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Name: Dorian - Online - The Great Oak

Rut Info

Status: Deseased.

Title: The White Beast - Fallen Prince

Alias: Sacrilege


Age: 37,854 Demonic Years. 9,000 Human years

Sexual Orientation: (?)

Mate: Unlikely

Offspring: None - Willing to sire but not very willing to raise them himself.

Scent: Sulfur and black smoke

Territory: The Great Oak

Diet: Carnivore

Reference: Demon Human

In game set: Swan Pelt + Antlers. Skull mask



Impatiently waiting for Nika to finally decide on something, a wish he can grant her to fulfill his need to repay her for the kindness she showed him. Even though it was a blow to his ego to be seen in such a weak state not to mention saved, by a female at that, he appreciates what she did in his own way.


Tried resting in the giant tree but was pestered by an annoying fawn who was later followed by two strangers. They cast spells on him and that roused him from his sleep. Snorted by remained confrontational; went off towards where the water begins seeking refuge from the other inhabitants.


After the recent snowfall in the forest Sacrilege found an easy target in Manda the wandering loner. He attacked without mercy and managed to succeed in killing the other male. The altercation left him with a few broken ribs on his right side and a prominent limp. He's grumpier than ever because of the pain. Manda asked him something shortly before his death that caused the demon to give up on using him as a meal but rather he made a deal with the dying creature to hunt down the killer of his friend Camomille - He needed Manda alive for this so Sacrilege reluctantly asked for the help of the stranger who had arrived to hunt him down, a demoness known as Adrasteia.


Is now in the human world. Arrived there after reluctantly following Rose through a portal she opened in front of the Crying Idol. Had no idea the thing was even there. He was greeted by neatly cut grass and manicured trees in the fall. Seeing as he was completely naked in a public park during the day the police were promptly called and he was taken to jail where he's spending his first night back in the human world.


Sacrilege has been stranded in a strange land where all the inhabitants including himself are canines of some sort. Some winged, some adorned with fancy jewlery or other magical elements. He has no idea how he managed to get himself stuck there (lol plot hole) but he doesn't seem to mind it too much, there's plenty to do, plenty to eat and drink so he's rather enjoying himself. Was surprised to find Lionel there too, didn't recognize the small guy at first since he looks very different in this universe.

Lio more or less threw a fit at him and demanded to be returned to the forest, although Sacrilege isn't sure how to he kept quiet using the smaller male's desire to go home as an invisible chain to keep him close by with the excuse that he "needs" Sacrilege in order to return home. The two got into a heated argument over Sacrilege's feelings for Whisper, Sacrilege grew furious after Lionel mentioned his past. He held back from killing Lio instead forcing him into servitude to him via the signing of a contract; he promised to spare his life if he agreed to the terms. Lionel did and now belongs to Sacrilege.


Saw a smallish herd and thought maybe he could take this one over. Fought The Red for it and somehow ended up winning it. Was challenged for it almost immediately by Acaji. Managed to maintain dominance over the herd of two, there were more but left him. Sacrilege doesn't seem to have much luck getting people to follow him and stay in his herd but he keeps trying. Tried to claim Jorogumo and Gia back from Lieva but the two females preferred to stay with the other guy. Shrugged it off and left, not worth wasting the energy right now. Met two more females; Umay and Riasanel. Was challenged in front of the females by someone wearing blue flowers on their antlers. Did his best to keep the fight away from the does but the other male kept running right up to them. Was completely taken by surprise when Umay attacked him. Sacrilege left after trying to calm her down and failing, he no longer felt welcome by the females. Went back to his 'herd'.


Roamed the forest making sure to avoid the ruins because Adrasteia is still very much a threat right now. Met some deer and was OOC for a little while just to have some fun with them, jumping around, spell casting and such (thanks for spending time with me, I don't know who you are but had fun!). Back to IC he decided since no ladies were interested it was best to just scoot away to "his" tree and rest up. Need to save up some energy for better things.


