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TEF is like a graveyard!

Well, most of the time anyway!

Ahh, I wish it could be like old times when Quammy was guarding her bridge, Verdy was fighting with everyone, Sluggs, Draak and Scapecop kept chasing each other around, but I guess all good things come to an end at some point.

Still, hope's not all lost, as we have a brand new TEF on the way! Shocked Hopefully, that will bring new players to the forest, and bring back some of our dinosaur players.

I've recently returned myself (using a phone connected to my PC to give it internet access). It was pretty lonely at first, but it wasn't too long until more deer popped in and wanted to play. In fact, I had a lot of fun yesterday...

It all started when an orange Zombie deer came into the forest and began to clone itself! Sluggs stood and watched this magical deer, until he noticed that those clones were running towards something behind him...

He followed the clones, and...


Literally, a star made of sleeping deer appeared in the forest, and Sluggs being Sluggs, just couldn't help himself, and had to put the finishing touches to it! Shocked (I'm presuming that this has been seen in the forest before, as the player knew exactly what they were doing, but it was new to Sluggs and he was amazed by it!) Laughing out loud

Later that day, others came to play with Sluggs. Each one of you made it feel like the old times again! Ooh Oh, a huge thanks for helping me with a set on one of my other accounts. Ooh

I know there are a few TEF players that are no longer with us. Sad R.I.P

I shalt look forward to seeing you guys in the forest!

Stay safe! Eye
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I came across this on DeviantArt...

and thought you guys might like to see it - The Big Zombie Deer

It's just like our BZD, yeah? Smiling
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