[3] Revenge [Interactive/Mature]

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Part 1.
RP is very much welcome and depending on how things goes, I'll decide how I am going to end the plot.

The fog was becoming thicker. The air was getting colder. The fawn was getting anxious.

Thunder like sounds filled the night of the forest, although it was not thunder, it was the fawn.

There was something that Nicholas craved more than his mother's love and affection, it was revenge.

Every part of his torn up body craved and desired a revenge on his own father.

Ever since the bull had slaughtered his won son, the son tried to escape the eternity of afterlife to pay him back.

Now the fawn was here seeking for his father to challenge him on the final battle. The rage inside of the small one was growing unbearably big.

Nicholas ran against trees, head first, making them break in the middle and fall down to the ground. He was strong. No one could ever believe a fawn like him could be that strong.

He was.

As long as he was immortal he was untouchable. He could defeat even the biggest of the beasts.

Dozens of trees were fallen and in the middle of them all stood a fawn, huffing and puffing. His tail flickered furiously and his pupils had turned into black.
He was furious.

He stood there staring at you.

Were you next?

Could you solve the situation?

Most importantly, could you make him mortal again?

The scent of rotten flesh around him is getting worse.


Nghrgnh ..

Nghrgnh .. <3


I will think of something to

I will think of something to put here |:
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Ah, that would be amazing.

Ah, that would be amazing. c(:
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Djinn made her way through

Djinn made her way through the thick fog and followed a beloved scent that lingered into her nose. It was similar to Kauna's scemt, though with a hint of dry blood and something.. different.
The scent of the death got stronger. Djinn hurried. The brown doe nearly tripped over one of the lying trees.Now the doe was cautious. She couldn't see anything so she walked closer to the center.
Quickly she looked around and tried to be as quiet as possible. Neither could she smell something
beside the bloody smell nor could she hear someone. As the doe walked closer, she could slowly see
the silhouette of a fawn. "Hello? Little one tell me, are you okay?"
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No matter how slowly and

No matter how slowly and quietly the doe approached him, he still heard her every step and as she got closer the fur on his back fluffed up, he was like a cat trying to scare the threatening being off. A low growl echoed in his throat.
The tail between his legs showed that somewhere deep inside there was a hint of fear, too. Not all anger.
"Where is he? Tell me where he is!"
He snarled behind his teeth without really realizing how loud his voice was. The anger inside of him was about to make him explode.
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Hello I hope it`s ok if I

Hello Smiling I hope it`s ok if I rp?

A fawn padded through the trees, her anlters- something unusual for a doe- brushing up against the leaves. In the next moment, a scent caught her nose. A horrible, reeking, sickening scent- one of death.

Now frightened, but driven by curiousity and worry, the fawn cautiously padded through the trees, until she came to a clump of bushes. She peered out, her blue eyes widening through her orca mask as she took in the sight around her.

There, not far in front of her was a fawn- and he looked furious. His fur was fluffed up, and he was growling, his tail between his legs. A fawn, just like her!

There was also a doe. She appeared to be trying to reach the other one without sparking a fight. The fawn drew in a breath, trying not to gag on the scent.

The scent of death was now stronger than ever, and the fawn simply gaped in shock, unable to process much but a single thought:

"What`s going on here?"
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Helloo! Of course it is.

Helloo! Of course it is. ('8

In a short distance the fawn saw another one approaching, but this one was a fawn. Nicholas saw how disgusted by his scent the other fawn was. He stomped his hoof to the ground and fluffled his chest fur as well, trying to make the impression of being bigger than he really was.
Nicholas walked in circles out of frustration as he waited for the doe to answer and glared at the new fawn with his narrowed black eyes. Normally his eyes were red, now, they were black as night.
"What do you want, kid?"
He may seem like a fawn, but in his mind he was not. He had all the time to grow up mentally. He was stuck in a fawn's body and now it seemed like there was no way out.

His frustration grew bigger and bigger.
He was like a time bomb.
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The fawn flicked an ear. She

The fawn flicked an ear. She slowly straightened up, watching, but not moving, as the fawn angrily circled around, puffing out his fur. Sure, the scene was disturbing, and maybe she was a bit frightened. But she would not stop for a moment to protect herself. Though, who said it had to come to a fight?

"Me? You`re hardly more than a kid yourself."The fawn replied, tiliting her head.

