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DA Notes and discord are preferred!
Please tell me in the comments if you added me on discord or I will not accept your contact request.

I do NOT take points.
Paypal payment only in American Currency(USD)
Paypal will be given privately once you have contacted me.

You must fill out this form before requesting a commission.
Type of commission you want:
Visual Character References. NO Descriptions (Unless you are ordering a custom design):
Poses, Expression etc:

The order for your 1 or 2 pieces MUST all be ready as soon as you reserve a slot to keep it otherwise you will be replaced and moved to a list for another future opening.

I will send you sketches for your approval.
Once you have approved the sketch, you may send your payment.
Absolutely no refunds will be made once process has started.
Small changes are allowed in the sketch/lineart phase but not when I have started coloring.

I will not work on any deadlines.
I can be a very busy person and commissions may take awhile to finish.
Please do not pester me on when i'll get your commission done. It WILL get finished.

Any written descriptions will be considered designs and will be charged accordingly to its complexity.
$5 Extra might be added depending on the complexity of horns, antlers, wings, markings etc.
Small changes are allowed in the sketch/lineart/Rough coloring (for designs) phase.
Please tell me ALL the changes you want BEFORE I have moved onto the full color, detail and shading process otherwise I will charge 5 dollars for each change no matter how small.

Are for humans only.

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Sigi by Wake




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Ugggh such gorgeous arts ;u;

Ugggh such gorgeous arts ;u; ♥
I need more money pronto, to many of yall have fantastic commission works

O u

O u
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Berka ur art is glorious

Berka ur art is glorious
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Just gonna' put a track here

Just gonna' put a track here so I can come back to it later when I have a wee' bit more money. :>
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tracking c:

tracking c:
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I want a thing, I just don't

I want a thing, I just don't know who I want exactly... Ughhhh
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Tracking this also rofl(sorry

Tracking this also rofl(sorry for all the tracks!!)

track~ going to add you to


going to add you to discord, if that's alright!

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Track c:

Track c:

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(No subject)



Edit: Jk Closed until list

Edit: Jk
Closed until list is done!

Id like to claim a slot

Id like to claim a slot
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Following for the future.

Following for the future. <3

Absolutely need to track

Absolutely need to track this.
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Trackin'! Love your pixels.

Trackin'! Love your pixels.

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Open for one slot

Open for one slot
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track in case you re-open

track in case you re-open commissions <3

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