Woke up in his usual place, except there was a stranger there so decided since he wasn't feeling particularly social to move on somewhere else. Briefly scouted the small groups nearby mainly to check out the females, but no one seemed interested so he moved on. Was joined by an unknown female who led him to another female drinking from the pond (Raven).

Frolicked with her for a while. Until the lag punched him in the mouth. Spent most of his time just sitting next to the two does, was joined by a couple of strangers and a few fawns here and there. Decided to try to show off how he is totally parent material by humoring the kids but got tired of the shenanigans so he went back to just being lazy with the gals. Was later joined by another doe (Tao) who managed to sneak up on him, she seemed to have been more interested in greeting her friend at first but meh, they all sat down to chill together regardless. He's feeling pretty proud of himself for collecting three does today.


Met Marrok very briefly in RP. The younger male reminds him somewhat of himself so he spared him. Doesn't have enough of an interest in him to actively seek him out.


He might be visiting the human world with Rose sometime soon. If you have any characters currently spending time there and would like to have them meet that'd be pretty fun. Sac is an energetic young looking guy, tattoos, crazy hair, the whole thing. Enjoys mostly spending his time in night clubs, strip clubs or bars, basically anywhere he can smoke, eat, hit on people and drink till his human liver calls it quits.

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Tracking for the cool new

Tracking for the cool new character c:
If/when he opens up for roleplay I'd love to throw Seven, or Whisper at him.
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awesome, he's actually open

awesome, he's actually open for RP c:
Open for RP [YES] Skype@ DistractedLemon
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oh reeeeally... :> then I'll

oh reeeeally... :>

then I'll throw whisper at him, heheh. do you mind where it is, on this blog or another or skype?
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Track! Looks good.

Looks good. Sticking out tongue
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I can't help to feel very

I can't help to feel very interested into this
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ohhhh he is so beautifulllll~

ohhhh he is so beautifulllll~ I would love to throw my Lane his way but I'm not sure that would go too well.

Tracking this~
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@hadou: here is fine if

@hadou: here is fine if that's ok with you, can I have a link to whisper?

@lilyblue: oh how come? I'm curious now :0 haha
Open for RP [YES] Skype@ DistractedLemon
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Works for me ! Whisperrr His

Works for me !
His bio image is slightly off, in colors, his hair is messy & wavy, and he has white nubs but I'm working on a good ref for him.
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He is adorable ! I really

He is adorable ! I really like the tiny wings they're so cute <3
Open for RP [YES] Skype@ DistractedLemon
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D'awe thanks ;y; he's my one

D'awe thanks ;y; he's my one really adorable character.
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You're welcome c: also

You're welcome c: also whenever you're ready to RP I'm available ~
Open for RP [YES] Skype@ DistractedLemon
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I'm ready when you are ;u;

I'm ready when you are ;u;
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Ok, care to start?

Ok, care to start?
Open for RP [YES] Skype@ DistractedLemon
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Small, gentle steps broke

Small, gentle steps broke through the almost silence of the empty pond. No one was around, just the frogs, dragonflies and birds that he could see, and hear well. Quite eyes searched the clear waters, faded crystal blue and curious. Whisper watched a swarm of magenta dragonflies float over the water a few meters in front of him. He raised a thing leg, parting the swarm, a few darting off out of reach. He hadn't been overly active in the last few days, seeing Lionel and others only a few times, this saddened him. His parted lips wore a frown under his mask knowing of his detachment from others. The only thing he wanted was to be close. Always close, always in touching distance, just to know that they were there.
His head rose, a foreign scent hitting his nose. Perhaps it was another deer, or creature of the likes. Perhaps it could be a friend, and keep him company. He positioned himself out of the pond, his tail raised in curiosity and feathered wings resting on his back.

//He's unaware of 'bad' things, and is kind of slow and stupid to assume something will hurt him for future reference haha.
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The large hunkering beast was

The large hunkering beast was wrapped in a cloud of foul smelling sulfur, the stench he held dear as it was the only thing he had ever know. He felt strange in this slumber he had never known before; never felt the need to sleep. The brightness of the sun upon his pale skeletal visage and the unfamiliar stench of the forest assaulted his senses jerking him from his rest. His bright blue eyes opening wide as they gazed upon the unfamiliar terrain. I? They couldn't have.....they.....