She looked around. "Impressive array of fallen trees you`ve got here. I`ve no such luck with knocking down a tree yet. Well, big ones anyway."
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Even if there were no signs

Even if there were no signs of the other one being frightened, he smelled it from her. It could have provoked him to mess with the fawn's head but his mind was set on something far more important. The beast inside of him was soon taking the control as he tried to seek for his father, the one who had once taken his life. He was determined to find him no matter what..
He growled again, it echoed in his throat. He did not circle anymore, he stood there staring at the fawn without blinking his eyes once.
"No time for chatting. You have hidden him, haven't you? Show me where he is."
In this mental state everyone were enemy, everyone were plotting against him to keep his killer safe.
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Although Djinn heard the

Although Djinn heard the growl, she continued to approach. Afterall he was just a fawn. Now
the brown doe could clearly see the little being now. She lowered her head to his height, astounded by
his appearance. "He? Young man am I allowed to ask who you are? You
smell like a dear friend. Her name is Kauna.. do you know her?"
Djinn remembered the
day when Kauna told her about her family and her past. Though the doe was still too puzzled to see a
connection to the story. "If you tell me who you are, then I can maybe help you?"
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The little one taunted at the

The little one taunted at the doe as if trying to scare her away. He did try that, indeed, but why would an adult be afraid of a fawn even if there was more than meets the eye? The doe did not know that.
The little buck snorted at the doe when she lowered her head to his level, he got the feeling that she was the superior to him. Uncool. He didn't like that.
"Why should I trust you when you don't tell me where he is. He. He. HE."
He hissed and snarled, raising his voice toward the end. Restless. When he heard the name of Kauna, the fur on his back became almost flattered and his ears perked up. Maybe this doe was worth the trust?
No. Not yet. Ears flattened again.
"How do you know my mother. I want answers." His teeth were in full view as he snarled.
"I am the first knight of the lioness. I am the one who's life was taken away."
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The fawn flicked her ears

The fawn flicked her ears "Who`s him?" She asked.

Unknown to the other fawn, she was slighty angry, as well. How dare others try to scare and harm fellow deer with unrelenting anger. She has never done anything to the fawn. Let him try to deny that.

But, she was mostly concerned about why the fawn was so... distant. He looked as if he was about to explode.

"Am I getting into something I shouldn`t"

Btw, I`ll give a short descirption of my fawn. She has a light gray pelt, monarch anlters, and an orca mask.
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"My killer." A short and

"My killer."
A short and sharp response was given to the fawn with a bitter tone in it. He was looking for the one who had taken the chance to grow up from him. Forever bitter.
He breathed heavy and his gaze was no longer focused on the fawn, now it ran free as if trying to see someone, trying to find someone.


Ah, thank you. Easier to imagine the situation when I have even the slightest idea of how the other one looks <3
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Sure thing =========== The

Sure thing Smiling


The fawn tilted her head. "Well, alright then. If this goes like every other story I`ve heard, you`re to search him out and then have some final epic brawl where one is destroyed forever and other lives in eternal rage. Or something."

"Maybe you should give up the search. After all, which one would you rather be? The fawn asked, her head tilted.

"Then again, you are a fawn like me. But a fawn who knocks down full grown trees obviously has more one problem. Maybe I could help you, if you`d like? Not to search for him... but..." The fawn shrugged.
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First the doe remained

First the doe remained silent, then moved a few inches away. Djinn gave the fawn the space it needed. She waited a few seconds and hoped the fawn would calm down. Totally clueless she shook her head. "I don't know who you mean."a soft but stern voice. Slowly her patience faded and the mother-to-be already thought about leaving. She must've mistook the scent. Somehow.
But as soon as the fawn called Kauna its mother, her eyes widened and her ears dropped down immediately. "Mother..?" the doe began to sniff the smaller fawn and inhaled the scent. Indeed it was Kauna's scent. "Could it be?" At this point Djinn stopped to think rational. She saw way too much in this forest. In front of her stood the deceased son of Kauna. Now the doe was even more cautious and chose a soft and warm voice. "No need to be angry, my dear. Yes I know your mother, I am a good friend of hers. As a proof, I know that your name is Nicholas." she said and sat down in front of him, showing that she couldn't harm him in that position.
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Poppy; Nicholas looked at

Nicholas looked at the fawn again, his gaze digging into the other one's flesh, like he was trying to see through her. To him this was more than just a fight, it was a revenge for someone he loathed the most, his own flesh and blood. His father.
The way the other fawn spoke to him, was not to his liking. He took a few steps forward and showed his teeth, snarling. Growling louder.
"You little brat. Do not underestimate me nor my intentions. I dare you."
His expression showed he was serious. Now he was standing on the edge of a blade and there was a chance he wouldn't hesitate to attack someone who did not deserve it.
"I would be the one who was damn happy. "
A devious and unexpected chuckle escaped his throat.
"It's not a problem, not at all. If you don't know where he is, you are no use to me. Unless your hiding something.."
Yes, he may seem like he has lost his mind. For now, he has. The lust to kill had filled his mind.

