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"Come, it's time.."


"That's it, go on.."

"It's time to go home.."

"Things have changed and are not what they seem, time is needed to bring back what's been lost. She's yours to shape and remind."
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Long time no see~

I bet 80% of you either don't know who I am at all or perhaps doesn't remember me, I've been a member for a while though but for around 1-2 years I've been unable to access the forest because of using Mac. :u

Yesterday I got my new desktop though and I will be around a lot more from now on, when I'm not working, of course. Been missing this place a lot~ ♥
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CSS testing 2

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Notes: Thanks to those who gave Harumi love and friendship through her days. ♥
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In Memoriam.

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CSS testing [...]

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Kevlar spine [Isac]

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