His voice boomed deep and raspy. Hatred bubbling over as he came to the realization he had been cast from his home. The feelings stirring inside making his flesh turn shades of orange and red rather than it's usual calm cool blue. Letting out a loud snort he lowered his head; not in defeat but in preparation. He rammed his powerful antlers into a defenceless tree, the sharp ebony thines piercing the bark and flesh of the plant staining his horns red as the sap flowed from the now damaged body. He collapsed from the impact, his weakened mortal body landing hard upon the earth with a loud thud as his head was jerked upwards remaining fastened to the towering wooden giant. He remained there as he choked; struggling to free himself from the death-grip he now found himself in.
Open for RP [YES] Skype@ DistractedLemon
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The smell only got more

The smell only got more pungent as he searched the mouth of the forest. It was an awful nasty smell, he thought but that didn't stall his curiosity. Then, what sounded like a voice echoed through the empty seeming trees, it startled the small buck . But none the less, he was even more curious of what it was now. As he wandered closer to the smells in the forest a he heard a loud noise, a tree crackling from some sort of impact. Perhaps someone had run head first into the tree? He stopped, lifting his head high, ears alert listening more. He tilted his head, cringing a bit as a loud thud followed. Then some leaf rustles followed by the sound of a tree bending, crackling with pressure and bending back.
He lowered his head, eyes quickly searching in the same direction he felt the noise and smell was emanating. Out of his blurred glances he caught site of a white thing. a white creature. he nodded to himself, trotting over, closer, but still some 30 feet away. There he hid behind a tree, peaking out his masked face to get a better look at this stinky, loud creature. It was white, with other colors, large, skull faced. Nothing out of the ordinary here, anyway. As he watched carefully he noticed why it was seemingly jerking its head about, the antlers were stuck in the tree.
He thought for a few moments, he could help, he thought. Maybe he could help him pull them lose.
He crept closer, still trying to hide behind thing trees unsuccessfully.

"...Do you need help?" he asked, face peered out at him, voice gentle yet shaky from slight nerves on talking to it. Though from experiences with large things with skull faces, like Baum, they seemed cuddly and protective, so that's what he had to go on. Cuddly.
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The large thin ears high atop

The large thin ears high atop his awkwardly shaped head swivelled as he heard what at first he thought was some filthy tree-rat scurrying about, instead he recognized it as a quiet shaky voice. No doubt one of the inhabitants of this forest. Sacrilege knew a victim when he heard one and the owner of this voice was most certainly one. He smirked and forced his colors to change back into a more pleasant blue, he turned his face so he could look in the direction of the voice putting on the best defenceless victim face he could muster.

Hey...yeah I could use some help...hhnngghh...I seem to have gotten myself somewhat uh stuck on this here tree.

He said in his low and raspy voice, a false smile forming along his toothy maw. He knew this sucker would probably fall for this trick, it's a classic. Living beings are so deliciously gullible; he forced back the urge to lick his lips trying not to frighten his quarry. I could use a snack after I get unstuck, this couldn't have been more perfect.
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When the creature noticed

When the creature noticed him, he hid farther back behind the tree. He didn't move until the raspy voice echoed through the trees, it didn't sound frightening though, but inviting. He did indeed need help, and he seemed to appreciate the fact that he, whisper, would be willing to help. He popped his head out again, looking at the beast, eyes closing examining his face and body. He looked nice. He reminded him of Baum, a weird, way too nice baum at that. He slowly stepped out, hesitantly walking near him, focusing now at the antlers.
"[i]Why did you run into a tree that hard, did it hurt?" he asked, his voice curious and questioning, still slightly shaky. He got a few steps closer, with in a foot now.
"[i]..And, what's your name? Do you have a name?" he said a few moments after, lifting a hoof up to poke the sharp black tines embedded in the bark and flesh of the tree. It was defiantly stuck good. It was all sticky too. That didn't help at all, he tilted his head. His eyes glanced towards its face as for guidance or suggestion on helping him, help him get out of the tree.
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Sacrilege felt the small

Sacrilege felt the small beast would leave him there but instead saw him coming closer to his crumpled white mass. Letting out a small cough while trying to gulp down some saliva that was pooling at the back of his twisted neck. A few rather unsavoury gurgling sounds rumbled paws his partly opened maw as he carefully eyeballed the smaller stag; his dark pupils contracted as he focused intently on the creature's facial adornment.

