more easily communicate with other beings in the forest. The forest is her home, her origin where she can live in peace and share everything with others living creatures. She have been evolving all these years in the forest with everyone she has seen around her.

Friendly, Curious, Honest, Playful, Stubborn, Loyal, Active, Emotional
Forgiving, Jealous, Adventurous, Positive, Sensitive, Caring, Possessive

Facts about Helena
- Family-oriented.
- Wants to build long lasting bonds.
- Likes to sleep or taking a long nap.
- Usually carries a remembrance item.
- Protective towards her family and friends, but also those who are smaller and unable to protect themselves.
- Motherly, likes to play with fawns and see how they grow to survive.
- She does not hesitate to risk her own life for her family or friend.
- Careful around those who she doesn't know well, but wants to know everyone who is around her.
- Wants to share positive vibes with everyone.
- Loves to help nameless/new ones to play in the forest. Usually try to give them sets at first and see what happens.
- Nostalgic. Will join anytime if there is any dance party or deer pile in the forest. Loves to do silly things.
- Can easily "copy" mood from others. Feels more active and energetic when there is other energetic energy around her. Sleepy when there is sleeping deers.
- Loves to cuddle big, giant rabbit in the forest.
- Very friendly and polite with the new faces or even with familiar ones.
- Rapid changes confuse her really quickly and she is unable to deal with them in a short time and needs time to digest things.
- Have a favorite spot in the forest which she calls a home, behind the crying idol rock, at Birch forest. Also flower patches, near the old oak and Dandelion hill.

Birch forest area, Sleeping with friends, Running around the forest, Spell spamming, Helping with sets, Big mushrooms and flowers. Events ( Abiogenesis, halloween), Different weathers; night and fireflies, Snowing and raining, Forest gods doing their visit, Likes to spam devout pelt for mini (those who she knows), Seeing a friend after a long time (nostalgic),

Connections in forest

Adam -- Mate - Best friend -- 13.6.2015
Her king, the one she loves deeply, hers. A best friend of hers and also the same time a great mate. Wants to spend whole life with him, go to where he is and follow wherever he goes. She always feels secured and protected when Adam is around and would do anything to keep him safe and happy too. Her heart belongs to him and will always belong to. Will go with him side to side on ups and downs, be the light for him in the darkness, be the joy in the sad days and be there whenever he is in the forest. Se never hesitant to put herself in danger to save her man. Deeply in love with him. She will follow him all over the world, the home is with him. Always getting worried if he get into any fight, but knows inside that he only want to protect her and the family. Deep loyal towards him which will never change. Father to Kyuta.

Kyuta -- "Cute" "Kuu" - First born son
Deeply loves and cares for her first born son, very proud of him. Highly protective towards and would give her life to save his. Want to make him happy and have a lot of experience in the forest, have friends and bonds. Always keeping him next to her, but also want to give space to him to make adventures and have fun.

Isetore -- "Isse" - Best friend
Deeply loves and cares for. One of those old faces she has been friend from the beginning and will always be next to. One of the few souls she get in-mind when entering to the forest and will seek their presence if possible. A trusted friend who Helena would protect by any cost. Enjoying their playing and running around the forest, specially if there is silent chilling afterwards. Likes to lean on his soft fur and get warmth and doesn't need to worry about the world when it feels like it stops and calms.

Goro'ma -- "Goronator" - Mentor - Close friend
One of those souls she remembers with good no-ending memories. Have high "fatherly" vibes from him since has been always listened him. It has been years since they met each other and Helena has been so glad to known Goro. Holds deep respect and care for. Sometimes Misses a lot her long-lasting friend and fatherly figure when she is not around him, but never forgot him even if they won't see each other in the forest as old days. Good memories and will be ready to make some more. Misses him now and then when he is not around and will surely make visits when longing is great.

Ediel -- Close friend - "Doggo"
Old friend, but gold memories. One of those who comes to Helena's mind when entering to the forest. Always seeking for the dogs scent and attention. Have been there with her a long time, with ups and downs and few times at the bottom, but together came back to up. It's so cozy and comfortable to just lean to her soft fur and play with her long and spiky tail. Have always very nice adventures around the forest when they both feel energetic. Enjoy teasing her sometimes, but soon gets it back harder and then later cozy sleeping. Can trust her own mind to the dog and will protect at any cost.

Mishan -- "Firefox" - Close friend

'Nastya' -- "White guardian" - Close friend

Treasure gifts

Ceramic figurine -- made of blue clay and covered with white enamel, it has an empty space inside, filled by the light powder. "represents a pretty heavy and solid thing, but looks very fragile and glassy;
permanent source of light. ambient and gloomy, not bright;" -- From Goro'ma
Memory of Tichodroma muraria -- "I want to give you, as my best friend, a skull on a rope with a red feather. This is the memory of my bird, which has lived with me all its life. This decoration was with me when I first got to The Endless Forest. Please take care of this, Helena" -- From Isetore
Amulet -- Diluted resin, honey and rose oil. Inside is a sprig of wild rosemary. "This amulet brings good luck in creativity, new business and it is very good perfume" -- From Feha

A gift from a important friend - Isetore

waaaaah you tried very hard!

waaaaah you tried very hard! traaaaack my babe
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You did the base! It was so

You did the base! It was so beautiful, I just edited some little codes haha. Thank you for the help of css <3

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Bunny <3

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my beautiful woman

my beautiful woman
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My love

My love <3

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tracked it. so few words,

tracked it.
so few words, just because I don't know what to say...
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Tracking Smiling
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Snakky: Hello and welcome!

Snakky: Hello and welcome! Don't worry about the words, I'm still happy to see you around, no words would be needed if there isn't any ^^
Rabbanim: Thank you ^^ glad to see you here you too and will try to seek you in forest as well if I see you!

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logged in only to shitpost.

logged in only to shitpost. if there was a door here, it is no more.
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I'm glad you are here! Oh my

I'm glad you are here!
Oh my god my door SIGH, but now it's open to everyone!

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*and at some point some dog

*and at some point some dog starts to live here, there is no escape thanks for pal who killed the door*
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Was waiting for you! my door

Was waiting for you! my door is always open for my pals <3

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An aardvark pokes his long

An aardvark pokes his long snout into the open doorway. "Hello?"
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welcome welcome my Aardvark

welcome welcome my Aardvark friend! *shares some tea*

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tracking this beautiful lady

tracking this beautiful lady (:
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Thank you very much! ^^

Thank you very much! ^^

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