Commissions & Adoptables -open-

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I will accept commissions of varying complexity + add some adoptables.

* I will draw tef /deer. Human-faced too. Other forms are also welcome. But I won 't work with human characters.
*The drawing time depends on the complexity work. The price can be negotiated.
* I accept - Paypal
*You can make small edits to your commissioned image
*Please include your character's description, personality, visible reference
*If the list does not contain what you would like, you can offer
*Finished work may differ from the examples here
*Also on the list is not what you would like, you can discuss with me

Art slots:



1. Chizzy x x
2. MisMantis x
3. Parrotsnpineapple x

Full body ($25+)

Simple Shade ($25+)

Shading ($35+)
- more detailed and shadow

Head ($15-20)

Pixel art ($6)

If you are interested or have any questions PM me on Dis: Festral#9643
Also my DA:LeanoraFestral

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Oh damn I absolutely adore

Oh damn I absolutely adore your work. I cant afford it right now but Id love to commission you sometime!!!
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Love your art, definitely

Love your art, definitely parkin' here.
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Track!!! Might be able to

Track!!! Might be able to afford it soon....
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I'm gonna WEEP these are

I'm gonna WEEP these are tremendously good. Tracking so I can stalk them all.
Malakh (they/he) | Player of Rutilus; Keith; Vox; various others
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Open now

Open now
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Id really love a portrait of

Id really love a portrait of my character Vyrthur!

Would love it if they could be snarling/baring their teeth. Their teeth are gold!
Would be cool to see their hand with gold talon in view if possible with posing.
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parrotsnpineapple, oh, I did

parrotsnpineapple, oh, I did not specify, but I do not draw human bodies(anthropomorphic) . If you can offer something else that I can do, I will draw it with pleasure!
You can contact me on Dis and clarify details
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Great! I will add you on

Great! I will add you on discord. I am Kytte#8050. I definitely don't want a human body in it! But I will try to explain clearer via discord Smiling