Look kid, we can play twenty questions all day long if you get me out of this alright, but right now, I'm sort of in a bit of a pickle hm?

He tried forcing his neck back into place making the vertebrae in his neck snap while his eyes momentarily closed as if in some discomfort. He let out a pleased "aah" sound as he reached a more comfortable position. Sensing the confusion in the other he rolled his eyes discretely before parting his jaws to speak:

Just position your neck under my lower jaw and push up a bit, I'll try pushing my body backwards and with some luck I might just be able to get free of this blasted plantlife.
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He shifted his eyes back on

He shifted his eyes back on the antlers when he saw the other look his way. He walked around him, looking at the other side. Looked the same. Hm. It opened it's mouth again, this time it didn't sound as nice as before. He probably didn't like questions in such a situation, understandable. He pouted behind the mask,
"Well, then promise to answer them after?" he asked, giving the other antler a shove. It did nothing but get his other hoof covered in thick sap. Gross. He backed away, seeing the beast move, and maneuver his neck and seemingly snap it back into place. He nodded after, about to give the antler another shove when it opened it's mouth again, still not being as nice.
"Oh... good idea," he mumbled while walking under his neck, and placing his head right between where his neck met his face... mask... facemask, jaw. He tightened his neck muscles, pushing up gradually, waiting for him to do his part and pull.
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He moved his jaw side to side

He moved his jaw side to side feeling the pressure under it, and couldn't resist giving the little guy a bit of a "taste" by letting his long prehensile tongue hang from his jagged maw with a slight flick.

I've had worse I suppose... he thought to himself before returning his full attention to the task of regaining his mobility. Sacrilege bent his front limbs at the wrist and anchored himself firmly into the ground before trying to regain a standing position. His back limbs slipped awkwardly underneath his slim body and he finally pushed himself upwards with a soft grunt. He took in a long and very deliberate breath through his mouth and jerked his body backwards with a quick surge of energy. The force snapped a few of the thinner points on his antlers but at last he was free.

He heaved and wheezed still not used to the thiner air and much weaker mortal body. His jaw opened as he stared at the ground; his chest rising and falling quickly with every surge of air that filled his massive lungs. Sacrilege could feel everything in his body and he hated it, his beating heart and the blood it pumped, the oxygen filling his lungs, the saliva dripping from his mouth and the aching of his muscles. He hated being alive, he hated it because he didn't belong here in this filthy place with these filthy animals.
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Curious track/ o v o

Curious track/ o v o
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Welcome friend

Welcome friend Laughing out loud
Open for RP [YES] Skype@ DistractedLemon
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Whisper keep a steady

Whisper keep a steady pressure on the beasts lower jaw, making sure not to push too hard, or too little. His caught sight of something blue? light blue... hanging from his jaw, what that his tongue? It flicked his ear slightly and then wandered back inside the beasts mouth. He twitched his ear, realizing the beast had begun to move, positioning his body along with him he kept his head still, he didn't want to mess this up, then it might get mad at him.

Right before the beast released itself from the tree it inhaled deeply, seemingly ready to pull himself out. Whisper braced himself, legs solid and body tense. Moments after it threw itself back, breaking a few pieces of his antlers. Whisper was toss back with him and ended up lying flat on his face a little ways behind the beast who was now free, but wheezing and coughing like an old man. Maybe he was old? But he didn't seem that old. He was even breathing heavily and drooling, perhaps he was part canine, they drool often.

