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a couple questions about the community!

will delete later, but i have a few questions as im still fairly new aha,,

1. what exactly is a rut blog? i have a few guesses, i've seen some around
2. what are the little updates for in some peoples' character pages/blogs/biographies? they seem like journal entries but im confused of the purpose
3. how do you add photos to your blogs, aside from doing the single picture blog? what exactly do you use, photobucket?

thank you!!

Searching for a friend I met in game!

(whoa, my first post... blog? post? scary.)

anyway, hi hi! my s/o and i very recently got this game (today) and after they got off i met someone really nice! we played for a bit until my internet went out and i couldn't find them again. then i found them a few hours later and we had a lot more fun together until they went offline! so, im searching the forum in hopes that my friend is in the community! here are a few pictures that i took while we played :]

(their pictograph is most visible in the second! im on the right, they're on the left)
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