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rut blog.

i......guess i'll try to participate in the rut
not sure how rut blogs even work but i'll figure it out hfjdfh
mainly using this event to find friends/enemies/connections for both characters.
no children tho, neither one are good candidates.
feel free to message me on discord for interactions. if i don't respond in-game, try mooing at me!
i'm terrible at reading in-game emotes and i can't remember my hotkeys to save my life, so i'm sorry in advance

ming yue: cisgender female, bisexual, judge

dmitri: ???, androsexual, wildcard - primarily observing, may compete? who knows

css test | one

ming yue

wow ok redo for this sweetheart lmfao!! once i get my tablet n stuff i'm gonnnaaa make her a new ref i guess

here's her spotify, and a very nsfw tumblr here

some of the info below is really outdated and if u have any questions feel free to ask me..

mental: 100%, emotional: 100%, physical: 95% (the highest it can currently go, the remainder 10% is focused on her random nosebleeds and earbleeds)

- bigger deer are safer deer. bigger deer are initially seen as protectors and she will gravitate toward them.
- while groups of deer are intimidating, single deer are not. attempting to become more social and will approach random groups of deer
- average size, lean muscle
- has died in the human world due to a drug overdose, is still learning how to cope and often focuses her anger on herself. starting to view the forest as heaven -- christian, to a degree in that she believes in God, and thinks this is a second chance. a second chance but a weird second chance, unaware that the forest is just one of the many worlds that exists in the universe
- highly curious.
- still eats mushrooms and any other hallucinogens she finds as another coping mechanism, though they no longer have any significant effect on her (it is likely she will react more if under stress)
- prefers sitting in the purple flower patches to watch the butterflies. wraps herself around tree trunk bases and sleeps in warm, sunny spots. dislikes being too far out in the open, at least by herself.
- clingy.
- blunt. apologetic. will apologize for anything that is or isnt her fault.
- eardrums are prone to bursting. loud noises, hitting her head, or drug use can cause her ears to bleed. hearing is slightly impaired.
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