He sat up, sitting back on his haunches as he looked over curiously, head titled, ears flopped over and hair a mess.
"So, what's your name, and how did you get stuck in that tree? Did it hurt getting those tines ripped off?" he asked in a delicate, yet scratchy voice , since he said he's play twenty questions after he got out. He kept his eyes on the beast, though he wasn't too cautious of him, after all he seemed out of breath anyway.
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Sacrilege snapped his head

Sacrilege snapped his head back to look at Whisper who was now sitting on his behind looking rather silly. The beast let out a labored cough still trying to catch his breath. As his eyes ran up and down the smaller male's physique the demon's pupils contracted and relaxed much in the way a cat sizes up his prey, but much to his own disappointment he knew in his current state even a snail could probably out-speed him.

Defeated for the moment he let his slender body flop on the ground, his front legs folded beneath his chest and his neck retracted somewhat making his face blend into the thick fur around his neck. He looked away briefly as an expression of contempt flashed across his face before he returned to stare at the creature before him, his skeletal face was now blank.

I did say I would play, if you helped...and you have indeed helped me. My name is Sacrilege, and I rammed myself into that tree...I know you're going to ask why, so I'll spare you the trouble mortal. I felt angry, I felt frustrated and needed to let out some steam.

The big white creature let out a quiet but obviously annoyed snort as the words left his maw, the anger from before coming back to him. He shook the thoughts out of him mind for now knowing there was nothing that could be done at this point, his gaze again gliding along the small frame of the male he was speaking to, curiosity getting the better of him he nodded at whisper encouraging him to answer a similar question.
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His eyes stayed attentlly on

His eyes stayed attentlly on the beast, waiting for a reply. He thought he'd keep his word, since he doubted that he'd be going anywhere anytime soon. Whisper would keep him company in the mean time, since he didn't have anything else to do, and still didn't know if he was cuddly or not. He was able to get a better look at the creature, his neck was quiet fluffy and soft looking, with massive black spines on his back. His face was skeletal while his tongue and mouth were an odd glowing blue.

"Why were you so angry, Sacrilege?" he questioned him, flopping his head to the other side, "My name is Whisper, so you know."

Mortal? Why would he call him that, was anyone in this forest mortal? He supposed so, he could die as a deer as much as he could when he was a human.
His small nubs of feathers twitched, blue eyes blinking as he tried to meet the others gaze, were those even eyes or just light? He was different, very different.

e.] also I'm going to be giving up a few old pictos, and I could get skull masks on them, are you interested? they're gen 3, not too great but maybe you'll like one haha.
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The white demon cocked his

The white demon cocked his head to the side curiously at Whisper's lack of fear, not sure if he was stupid or just naive. Either way it was a good thing for him; " As soon as I recover I'll have lunch hot and ready hehe..." he thought to himself a soft laugh escaping through his clenched jaw.

He sighed and proceeded to stretch his neck out as if wanting to tell Whisper some kind of deep and very dark secret, his voice this time not the pleasant raspy tone from before but rather a deep guttural rumble mixed with an unearthly hissing. His eyes narrowed and pupils became merely slits amid the sea of light blue.

Whisper you say, that's a fitting name for someone such as yourself. The reason why I'm so angry ? I was once a ruler of many, I was respected but more than that I was feared. Had everything I could ever want but I was betrayed and cast from my home and now...well now I'm no better than the common filthy beast that inhabits this forest...
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She's a rather depressed

She's a rather depressed little thing and is easily pushed around. Though I think I'd love to rp her with this guy. ^u^
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aww poor baby

aww poor baby <3 that could be really fun though, such different personalities.
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dat new pictureeee, them feet

dat new pictureeee, them feet look awesome hfjdks ;u ;
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Whisper gave a nod to the now

Whisper gave a nod to the now curious looking beast. He let out a small giggle after the other chuckled once and closed his mouth, leaning forward. His laughing stopped as the thing spoke, it's voice different. Not as nice as he was before, though his words were interesting. He arched his neck, squinting at him. He ruled over things? He's large and spiny, that made sense. Why did they betray him he wondered. His eyes, roughly the same blue, stared back at him.

"Why did they betray you? Because they were afraid of you?" he asked, thinking that would be a really bad reason to betray someone, but maybe he was very scary as whatever he was before. He couldn't have been a human, no.

