We look at broken clocks; SOUL

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PhysicalPowerful (but suppressed). - MentallyFine - Emotionalvolatile .

-SOUL»-'Demon‘ Hunter'
Male/stag ♂
AGE.27 human years
Approximate to 15
SPEECH in 4682b4
VOICE;NEW Kougami Shinya × Dorian Gray
SPECIES;Unknown Demonic × possibly hybrid
- FACE:NEW ×Barnes
Minimum activity, indifference, energy inward, estrangement.

CHAOS»Soul divided into two living energy reserves puzzle. The dying child was rewarded extension of his life, but it was a mistake, the child turned into a creature that could not stand the world, and only a hellish world it was able to withstand, so the child has become a curse for all living things. . Breaking into the world of the expense of the curse, he settled in a vessel that is doomed to suffering. But the one who was supposed to die, was not always absorbed in the black, it is a fallen angel, his soul was half dark and absorption of ancient vessels, this problem was for this child (on this subject, I will write another story ). In the last minutes of the floor was a strange man with the horns of the dragon, he possessed great power, the young man regretted the child and his stupidity, decided to give part of their energy to prolong the life of a boy, and here it is a mistake, confining himself in the image of the soul, of the soul who took the darkness. Forming a lump powerful energy to which the world was not ready. Destroyer. His name was: Mikael (Mikaela) . His real name.
Will his world, and the will of the other particles of the soul - the soul sveloy - he will live.
Does it alienate the world with its power, and the soul of Chaos will be doomed to suffering of other living beings, penetrating into other people's lives, the destruction attempts. His angry and finding the one who ruined his life.

Dark Matter. It feeds fears and sins. Manipulates living beings. Its size reaches about 8 m.
This increase is not known, it appears in rare form, his physique is usually forms a smoke - black smoke coming as steam coming post.It is known as the hellish devil, perhaps the necromancer. Its creation was created ritual, the image of the destruction and sin.
he devil is waiting in the wings -Darkness and light in one

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Contains character (IC 98.27%. ooc possible of only 4.5) I can not completely responsible for the actions of the character, his character does not depend on me
the best you can contact me: vk.com and gmail.com (ask if you want accurate data)
age limit (18+)
Bio the text may contain violent or sexual nature (!)

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Trackies! <3 I love the bio it looks awesome!

Track *_*

Track *_*
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TRACK *,,,*

TRACK *,,,* Smiling
gif by Hautakumpu


Track Smiling
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Thank you very much ~

Thank you very much ~
Yes, of course we will be friends ^^
—@" Emikomi:
Thank you very much, your bio is also very well .3
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You are most welcome c: I'm

You are most welcome c: I'm really sorry that I'm not here at the moment, a couple more hours and the school day will be over.
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—@" Emikomi: Very glad to

—@" Emikomi:
Very glad to hear it ~ **
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by VasilisaKonti <3

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track <3

Track. ^^ I wanted to

Track. ^^
I wanted to roleplay with your Soul, you do not mind? c:
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No, I don't mind it will be

No, I don't mind
it will be very interesting .3

Usually I play roleplay when

Usually I play roleplay when my character is in play with your. Nucleus, you will forgive me and we beat a situation that happened a few minutes ago? x)
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Yes, of course well, now I

Yes, of course
well, now I know what you look like ^^

Hah. Well, I start. x) Alian

Hah. Well, I start. x)

Alian was walking in forest, felt the long-awaited arrival of summer. Feeling the thrill of a bird's wing, doe looked up and saw a dove. Its white feathers admired the doe and her long time could not tear her gaze from him. But abruptly drew attention Alian scent. The smell that she never confuse with others. Quickly ran on to his source, met two deer. Doe and male, who lay in a circle of mushrooms and enjoyed day. Demon? Long tail Alian was nervously walking from side to side and red eyes ingrained in the male. Do not be! They're still alive? Alian's body was trembling with fear and anger. And she hid behind the nearest tree, began to observe.
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Sorry for the delayed

Sorry for the delayed response
I ask forgiveness for not literacy
Morning, waking up in a good mood, a few hours watching the butterflies circling over his head, a gentle breeze blew over the long mane of hair is black, blue-gray eyes and semi openly enjoyed the weather and the review of the sky, no hunting arose and began to drive listening ears, nose and leading the pointed ends, walked slowly to the watering
To the Soul immediately ran his friend, Orion-skipping with joy, hugging him, Soul leaned slightly hugged his little a friend
- Soul ..!
looking down on the Orion
- Umm?
- Let's play on, come on conjuring

Soul could not refuse a friend, he was very lenient sometimes, but always kind, especially to your friends of friends for the Soul has become very playful
even if it has been stored and demon blood, demons from the past seven elite.

Soul had not thought about it ...

