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so hey.
i've been studying blender for some time, and of course i couldn't resist making a deer model, or in this case - a doe.
now, it's not really super.. advanced or whatever, since i've been learning all by myself with the help of this tutorial and only do it for fun right now.
i'm planning to animate it (hopefully rigging it wouldn't be as problematic compared to my first model), tho it will take some time.

anyway, any criticism or advices are welcome.


rig testing, not everything coming along smoothly...

edits after an advice from littleswan

finished the mesh

Whoa!! Impressive! I didn't

Whoa!! Impressive! I didn't know you started learning blender :0
About how long did that take to make?
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i started learning just in

i started learning just in the beginning of this year, but really progressed only in the last month, due to workload i had.
hmmm... well, judging by the date the file was created in.... gosh, january!
BUT, i can't say how much time i really spent on working on it. not 10 months that's for sure. a week or so maybe?
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Wow! That's still a lot of

Wow! That's still a lot of work. Nice job so far! She looks wonderful c:
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thanks, i really like this

thanks, i really like this one too, but i'm not sure if the anatomy is 100% correct. none of the photos i've been referencing was of the same deer with the same pose in profile and full face.
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Oh man, this is so cool!

Oh man, this is so cool! You've done a brilliant job.
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Looks really awesome !

Looks really awesome !
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>Starling ; Flyleaf thank

>Starling ; Flyleaf

thank you!
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Amazing ♥!

Amazing ♥!
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♥ ♥

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Oh wow, she's beautiful! What

Oh wow, she's beautiful! What a good thing to have for references. I think she looks great, especially love the face and the feet. Such gorgeous detail.
The only thing my eye can spot as slightly "off" is maybe the chest area? I dont know what to call it I dont know deer anatomy names but these "lumps":

They look a little too large and protruding to my eye.
I would smooosh a little

And maybe make a little dipping by the side of the legs? I think there is something here in the chest area that you should look at, but I'm not sure if I got it right..

And maybe the butt looks a bit low and round. Maybe a little lift and slightly more angular:

But my marking here isn't the best.. I'm not great at perfect deer anatomy.. D:
Those are the only things that stuck out to me. But honestly it looks really great as it is. <3

Hope I could be of some help!
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>Vala :3 >littleswan you're


you're right, i fixed the shoulders and the rump, tho i'm also not sure what more can i make to improve chest area. but i have a feeling that i need to shrink the head a little bit..

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Ooh! I think those things

Ooh! I think those things look perfect now. Nothing needed more on the chest area, looks so good!
Oh maybe you are right about the head, I didn't notice before but maybe yeah!
She looks pretty kawaii like this though :>

That program is difficult. My

That program is difficult. My first attempt at a deer head turned out to look like a zombie pig! I think it's looking great.
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>littleswan good >Valeska we


well, the process can be tedious some times (especially for the weight painting), but i find the character modeling part the most interesting, and once you get the hang of it, things stop looking impossible to manage/complete.
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Yeah, I mostly got them so I

Yeah, I mostly got them so I have a 3D reference of my unique antler/horn designs for my characters (I'm lost without accurate refs) but I haven't gotten the hang of the program just yet. I'll get there though.
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Wow, I love the new pictures!

Wow, I love the new pictures! So these are pictures from an animated version? (I don't know much of blender - I've used it before, but never got so far as animation) She looks so real and alive, it's super impressive! I think you have the body language down really well, she looks like she is cautiously moving, alert and attentive. And still super cute <3
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this is not an animation, if

this is not an animation, if i (hopefully) do one i'll upload a gif file with it.
funny thing is that the essential process of animating consist exactly of moving the rig around whilst recording the process (it's less scary than it sounds)
the pose was referenced from photo with the purpose to test the rig.
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