"What were you before you were a ' common filthy beast ' I was a human," he beamed, he was proud of that, since many deer had no idea what that even meant, or what humans were. He's met one or two that have, but this was no human, he was too different.

// ooooh new background colors, niiiiice. if you need css help i can give you a hand.
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Indeed, I think it would be

Indeed, I think it would be very interesting
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He jerked his head back

He jerked his head back quickly at the mention of "human" and let out a booming laugh not trying to hide that he viewed them as beneath himself.

A HUMAN, out of all the things I expected to encounter I never thought it would be one of those. I my dear child am a demon, you kind is well acquainted with mine if I am not mistaken.

The large beast chuckled maliciously under his breath as he brought his head to rest once again nestled in the fur. This small being was much more interesting to him now that he knew it used to be a disgusting abomination even greater than it's current form. He would play with this one before feeding; "Human's always taste so much better after marinading in a cocktail of adrenaline and pure terror, it's making my mouth water just thinking about devouring him after the torment I will cause." these pleasant thoughts filled the grotesque beast's mind making a smile form upon his now drool-covered maw.

(Goodness yes I could use help, I've been trying to figure out how to make one of those box thingies where it links to the next part + having an overlapping picture. Actually pretty much the same thing you have on whisper's bio, it just looks so neat c: )
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I love those feetsies, and

I love those feetsies, and that blue tongue, and everything n_n tracking!
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Thank you :3

Thank you :3
Open for RP [YES] Skype@ DistractedLemon
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Whisper flinched as he threw

Whisper flinched as he threw his head back and laughed, was it bad that he was a human? But just as he spoke, he understood why he was laughing.

"A.. demon? You're a demon? " his voice a bit shaky, this time from fear.
He'd never met, or seen a demon in his life as a human, but he had heard stories and legends about them, all bad. Demons were evil the opposite of good, something his kind didn't want to get involved with. As a human.. well, he wasn't exactly a human, apart from his human looks he had magnificent wings sprouting from his spine from which he assumed were linked to him being an angel. [What he doesn't know, or understand is that he was a birdhuman, not anything holy, though he was never religious, just 'above' everyone.] He knew humans were below demons, but angels were higher than them both he assumed, as he was most certainly above humans.

Whisper glanced back at his wings, or lack there of remembering what had happened. He was no longer an angel, he had no wings, no one looking up to him. His gaze tracked back to the demon. It was smiling now. Was it because he knew?

[ whisper totally thought he was an angel when he was living in the human world, and was like a total jerk like 'you are all below meeeee' and some people would totally buy that and treat him like an angel, and this is so funny, aha. whisper you poor baby, you dont even know]
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His face now sported a

His face now sported a maniacle and somewhat menacing smile as he noticed the creature was visibly uncomfortable with his nature. Sacrilege liked the feeling of making others jumpy around him, and would gladly do anything possible to get that reaction from unsuspecting victims. Noticing the small feathered appendages sprouting from Whisper's back, and knowing a thing or two about his more Devine brethren, he immediately knew this creature was not of that descent however he was curious as to what exactly caused the growths upon his shoulders.

He scooted forward with slow deliberate movements, all the while keeping his piercing eyes upon the smaller being. Sacrilege stretches out his neck and held one of the small wings in his maw, dropping it gently with a small flick of his head, he meant no harm upon the creature yet, he was merely just curious for the time being. He directed his attention once again to Whisper, his body having no respect for personal space, so much so that every breath that left the massive demon's lungs would make the fur upon Whisper's neck sway gently.

These wings aren't characteristic of humans, so why would someone such as yourself sport these appendages usually reserved for us higher beings?
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It's smile grew, becoming

It's smile grew, becoming more alarming than before. He forced himself to calm down, he was fine everything was fine, he wouldn't hurt him, no. Though he did notice the beast eyeing his small wings, or rather former-wings. When his attention was drawn back to Sacrilege, he arched his neck back as the beast had gotten much closer than before, inches from him. He froze, letting the beast mouth of his wings gently, it didn't even seem to want to hurt him at all. He relaxed, as the creature pulled back. He rose his head to try and match Sacrilege's height, but ended up staring at his neck. He glanced down, fighting the urge to bury his face into the beasts soft, fluffy looking neck. His face beneath the mask pouted hearing the question.

