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Looking to play a youngster!


I would really love to play the child/fawn/cub/anything of a family. It's not something I've tried before and I'd like to give it a whirl.

While I really value freedom in character building from personality to design to interaction, I'm always open to suggestions and it can be fun incorporating the ideas outside of my own head. If there are any guidelines the parent players would like to see upheld, I'm happy to try adhering to them, too.
But drama's really fun for me and it takes a lot to make me OOCly uncomfortable. Dark themes are just as enjoyable to me as more peaceful family settings.

The only catch is that I'm not always able to get into the game due to some of my life situations, so there will likely be spells of inactivity on my end where TEF itself is concerned. However, I'm generally pretty consistent on Discord, so that could be a way to bridge that gap? Whatever works best for everyone involved.

So.. yeah! If you need someone to play your OTP's kid, I'm happy to do that. ;v;
Edit: I'm also very open to single parents!

I can be contacted on this blog or Discord at Tsu#4957



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