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Bodya few scratches.Mindat peace.Feelingwary.


"day after day in this endless expanse, how my heart swells!"


woke up after a while; realized it had gotten foggy while they were asleep. wandered around for a little bit but soon laid down again after stumbling into a tree, not being able to see well through the thick fog. got a few scratches but otherwise fine, although the chilling howls of wolves gave them the creeps. loafed around for the rest of the day. curled up under a rock in the playground, then went to sleep as fast as they could to escape the terrifying setting.

woke up and immediately walked to the lake. saw a few deer sleeping and loafing, but did not interact. they were still feeling sluggish, so they took a dip in the pond to wake themself up. a while later, they met up with a creature they met on friday, who they learned was named urschanabi, and another deer named hautakumpu. played around and had fun, then went to sleep.

woke up. didn't do much today. lounged under their favorite rock in the playground, then splashed around by themself in the lake. saw a couple of deer, but they seemed busy so they didn't want to disturb and/or anger them. bleated a few times but no one answered. spent the majority of the day napping, and then woke up and ran around. finished the day off with hanging around de drinkplaats, then socializing with a creature whom they didn't get the name of. went to sleep after that, having had a good time.

woke up, then played with two different fawns. they had a blast. was mildly upset when the fawns went off on their own, but was happy to have shared time with them. went to sleep feeling content.


fan pelt • real deer mask • poppies

three-and-a-half years old.
female. hind. they/them pronouns.
thorold’s deer & a mix of something otherworldly.
scent is orange zest with a hint of rain.
around 12 on the size chart.

they are sentient; not feral. however, they lack a human face unlike most other sentient deer in the forest. even though they don't have a human face, they are still able to talk, somehow.


fluffy, dark chestnut fur for their base pelt. they have two yellow stripes on their neck and four of the same color on each of their legs, a weird-ish version of the fan pelt. their pelt stays the same all year round, unlike a regular deer. must be the forest.

their eyes are a light orange-ish red, a color akin to poppies.

they're skinny; much smaller than an average thorold's deer, even for a hind. shoulder height is around 37 inches. they weigh about 124 pounds.

beetle normally can be seen jumping or prancing around the forest, looking at the wildlife and fauna. when meeting someone new they greet them without caution and with no concern for whether or not the stranger will react negatively (unless they’re wearing a certain set*). if they do, beetle will back off once they realize (which may take a while). they love fawns and will happily play with them, putting all other tasks aside if one wants to play.

*any of the zombie deer set, the long mask, crying mask, noh mask, or kabuki mask. they are afraid of all of these, and won't approach them unless they approach first and seem friendly enough. they're more likely to flee the more dangerous the other seems.

significant actions in the forest;

scratch ground; right here/follow me, depends on whether or not they start walking off after doing it.
rear back; very rarely used as a means to threaten, mostly to just play around. if they're with ophidia, however, it's to be seen as a warning not to get close.
bow + sniff; they use both of these as a means to say hello, with bow being for strangers as it's more respectful, and sniff being used for acquaintances/friends as it's more friendly and casual.

ophidia ++
very fond of, very protective of the younger; they bring out motherly instincts that beetle never even knew they had.

des +
fond of. enjoys running and jumping around them in circles, much to the other's annoyance.

urschanabi +
enjoys him and his company, as well as prancing around with him. sees him as a friend, even though they just recently met.

hautakumpu +
enjoys just as much as urschanabi, even if her mask (face...? they can't tell) scares them a little bit. still, now that they've gotten to know her somewhat, they know she's fun to hang around.

Other Info

beetle is always in character (unless you see me spamming spells). if i'm afk, feel free to yell / dm me on discord if you'd like to interact with them. (my discord is under the real name of my profile, and i'm also in the tef community discord as well if you're having trouble getting ahold of me.)

current image to the left is a placeholder. i will replace it with beetle eventually.

A track for Beetle.

A track for Beetle.

Ceramic fish by Whiskeybeast

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They seem cute! I like them.

They seem cute! I like them.

@hum thank you so much!


thank you so much!
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Thanks for the fun today!

Thanks for the fun today!

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