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Goblin Hours

ᨓ 5-22-2019 ᨓ
Taking a few steps back from TEF itself but def not leaving or anything. Still got tons of character muse! Still staying 100% on top character stuff/RP/Plots and stuff regardless, so I’m still open for interactions!! Just probably won’t be leaving characters ingame if they don’t got someone to hang with because I’m not focused enough to keep those tabs from going unchecked for 10 hours and crashing :’{

Morto, Lathyrus, anything u wanna call me.
Transmale, he/him or they/them.
I love horror and creepy things, but also cute and pretty things a lot. I’m tired frequently but doing my best
Art blog. (mostly art) Tumblr.

All my characters are open for interactions, plots and stuff at any time! Everything is welcomed! Even if some aren't in-game too often! No one ever needs permission or to ask before interacting with any of them. Positive and negative interactions are fine by me without permission, unless it involves mine retaining permanent damage, I’d want a heads up. Other than that, it’s aLL GOOD
I’m always up for playing a fawn//bab!! Like always

note to self; organize these gremlins
Jude, Phomonoe, Larkspur, Noite, Alchemilla, Varis

Ixtli, Iaz'ullarh,, Valtiel,

Aviya, Eira, Adair, Caelestis

Feel free to contact me on Discord for anything!

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Gotta be the first to sneak

Gotta be the first to sneak in here ❤
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*slides in to claim the

*slides in to claim the second spot*
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Allow me...

Allow me... :3

Personal Blog

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boop ♥

boop ♥

By Draak
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!!! Here now

Here now

Just gonna sit right here.

Just gonna sit right here.
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Everyone aAA

Everyone aAA ♥♥♥♥♥
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arrives 50 minutes late with

arrives 50 minutes late with an iced coffee
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fishy &hearts;

fishy ♥
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why am i not tracking this,

why am i not tracking this, im fixing my mistake and tracking
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LL, Heldroyn;

LL, Heldroyn; ♥♥♥
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Liking this new layout.

Liking this new layout.
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fiSH THAts me
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I wasn't tracking this

I wasn't tracking this before?
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did I miss this....... hello

did I miss this....... hello
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late track &hearts;

late track ♥
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A track from me too!

A track from me too!
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