Adoptables [10.01.19]

Hey guys!
Happy New Year everyone. I decided to return to the forest for recreation and art. On these New Year's holidays, I drew various designs for sale, and that’s not all c:
I am very glad that I came back and I am happy to see you all here again ~

- Paypal only
- First come first serve
- After purchase, you can change gender, make small changes to the design etc, but
please don't remove my signature and don't resell designs without any artworks.
- (Whenever possible!) I can make changes to the design according to your request without an additional payment, of course.

Discord Paleray#7751 or Email

15 USD

20 USD [Edited]

Wait more <3




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Sigi by Wake

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Track c: I'm interested in

Track c:
I'm interested in the blue one if it's still available

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t! these are all gorgeous

t! these are all gorgeous ♥
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aaa may i grab the one with

aaa may i grab the one with the plants please? ♥

Echo, of course c:

Echo, of course c:
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aaa keeping an eye on

aaa keeping an eye on theseeeee
they're gorgeous<3
Art by Shey!!
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Sent a discord request

Sent a discord request ♥
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:> watchin'

:> watchin'
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Display pic by crabbycrown ♥
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Watching! Such beautiful

Watching! Such beautiful works.