Father Water; Sans

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always 100% ic, my discord is Luz#1288, all interactions are welcome! (I'm deciding if I'm going to take this biography forward, I love Sans and I do not want to leave him aside ugh)

Father Water
"I felt salt water coming into my lungs. Killing me, burning in immenses emotions. Slowly."

Ξ Sense, Sagara, Koi, Sans
Ξ Noticeably Centaur, with something aquatic. Unknown.
Ξ Immortal, Ancient. Appearance of 39 human years. ♒.
Ξ Masculine, He/Him, They/Them. Monoromantic, Pansexual.
Ξ Smells like Fresh Water, intense Woody smell & Salt Water.
Ξ Guardian Of The Seas. Semi-goddess. Honored by many. Lawful Neutral.
A little large than #15

Kabuki/Skull mask | Magpie Pelt | Candles.

Spotify | Refsheet | Toyhouse .

Ξ Calmness, Quiet, Melancholic, Sagacious, Impartial, Devoted, Awkward, Simple, Charitable, Fair.
Ξ Welcoming, Protective, Bossy, somewhat Violent, Serious, Pacifist, Observant, Generous, Predictable, a little Reclusive, Merciful/Sainted.


The Pond is their home. Can always see him there, or closer.

Love kids, teaches all that has lived.

Hate savage teenagers, ignore them at any coast.

Can breathe underwater. Was made for water.

Known in the past as Father Water, Guardian, Ocean and many other
titles for being devout to the Water gods. Always protecting all creatures from it.

Meditation is something essential to him, not just to relax, as to communicate with his gods.

Sometimes it cannot control its wild side and becomes violent, territorial, dominant and with high testosterone.

He has a necklace officially made by him, it is the most precious
thing that exists for him. Lapis Lazuli stones given to him as reward for his loyalty and courage.

It can appear wearing a human skull sometimes.

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track beautiful necklace

beautiful necklace
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Wow I'm in love

Wow I'm in love

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Thank you both c: ♥

Thank you both c: ♥
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hey I’m lATE

hey I’m lATE
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Hey, thanks for the company

Hey, thanks for the company on this rainy day!
I've seen you around the community, glad to meet one of your characters in game now)
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Aww, you're welcome! c: Sans

Aww, you're welcome! c:
Sans loved the company and me too! My chars are always open for any interaction!
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A track from me too :3

A track from me too :3
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aaaaaaa, thank you both

aaaaaaa, thank you both ♥! cx
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