Another P doodle

This time in Micron, Prismacolor, and watercolors.

Would anyone like to do an art trade?
If so, please post a good image of the deer you want me to draw in a comment
along with any info and details, and i will try my best to make something good. <3
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I'm tempted. o-o I haven't

I'm tempted. o-o
I haven't drawn in a while, but I'd love to do a trade with you.
Examples of my art:
Bic markers/micron pen: -link1- -link2-
Pencil/PS edit: -link-
GIMP 2.6 (PS knockoff, its Freeware): -link-
My deer Nein..I don't have an official bio of him, but he's a standard TEF deer.
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Good pictures of him/ reference images of him:

Pelt: DOTD
Antlers: Candles

An art trade would be

An art trade would be supercool, as I've been itching to draw P for a while now. In return, you could drawing my monster-stag Sinker? He's a large black stag with arms and hands sprouting from where his antlers should be...nothing too concrete design wise, so feel free to go with the flow and do whatever works Eye

Oh and you can see some of my art at my DA page: Here


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P is awsome. XD such detail

P is awsome. XD
such detail in this! I love the blood from his eye, and how it ends in that little blotch at the end of the paper.

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Oii, that's awesome! =D I

Oii, that's awesome! =D I love how you drew every single hair! Must have been hard. I also love the contrast between red, orange and grey/white/black. Very well done!

I'd be interested in an art trade as well. My art is not the best, but I am in an art-ish mood currently, and when I find the time, I can do something neat for you too. :3 I'd love to get a Flyra from you! You can see a close picture of her in my bio, just click Quamar's siggy Flyra below. Laughing out loud

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