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HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hope all of you will have a real nice 2009

The Endless Forest new years party
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Wishing You ...

A Very Merry Happy Christmas Smiling

To everyone from the Endless Forest, the Twin Gods, all the deer, all my friends, I wish you a very merry happy Christmas !! Smiling

p.s. thats not my art, its just a Christmas card I scanned.. Eye
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how ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

How do I download a picture from my computer and put it here ? This is something I wasnt doing and I've got loads of screen shots and stuff. I know I gotta paste it but its the address I'm not sure about. Aprieciate your help.

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The other

There is another Mushroom in the forest. He is not like me but wears the same picto. He seems very slow and clumsy.
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Raining so hard

Its raining so hard in the forest all the butterflies have left.

Abiogenesis was great this last weekend.

I love the atmosphere of the forest at the moment.

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Big Zombie Deer

The Big Zombie Deer is asleep in the Old Oak right now. You can get your zombie set from him by casting spells on him. I just got mine. First time Mushroom is wearing the zombie set. I missed it last year.

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Mushrooms Crazy Ideas For Future Forest Features [ new ideas added !! ]

Also entitled - ' Mushrooms Big Ideas ' or ' Big ideas about mushrooms and other stuff ' Smiling

I have added some new ideas [in orange].

I hope I havent stollen too many good ideas from you other deer. I try to be a bit original but prehaps some of these or something like them have come up before and I dont know what the forest powers that be have planned for the forests future. But anyway I though up some ideas since I've been playing that I will share here. If nothing else I hope that you find these ides amusing. Feel free to comment or add to these.

Ideas for Forest features / places

A place of danger / forbiden zone - An area where deer fear to tread and thus no one ever goes there. Prehaps a demon tree all crooked and twisted set within its own area that incures some kind of deer ' wrath ' is you get to close to it - loss of powers, movement or some other undesirable lasting effects that you realy wouldnt want. It is there but those who know stay well away from it. Although prehaps just its presance being there or simple curiosity could entice one unwittinly approach it and then .. BAM !! OUCH !!.. The mood and atmosphere around such a place could be erie, spooky. Bad spirits are to to roam there and young fawns have nightmares about it. Of course I heard of somethin like this writen deep within forest folklaw - deermuda ??

[=orange] Further Forest Hazards and Dangers -
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That ol' Magik

Its that old magic a soul can never truely forget, just keeps you coming back for more.. I'll always come home in the end, when I'm away it calls. I was away for a little while but I'm glad your still around.
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Dont worry,
be Smiling
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From Mushroom and Larr

I stepped into the Forest in happy mood last Sunday bringing on my fawn in a playful mood. I'm realy sorry that somehow I didnt know what had happened, I had missed that bit of sad news. Just wanted to sorry about being there and not knowing. I felt so bad to find out. If I had known I would of been in a much different mood. Now I know so if you meet Mushroom or Larr at the moment they are being very quiet and calm.
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