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i've been playing endless forest for awhile now but i JUST relised that F1 ~ F12 did stuff!!

now i know how deer can dance then flick to one of the emotions and back so quickly, and to things like...well alot of other stuff!

im feel so stupid i didnt notice before

can someone tell me what each one does (because sometimes they dont work) and maybe tell me i some keyboard commands i might not now hehe

i hope im not the only one in the forest that didnt know~
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you know what would be cool....

If deer could 'sing'
our deer can dance already maybe they could start singing too and when more deer join in they 'harmonize' or something (like when the dancing music gets louder)
I just thought it would be cool

they can sing in the rain *cute*
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Amica's Bio

*this is a work in progress other things wil be added*

Name- Amica (thanks to Kelvana)

Gender- Doe

Family- Ocelo my big brother, he is a lady's man (I can't see why > < )

Appearence- Yet to have a set

Personality- friendly, loves fawns,loves to meet other deer, very energetic, Amica is just a big fawn Sticking out tongue

*Crying Idol
*running In circles
*being a squirrel
*running in figure eights
*running in all directions
*the river
*running around things

*lake (loved it as a fawn)
*getting lost

I'll finish this later~
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Who wants to be my sibling :D

I really want a family member in this game, so I thought it would be cool if I had a big brother little sister etc etc...
plus I havnt picked what my doe looks like (pelts,mask,antlers) so maybe we could have matching pelts or something!
first in first served....maybe

(& maybe people that might be on when im on with the timezones & stuff Sticking out tongue )
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Am I the only player from New Zealand?
There are some Aussies but no NZers Sad

P.S I need a name for my deer.... something unique..creative
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Noob questions

1.What are forest nuzzles on peoples pages?
& how do u get them?
cos i don't have any boohoo

2.Is there any way you can search up pictograms because I make friends in the forest but I never end up finding out who they are.

Thank you
P.S the deermeda triangle isnt real....rite?
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