"Oh... My wings, well they were once much larger...see.. I was once an angel. But, my wings were taken from me," his voice not much higher than a whisper.
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The hulking beast held back a

The hulking beast held back a cackle as his eyes narrowed. His pupils enlarged much like an angry cat's at the mention of "angels". He pulled himself away from the smaller creature with a brief shake of his muscular neck.

This former pest is even more clueless than I thought, there is nothing Devine about this abomination...not even a lowly Nephilim...

The time wasn't right, besides he rather enjoyed the thought of having an angel for a play-thing. He cleared his throat with a sharp snort before inhaling the air that was much too cold and much too clean for his taste. It filled his lungs and left a pungent earthy after-taste in the back of his throat. Briefly distracted by his own thoughts Sacrilege looks not at Whisper but past him, almost through him before returning his attention to the now much more tense figure.

Hmm. An angel, is that so. In that case, why, we are practically brothers, making your desire to feel my body that much more inappropriate little one. Hehe.

His voice was once again low and raspy, very relaxed, but the tone was taunting and rather playful this time. He licked where his lips normally would be sitting as the words left his gaping maw. Lust was one of his favorite emotions and incest, well that was just a personal thing for Sacrilege.
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His eyes hadn't left the

His eyes hadn't left the beasts face once it pulled away from him.He was still quite tense yet all the more curious. The beast's attention landed back on Whisper, or so he thought, his gaze looked right through him like he was staring at something much more intriguing then he was now. Well he was a demon, he was unsure of any powers he might posses or use towards him, though the gaze that was still set upon him almost made him relax rather than tense more.

His neck arched and his eyes tore from Sacrilege once the last words left his mouth, freckled cheeks beneath his mask red and blushing. He hadn't said one thing about that to the demon, he must have read his thoughts or maybe he was acting obvious about that.

"oh... I wasn't aware of that.. brothers? how so we don't share any kin or blood..? What desire, I never said anything like that..." he questioned, though his voice was more of an embarrassed mumble, eyes still in the dirt afraid to look up at him now.

Now he just wanted to bury himself in the dirt, this demon was getting to him in ways he didn't understand at all. But he still wanted to shove his unmasked face into the soft, fluffy looking pelt of the other, even if he was a bit scared of his power and possible abilities.

[ ohnoi'mstartingtoshipthis ]

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The ivory demon let out a

The ivory demon let out a muffled chuckle as he noticed Whisper's embarrassment. He hadn't noticed it yet but in the short time he had spent with the smaller creature he had gotten quite attached, to him it still felt like nothing more than a fleeting emotion; Sacrilege was never known for having many if any feelings at all during his reign.

His eyes narrowed once again as his face contorted into a small smirk as he licked his lips playfully.

Oh yes, angels and demons are cut from the same stone my lovely little creature, we were once all God's greatest creations; powerful, beautiful and perfect in every way. However he got bored of our kind and created humans, to rule over us angels, can you believe that madness? That ridiculous idea didn't sit too well with Lucifer so he and a few other angels rebelled against their creator and so we were all cast down to hell where overtime we were all corrupted and turned into twisted parodies of our former selves. My dear you and I are closer than you think...hehe. As for you not saying anything, do not worry there's no need I can taste the lust coming off your body and see the hunger in your eyes, you can't hide it from me.

He chuckled once again holding his head up high only glancing at the smaller male before looking elsewhere knowing Whisper was more of a follower. The large creature pushed himself onto his slender legs, his muscles still ached and they visibly quivered just underneath his skin as he stood up. Turning away from Whisper he began to walk to a more suitable location. His thick claws digging into the earth leaving deep scars upon it as he slowly moved away, the breeze gently playing with his thick fur as it ran it's cold fingers through it.