- Okay, let's go
not a big step to reaching the mushroom circle lay where it was softer
nekotroe time they vmsete shalili one above the other, the results of Soul got a small increase in long laughed at each other

ears turned to the side and a little tapping noise
Turning his head to the side who taunted for no apparent reason .. oh no it was like to venture a fight
Soul was brash and totally without friends predatory
but this time, it would just be indifferent, but not here, realizing that a number of his friend that growth is still less
Soul decided to not go directly into the disassembly, quietly decided to first ask before sneezed mini and got my real growth
- Hello ... what do you want?

not rude and not polite to ask
lifting the tail proudly lifting his face, so that could see the sharp end of his with sharp fangs, eyes looked proudly at the doe
strongly uperevshis feet on the ground put forward a slightly fluffy chest
I enjoyed it very annoying .......

Do not worry about

Do not worry about it)
Alian was absorbed by a dark past, because he heard that the demon turns to her, her legs were told to flee. Away, so it would have more flesh pierced demonic fangs. But doe stepped forward and said, in a trembling voice. You ... You're a hell of a bantling... Alian has taken a step to the meeting, beginning to express their anger. Lowering her head, ready to spring for deer, fallow deer clouded mind. She knew that she needed to escape, but she wanted to take revenge. All demons. She wanted them their death, and seeing how he and his girlfriend are having fun together, Allure almost lost my head. How can she be with him? How can a play with a demon?
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Soul's eyes widened slightly,

Soul's eyes widened slightly, but again came to the normal view ... to take a step forward ...
I can not understand this doe, but it scares the Orion and I do not like the behavior is
Soul began to approach chasing away deer

Alian nothing could not help

Alian nothing could not help it, she was preparing to flee. She knew that now, she can not resist him. But she could not just stop it. Do not come near me! Doe's voice broke on a desperate cry, she pointed the horn and began to move away. Do not come! Otherwise, you'll be sorry!
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Soul stopped attack growl

Soul stopped attack
growl ...
• - Go away!
- Your threat for me is indifferent

growling menacingly Soul covered of his friend, his eyes shining with heavenly violently paint, black tail develops in the breeze was elevated, and massive feet firmly on the ground, strong body - pure and white, a little show off some still unhealed scars that were Soul conventional

Not that? Do not you kill me,

Not that? Do not you kill me, as you killed when my family? In the scarlet eyes filled with tears. Alian shiver and she threw herself at the demon, striking his young horns. But not daring to enter into a real fight, she at the same time ran away. You do not belong in the woods! Get out! Your place is in hell, and not among us! Alian has become the hoof on the ground and make a step back.
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Soul in bewilderment, unable

Soul in bewilderment, unable to understand the words of the first, but after the second said deer, Soul attacked the deer shooing her, pushing horns, not much, so it would not hurt the deer and not to do with the scar or wound, Saul did not want to do what that stupid and nedoumnym beings pain
at the end of snarled
- not you out of your mind, go away!

I'll be back, demon! And know

I'll be back, demon! And know one day I'll take your soul. Doe was the last time the deer cried and walked away. He will regret that he came here. I'll kill him. Allure nervously waved her tail and put her head down, only now feeling the tremors throughout the body.
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Soul did not listen say doe,

Soul did not listen say doe, he returned to his friend, snort, Orion slightly soothed Soul went to the water, sipping a little water he went vmsete with Orion in the favorite places to relax

Track! Soul is a miracle! I

Soul is a miracle! I very much want to make friends with him.

hello again and whats does

hello again Smiling
and whats does the ?+ mean?
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- @ "Tuyno Thank you, I want

- @ "Tuyno
Thank you, I want to know more about you and eventually become good friends
- @ "Red Raptor 96
I apologize for that ^ ^
Soul sometimes just does not always feel that Rhoda takes him for a friend, but Soul knows exactly what Rnoda his friend -on the mark "?" - Not sure of reciprocity

okay and also why i was

okay and also why i was stamping at the flower was for mask you see if you un check connect automaicty then exit and re open game and connect there will be mushroom trees i wish they did not change the trees around its pesky for ppl who want mask spells and don't know the glitch
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I'm sorry that just didn't

I'm sorry that just didn't think, I'll try to help the next time ~`~

no worrys i got my mask

no worrys i got my mask Smiling
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oo, that's good ^^ I'm sorry

oo, that's good ^^
I'm sorry that I could not help you right away T^T

wheres Rhoda? shes still your

wheres Rhoda? shes still your friend is'nt she?
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of course friends, but Rnoda

of course friends, but Rnoda has been moved by my mistake unkept, soon things will correct

Okay and neat bio arme

Okay Smiling and neat bio arme
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Thanks a lot ^^

Thanks a lot ^^
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for you

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Nunu is really happy to see

Nunu is really happy to see Soul again in the forest. <3
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• - "@ Kikinkacze Thank you,