The fawn was able to ease up a little when he was given some space, but still he was watching the environment just in case his father was roaming near by. Of course, there was no one, at least the one he was looking for. How could it have been anyway?
A snort was given as a response to the doe to her first statement. He was certain she knew who he was talking about, he would get the information out of her. He would.
The fawn was puzzled, how come 'could it be?'. The growling had stopped and his ears perked up again when Djinn told him that she was a friend of Kauna's, his mother's.
Nicholas stood there staring at the female sitting in front of him. He wondered why would she give him a change to do bad things to her? Did she want it?
He shook his head with his eyes tightly closed.
"You know me? "
His voice turned quieter, brighter. If she knew him, she'd know his father and tell him where he was, he thought.
"Where is my father?" Without hesitation he asked.
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The fawn sighed angrily.

The fawn sighed angrily. "Well. I can see you`re too far gone to listen. Forgive me for trying to help you." She sighed again.

Then she narrowed her eyes.
"Listen... I`m sorry for talking to you like that. I mean, I don`t really know what`s going on. I just know you... aren`t exactly happy right now. And... well, I just wanted to help. Don`t be so weak as to fall to those feelings. Maybe you feel like there`s no other choice, but...."

The fawn dipped her head. "Perhaps there is."

She took notice of the other doe, and stared at her, worried. Her eyes seemed to betray a single question:

"Is there anything we can do now?
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No response. The fawn only

No response. The fawn only glared at her with his lips moving as if he was saying something. No proper words came out of his mouth. One wrong move from each of them and the hell would be free again.
"Look at those trees, I am not weak. Not physically, not mentally. "
In the back of his head he knew the other one was only trying to help him and under normal circumstances he would have appreciated it. He wasn't able to do it now.
Even though his presence had calmed down, he was still boiling. Still ready to snap at any time.
As she dropped her head, he lifted his up high and looked down at her.
"You really don't know where he is. I believe you. "
Hesitantly he nodded.
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Djinn was glad that the fawn

Djinn was glad that the fawn could calm down, even a bit. Mainly she ignored his bad behaviour, this wasn't the right time to tell the fawn about forest etiquette. First she thought of searching Kauna and show her Nicholas. But then she feared he would run away or just disappear. He was too precious. She had to try everything to make him stay. Yes , I know you. Your mother told me some things about you. That you are the prettiest fawn, she had ever seen. And that she deeply misses you." Pleased with how the conversation went she relaxed, too. "Listen Nicholas, you have to trust me now." she started and looked straight in his eyes. "Your father is dead. He came and took your mother, but friends saved her and now he is dead. There is no need for revenge." Djinn repeated it many times. Normally she wouldn't have told something so cruel to a fawn but this fawn was different. "If you don't believe me then you should ask your mother. She would be overjoyed to see you again. Don't you want to see her again?"
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The fawn stood there, hoping

The fawn stood there, hoping that the other doe could calm the fawn down. She`d no idea what had happened in this fawn`s past, but she wanted to help in any way she could.

But, she knew she had to be careful. After all, she did have a younger sister...
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Both; Why was this doe so

Why was this doe so nice? Nicholas didn't know how to act, his heart was still racing and the adrenaline was still running in his veins. Even if he was brought back from death, some of his organ functions worked normally. He shivered due to his high heart rate and adrenaline levels.
The fawn's tail was no longer between his legs, but it was not up either. Somewhere in the middle anyway. All those nice things his mother had said about him calmed him down even more. The fawn took a few steps forward and now stood right in front of her. She could almost feel his cold nose against hers. Only almost. His eyes had turned into dark red, calming down. Calming down.
"She said that?"
First fawn-like gesture, he wiggled his tail like a puppy waiting to hear more.
Only someone like him could change in a blink of an eye. Hearing about his father's death-.. His eyes black as night, teeth in full view. He turned around and rushed toward another tree, hitting his head to it, making it crack in the middle and fall. Then, he turned his fierce gaze to both of his companions and shouted,
"He can't be! No! NO!"
He fell down to the ground and curled up into a ball of fluff.
"I found her already."
A voice quiet as a whisper.

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The fawn padded over to the

The fawn padded over to the other one, sorrow in her eyes. She shouldn`t have talked to him the way she had before. Not when she`d had no idea what he was going through.

"Whatever happened.... I`m sorry."

Very slowlw, she reached out a hoof and carefully placed it on the other fawns shoulder.
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The fawn didn't move an inch,

The fawn didn't move an inch, even his breathing was slow and his chest moved only a little. The little girl was not in fault, it was all in Nicholas' head. She was not rude, he only thought she was.
"I need to find him, he cannot be dead."
He spoke under his breath with his eyes closed. He felt the hoof of the fawn on his shoulder and he twitched only a little bit.
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Lol, is is a wittle girl

Lol, is is a wittle girl Sticking out tongue


[=gray]"It`s ok now. You don`t need to worry about him anymore. He can never hurt you again. Surely, that fact must be some sort of revenge itself?"[/color} The normally bubbly fawn asked quietly.
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"You don't understand."

