The Haze

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The Haze

Name: Usva
Pictogram: Ohmoreo
Birthday: 8.10.2019 18:50 (newborn)
Gender: female
Reference: Fullbody
Species: Caribou
Size: #lilmidget
Diet: Milk
Scent: mother, milk and herbs

Mask: Orca / Pelt: Secretary / Antlers: none

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My Babyyy ? Noëlle started

My Babyyy ♥

Noëlle started to wash her little newborn daughter who just came to the world. It was beautiful black and white little calf, she nuzzled her gently "Welcome to the world, Usva" she said gently
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track! it's gorgeous and cute

track! it's gorgeous and cute ôwô
Congratulations Noëlle ;3
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By Draak <3

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Arabella have a niece

Arabella have a niece nowwwwwww ♥♥
i'm crying ;u;
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tyvm everyone, welcoming this

tyvm everyone, welcoming this lil fella to the forest! ;-;
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congratz for mom and welcome

congratz for mom and welcome this little bab Idea

by Draak

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seems like my old grump has a

seems like my old grump has a niece now.
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She stepped out of the fog,

She stepped out of the fog, hooves tiptoeing on the thin ground. No sound brought.
The distant sound of De Drinkplaats held the silence together in a delicate cradle, heavenly though feeling deep and hidden within this endless forest. And there was in the middle, the mother, the calf, and family.

Vani looked at Noëlle and blinked softly. Despite her rare occourences in front of others, she remembered her bonds. There was a little package in her mouth: Wrapped with leaves and tied by a thin red ribbon, she held it gently and put it down before them. In the same manner, she bowed her head, accompanied by a soft, nearly inaudible cooing sound.

It's a gift for the mom and the calf: a honeycomb.
Usva looks extra soft.
(The fog and the little gathering inspired me. I hope you don't mind this little writing.)
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@ Sora and Whisky : thanks

@ Sora and Whisky : thanks you both!! <3

@ Vani : Not at all, i love it, thanks that you came to look on Usva, and giving such sweet gift to them!

Slightly getting used to the light, hiding in her mothers fur for darkness and warmth, noticing a red doe that approached them slowly and quietly, giving her the puppy eyes look as Usva kept looking at the stranger with a bright smile and some squeaky noises... <3

ooooooooo!Exclaim!! im so

ooooooooo!Exclaim!! im so excited
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aw what a little

aw what a little cutie-patootie