• - "@ Kikinkacze
Thank you, that's very nice ^^
• - "@Emikomi
I am also very happy to see you in the woods, I waited a long time your return of ;3
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sorry about freezing i'm

sorry about freezing i'm playing outside as well its a nice day where i live in the south of the USA and it gets hot in spring and summer and today is not to hot Smiling yay!
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I understand ^^ We are also

I understand ^^
We are also quite warm, very warm, ..
very warm May

now its 84 degres out side

now its 84 degres out side today ugh to hot but i had to refill my bird feeders i have two seed feeders one suet and one hummingbird feeder
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wow, that's hot, with this in

wow, that's hot, with this in the number of degrees you have not the head spinning?
It's just a stuffy!!
I hope that by the evening it will be easier to you
We in the evening the day vsegolish +15 (it only today), but because we are close to the Baltic Sea and I am closer to the North-West, but even so, we can be very hot
ohh, you feed the birds?
it is very good ^^
Unfortunately I can not do for themselves and a bird feeder tagzhe feed the birds, I live in a large five storey building, and I live at the fifth floor, but on my windowsill always sitting down birds, pigeons are always more - wood pigeons, I sometimes just a box of bread sill .... he always has been eaten by them

lol don't worry i'm inside

lol don't worry i'm inside now its 4:03 now it should be cooler
I live in North Carolina aka The South! i see lots of wildlife we have racoons opossoms ugh! WhiteTailed Deer (we live by a creek) and lots and lots of birds Hawks Herons Songbirds Falcons Doves Pigeons etc
and my mom is making pasta soo i might freeze in the middle of runing lets say to take a bite of food cuz i can eat at my desk Smiling lol
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Wow, that's great nature, to

Wow, that's great nature, to live in such a gorgeous tune, like a otmasfera, but I still live in town, I rarely ride to his grandmother in the village ... usually interpreted for the weekend of what would breathe from city life, there is available too nature ... sometimes popadayutsya hedgehogs in their gardens in the eyes .. hih, to me they really like a lot, I love animals ..^^
in my time zone is 11.23 hours (night)
Unfortunately I have to go out this time and go to bed, or else tomorrow I will not be able to get up in the morning..

hope that tomorrow we will again be together and play the game, I would be very glad if you would also like to continue so interesting and paddle to talk with me, it is my pleasure to communicate with you and be in the same company with you =)

sure! but i got to go shoping

sure! but i got to go shoping today Sad then my aunt got in a crash Shocked Shes not to hurt but her car needs to be fixed so thats good at leasts shes ok and i live in a weird city its a city but it has coons possms and deer Puzzled we live in the south part of North Carolina (Charlotte) only 30 miles from South Carolina we often cross the state line and drive around South Carolina i see lots of deer there too my mom even sometimes goes to Camden (her home town where she grew up) its fun its a small Horse town i love horses

i won't be on to much today cuz we are going shoping my mom upset she wants good coffee! i like the pumpken coffee but she don't so we going to get the coffee we normally drink lol
yes i know i'm 11 but i can drink a little coffee i like it lol
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I also love horses, for the

I also love horses, for the love of it I started to occasionally equestrian sport in our forests is also home to deer, but on the road I have not never seen tagzhe coffee I like to drink, usually my mother buys a coffee that does not harm health .., but I also love tea, I'm a foodie at teas ...
It is a pity that you are busy and can not spend time with me in the game, but I'll wait for you, and meet you tomorrow ... if I have a very get go because tomorrow I normally scheduled day goes guitar, I can go on sovemu time zone or five or six, but I'll try to come home and turn on the game that would have remained in the game Soul

helllo! i can play in forest

helllo! i can play in forest now
also yesterday was another 84 85 degress day but thats noting compared to two years ago the summer was 95 96 94 etc ugh!! glad that was over!
tea is good i don't like it as good as coffee though my mom is picky about her coffee lol she hates starbucks coffee i do too i like maxwell house coffee (brand we use) its great! my mom likes it too so does my dad
i'm geting in forest now Eye
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Oh, how many do you have

Oh, how many do you have there Gradusova do not like a lot of heat, I always spring for like weather, not hot and not cold, a light breeze, but this spring, just like the weather in summer, the summer probably be even worse .., a lot of the same do you know the name of the coffee ... I keep forgetting

Today must be the thunder and lightning, i like a lot of lightning with thunder ..
I'm sorry that I did not have as many days in the game, I was a little busy, in addition I ran out of money on the internet two days came home at night to four hours, you do not have museums?
May 17th, we had the "Night of Museums" I took participates to four o'clock in the, and the day before yesterday, my grandfather was a birthday yesterday and I went somewhere to 12:00 ....
And just today at the of the internet and I came to the game
I hope today you wake in the game^^
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~~ Track ~~

~~ Track ~~