"You don't understand."
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The fawn dipped her head

The fawn dipped her head sadly.

"You`re right. I don`t."

"So help me understand."
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While she watched the fawn

While she watched the fawn calming down, the doe noticed that his eyes lightened up. Red. Just like his mother. The mother-to-be was obviously delighted to see how calming the words of a mother could be. "Yes, she did, little one. She is really proud of you and loves to talk about you." Djinn already wanted to nuzzle the fawn when suddenly his eyes darkened again. Although she wasn't frightened, she was cautious. But when she saw what power the fawn had, she slowly stood up "Would he dare to attack even me?" Many thoughts. The doe remained silent and watched the tree fall. Should I leave?" The doe was shocked but as soon as the fawn laid down, she slowly approached. If she would run away, he would maybe see her as an enemy, too. "There is no need for revenge, Nicholas. It's never a fawn's task to do so." warm words tried to calm him down again. "Therefore, there are mothers, like your mother. We will always protect the innocent hearts of a fawn. Please Nicholas, forget your wrath. Wouldn't you prefer to catch up the time you lost with your mother?"
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The doe's words were not

The doe's words were not heard while he was in a state of uncontrollable fury that had filled him only a few moments before his collapsing. The fawn's mind was filled with different kind of voices that were asking difficult questions from him, some of them positive, some of them negative.
The positive ones became stronger as the doe spoke, she somehow had the idea of how to push his buttons and how to calm a little being down. Still, he was like a bomb, one wrong move and the whole thing would explode with terrible consequences.
"Isn't it?"
For a moment he became the innocent one that he once was, the one who didn't know about the bad things in the world. A normal fawn. He lifted his head up and looked at the doe. Unmoving.
"Won't he win if I give up now? Won't he laugh at me for being too weak to pay him back what he did? "
His voice was quiet as he spoke, yet sincere. He took a few steps forward toward the doe and looked up to her.
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Again Djinn noticed a change.

Again Djinn noticed a change. The fawn turned back into an innocent little being again, into Kauna's beloved son. Now the brown doe told herself that she has to save this child. If she would be the mother of such a child and someone had the chance to save it from its own darkness, she would be forever grateful. Still she didn't want to rush things and let the fawn approach. His question touched the doe's motherly heart. He fought for himself and for his mother. How proud Djinn was of the doe, yet it was too sad that a child had to worry about something like revenge. "How could he laugh? He is dead and he will stay dead. How could he win? If you are the one that outwitted death and can stay now with his mother forever?" the doe lowered her head and focused on his radiant eyes. "You are the actual winner, Nicholas. You could laugh at him."
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The fawn stood there staring

The fawn stood there staring at the doe but this time there was no threatening gestures or signs of any kind. In fact, his mouth was a bit open like a fawn's who has just discovered something new. Slowly his tail raised and started to wiggle.
For the past ten years or so, the fawn had plotted a revenge on his father, it was a weird feeling that he wouldn't need to fulfill his purpose. He didn't need to get his revenge.
"You're right.."
His eyes rolled as he smiled. The fawn started to hop in one place out of excitement. His eyes were red, far far from black. He rushed to snuggle the doe's chest, probably made her lose a bit balance since he wasn't fully able to control his strength.
"Thank you, Djidji. A-and I am sorry."
He looked up to her again, resting his chin on her chest, slightly blushing.
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Djinn was relieved when

Djinn was relieved when Nicholas admitted that she was right. Phew. Slowly she hoped that everything was alright now. That Nicholas turned into a normal fawn and could enjoy his first fawnhood alongside his mother. Kauna would be more than thrilled to have her son back again. Seeing him grow and age. When Nicholas started to hop and cuddled into her chest fur, the brown doe could only guess what a sweetheart he was, before all this happened. Gently she rubbed her chin against his forehead and smiled. "No need to be sorry, Nicholas. We all make mistakes from time to time. Now you should search your mother and enjoy the time, the gods have given you."
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The fawn's hind legs tapped

The fawn's hind legs tapped the ground enthusiastically and his eyes shone.
"I will. But I will track you down again. You are my heroine. "
After those words the doe could see him grow a little bit, not much. The open wounds were healed and his fur was silky again. There were small red nubs of antlers on his head, waiting to grow into full size. No more a fawn. She had given him the chance to grow, she had given him the gift of growing up.

And that journey was about to begin.