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A light to burn all the empires; Mazhar

Pls remind me to put art here soon

Mazhar Qasim Azari . Picto
Son of Mirah and Eztli
Hatched on March 22, 2019

Half-brother of Esam, Ranya, Najwa, Zafir and Siraj
Born with a crooked lower jaw due to cramped space while still growing

Design by Becca, character belongs to me!
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Art by soulswitch @dA
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Designs for sale

Time for me to say goodbye to this design, we had a good run but I'm feeling super detached from it
Design+art here
IT SOLD FOR $350???!!

Got a ton of designs for sale over at my Toyhouse, figured I'd send them off to better homes as my muse and ideas are slowly drifting elsewhere these days.
Folder here

Please leave me a message on TH or discord, should there be any interest! I might be willing to haggle the price on some.
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[Rut blog 2018]

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I needed somewhere to dump my stupid doodles and attempts of art.
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Insert clever adopt title here [YCHs!]

temporary adopt/design thingy
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