Another Adopt Blog - Emergency Edition! [NEW 11/04]

Edit 11/04 -

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa i have a week hhllep
new lines!

Howdy howdy hey, so. TL;DR I have to get out of the situation I'm in ASAP! I have a plan in place but need funds for the variety of things that come with a move, and for some more immediate things like medical and paperwork expenses. I'm Actively seeking employment but whether or not that'll get back to me, let alone get a paycheck to me before my cutoff is a big grey area.

So! I'm selling off some old designs, and some new designs. I might be opening some sketch commissions later if I can spare the energy, we'll see. Take a look!

If you're interested in any of these, please contact me here or on discord at Guillotine#8525
If you can, also take a look at my partner's blog!

Northern - $25

Incision - $25

Honeybird - $25

Redline - $25

Thought - $20, click for full view

Woodwork - $30

Rustglow - $20

I have more things for sale HERE at my sales toyhouse, a few of which were originally made for TEF, so check it out!