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Designs for sale [More added]

Because of my stupid back and hips I'm now on 50% sick leave and loosing way too much money that's supposed to go towards bills, as it is I'm not sure how I'll make it this month.

Got some designs I need gone because of this, even if you won't buy any, pls help toss the journal around. ♥

Feel free to contact me over TH or on discord (Jepha#7649)
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Mark the grave; Johar


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A light to burn all the empires; Mazhar

Mazhar Qasim Azari . Picto
Son of Mirah and Eztli
Hatched on March 22, 2019

Half-brother of Esam, Ranya, Najwa, Zafir and Siraj
Born with a crooked lower jaw due to cramped space while still growing

Design by Becca, art by JD, character belongs to me!
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[Rut blog 2018]

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I needed somewhere to dump my stupid doodles and attempts of art.
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Insert clever adopt title here [YCHs!]

temporary adopt/design thingy
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