{Bio} Fari

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AGE & GENDER ::: young female
SIZE ::: around #21
DIET::: scavenger
SCENT ::: wet soil, carcass
VOICE ::: hushed, unnatural sounds

SPECIES::: raptoroid
MATE/S ::: none

Living around place at Playground, called Ragged Claw Den


Update ..

dont remove thisBody & Mind Notes ♦ Provide activity, high social, easily get stressed. Feels maybe little strange. ♦ Better health. Almost healed. Few new bruises. New cuts.
dont remove thisTiny Rut Blog ♦ CHALLENGER ♦ Fari will be affected by the event. ♦Pre-Rut: Raising activity and social. First effects of upcoming changes. More sensitive.

Wondered around, bothering Garai's father Raptor, but well, he slip into his own den... with food, again!

When Fari scavenged around, she notice small fawn hidden in roots. Well, weird fawn. Don't know what to do, she brings the fawn (Vanhi) into the Ragged Claw den, tries feed her with bones and pieces of dry meat. Then talked with Garai to keep and raise the fawn around, and give it name "Rheeky". Happy with it.

Return home after scavening around the Forest, find few but the dead birds and dig some bodies on graveyard, but there, she finds Repodus with Garai. Not sure, what happened, but the thing was almost not reacting on her. Little bit worried about her "pet".

After the Repodus awake and walks away slowly, she discover a babyyyy on rocks. Not sure how to behave, but she like how small it is (Murphy). Garai join, both lying with smol one.

Later visit the Pond, noticing the red male Huginn, who passed by. Both, her and brother, followed him and stalked him. But Fari get closer and closer, circling around, before slip into some conversation with male (can't call that proper conversation since Fari was silent most of time and staring xD), rub on his red coat and totally get awe from overhelming RED colorz, he quite tolerate her weird behaviour. RED RED RED RED. Weeell, not too willing, but left with brother to the den.

Heck this is a day!

Start with strange scent, wich lure her and Garai out; find that there is an another male - "Raptor", the Garai's father. While he accept Garai pretty fast, Fari get in some kind of conflict. She don't know how to react on father of her brother. After brother and "Raptor" left for the den. While goes back to the Ragged Claw den, she find that "Raptor" is in! Sniffing around just makes him to go out.

Fari followed this one, watching him fishing and heeeck, she goes hungry, trying to lure some drops from "Raptor". Not best option, since she followed him into his own territory. And well, he guard it though! Fari leaves his territory after while she bothered him, and visit the Pond. She climb on the tree and stays here for a long time, before some weird and rude doe showed up, but well, Fari start it.

Fari throws a sticks on her, tries to beat her own bad mood down, but looks like a doe has same bad mood as she does. Both start spitting at each other, until the Mahkah showed up. What an good timing, it was about to get worse - and it get.

Brother showed up, Mahkah run, the doe run, it looks like some kind of fight and... well, Fari joined, boosted by bad mood and the fact, there is three to one rude doe. She chased doe around, get some ruffled fur, maybe few bruises, and after the doe stays far away, she and brother checks on each other, then on the Mahkah; after that, both returned back to the den, cuddling and talking about upcoming fights - Fari need improve so much...

Another day full of laziness - and the fog. Visible distance goes down.

Visit the Mahkah, bite him twice, before goes back to the bro. Pat pat.

Beautiful day full of lounging with brother.

In one moment, Fari leaves to check on the Mahkah, who was still lying on the ground like a dead. He notice her moving in the tall grass, and once he speak to her, she emerged from it, stand just before him. He calls them a predators once again, Fari snorted answer, that they have names, and left, thinking that Mahkah is still dumb. Honestly, Fari was inside quite a glad, that he made it through and getting better (but on the other side, the vision of mount of food and bones just disperse... heeeck). Return to the brother to cuddle and playfight with him, before both slip into the den to dig it and make it bigger!

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Tracking this beauty!

Tracking this beauty!
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Soli: Thank you, Soli! You

Thank you, Soli! You are first one! :DDD
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Hi OoO/` I love this, Take a

Hi OoO/` I love this, Take a track to the face *PLAT* `\OnO Byee.
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What a cutie c:

What a cutie c:

What a precious bab

What a precious bab
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Wild, Humi, Ace: Thanks you

Wild, Humi, Ace:
Thanks you guys!
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Clare: Haha, yes, she is (for

Haha, yes, she is (for now)! xD
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Tracking ^^

Tracking ^^

She's all alone without her

She's all alone without her mother? Poor baby :'(

I meant to comment with this

I meant to comment with this account.. oops
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! <3
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Chrom, Baby, Fish, Honey: Aw,

Chrom, Baby, Fish, Honey:
Aw, thanks for tracking! XD

And yes, Babymoses, her mother, Vittani, was managed as well. She was supported by many characters around, and so has the support her daughter, Fari. <3 Dont worry, she will be made it out!
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Tree: Hi and thanks!

Hi and thanks! <3
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Hullo <3
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Luu: Wow, hi! Just saw

Wow, hi!

Just saw Alika on map! Laughing out loud
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Glitter for this baby~ track!

Glitter for this baby~
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Thaaanks! x)
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Beautiful DOE,definitely

Beautiful DOE,definitely tracking
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Alta: Hi and thanks! x)

Hi and thanks! x)
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takes after her mama &hearts;

takes after her mama ♥
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Leo, Vee: Thanks both of you

Leo, Vee:
Thanks both of you for tracks! <3

track for the baby!

track for the baby!
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Yay, hi Cross and thanks! x)

Yay, hi Cross and thanks! x)
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been watching this girl's bio

been watching this girl's bio for a while, really love what i'm seeing so far ♥
gonna have to throw someone at her at some point, she's a cutiee
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She's such a saint for

She's such a saint for putting up with Mergo's hissy fits!
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Awww, thanks you

Awww, thanks you Leo!

Wtf, a "hissy fits"? Laughing out loud
But St. Fari sounds good! XD
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well... never thought that

well... never thought that i'll say something like this, but.

she is so c..c..cute!
woah, i said it.

to be serious - her design is so simple, i like it.
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Track. &hearts; What a lil'

Track. ♥ What a lil' cutie.
Discord: Tzvii#9954 // Signature by Wake.
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Holy; Awe: Thaaaaaaanks you

Holy; Awe:
Thaaaaaaanks you two! x)
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Awe!! Vit babu!! She is

Awe!! Vit babu!! She is always welcome to snuggle up with Z'ress....or Lumilla if I ever get muse for her and Calida again.
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Forgot to throw a track for

Forgot to throw a track for Rhia's new fav babu! ♥

Icon by Aihnna! ♥
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Shey: Thank

Thank you!

Aw! Thanks. Maybe one day, she is really moody one. xD

Auntie R! Laughing out loud
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I'm sorry if Aries scared

I'm sorry if Aries scared this little one ♥
also tracking~
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y a s : I

y a s : I
by VasilisaKonti <3

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Holy: Thaaats ok! Tavra: ??

Thaaats ok! Laughing out loud

?? ?? ? ?? ? .. ?? IO.OI
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OOOOMMMMG she is SO CUTE ;; <3 track!
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( Sorry to hear you're not

( Sorry to hear you're not feeling well ;; it was really good to see Fari though, hope you feel better soon <33 )
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Tis: Thanks! Yea, I think it

Thanks! Yea, I think it was becouse antibiotics. Smiling
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What a cutie, oh my

What a cutie, oh my <3
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Singa: Thx!

Thx! <3
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t! &hearts;

t! ♥
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