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Still his eyes were focused

Still his eyes were focused on the ground, a pout across his thin lips and rose color across his pale freckled cheeks. Though you couldn't see his face beneath the mask, you could most certainly tell the extent of the embarrassment. His glanced quickly up at the sound of Sacrilege's voice yet again. Whispers eyes sank back down, but he was still intently listening.

He rose his head listening, telling a story he'd heard many times though in variation. That's right, they were one in the same, though demons were 'evil'. So was Sacrilege 'evil'? He was cast away from the other demons, there must have been a reason, perhaps he wasn't as evil as the others? Hopefully?

"Oh yeah... I forgot about that story. So, as a demon you're twisted and evil ? Why were you abandoned here, did the other demons not like you?," he asked, wondering more about why he was here if he was a powerful being. The last sentence brought back the overwhelming sensation of embarrassment.

"..I wouldn't call it lust or anything... it's not that bad is it... I didn't mean it in a bad way," he mumbled, this time he was a pouting more, it felt like he was being teased though again this didn't detract from the overall attraction he had to the demon. He couldn't shake his feelings, though his feelings were almost always more noticeable and closer to obsession and infatuation.

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He was still walking away

He was still walking away when the question reached his ears forcing an angry snort to escape his chest as his flesh shone with a fiery orange flare for a second or two. He had indeed been cast from his home but who did this creature think he was to ask such questions of him. Not even gracing the recipient of his words with a glance he spoke coldly of his kin, his betrayers.

Hmph. Tell me Whisper, what do you think the hierarchy is like in Hades ? If you think we all coexist with our mutual hatred and perverted demeanours as the sticky glue that holds our family together you are sorely mistaken. We hate each other as much as we hate the next creature, the reason I was cast out was simply jealousy of the power I held, how influential I was didn't sit well with some and so they simply turned against me.

Not stoping or looking back as his slender build disappeared behind a thick tree where he collapsed feeling much more exhausted than he should. He knew this would be the end of him if he didn't adjust to the thin air, also the lack of sustenance was sapping away at his reserves; it was an alien feeling having to eat to survive as he had only done it for pleasure his entire life.

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Whisper picked himself up off

Whisper picked himself up off the ground, shaking the dust and leaves off his pelt as he did. He stood a moment before bounding after the demon, slowing down at his heels. The beast began to speak again, from his tone and words Whisper could assume he didn't much like talking of his kind, or of how they treated each other. So the others were jealous of him, this made sense the male seemed to know what he was doing, he seemed powerful and to Whisper, of course, alluring.

"Oh... I see. I don't think I've ever met another one like me, wings and all... no, but humans seemed to like me enough," he rarely boasted but he was revered in the human world, many adored him and thought that just seeing him was a blessing. This grew on him and turned him into a selfish and narcissistic, but he lost that attitude when he lost his wings. He swallowed hard, again thinking about it. He didn't know why or who did it, but he could remember vividly how it felt. His head lowered and a solemn, sad expression grew on his lips but quickly disappeared when he felt the demons present leave.

He followed behind him, but not too closely since he could sense the others tiredness. He collapsed, and Whisper crept up, standing very close to him. He wanted to lay there, right next to him, but he held himself back and just eyed the spot. He blinked, raising his head, maybe he'd like some food? Food always made him feel better anyhow.

"Are you hungry?" he asked, not wanting to seem obnoxious, or intruding, he quickly cleared his throat, he looked back down at the ground.

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Sacrilege sighed as he laid

Sacrilege sighed as he laid there looking pathetically weak. He didn't have the energy nor desire to chase away the small pest so he figured he might as well use him to aid him in his recovery. The demon glanced at the small male and nodded in response to his question, he did indeed want and needed some form of sustenance but was unsure what exactly this new body required. Even if he had tried to stand he doubted it would do anything other than waste more of his dwindling reserves of energy and so he just stayed put.

Having to rely on a mortal for survival, how far I've fallen from my glorious throne. He thought to himself as he gazed up into the trees, the light seeping from the canopy dancing around his eyes and face completely uncaring of his current distress. He held himself very rigidly and never let any emotion seep past his cold exterior. Sacrilege turned once again toward Whisper and slowly parted his jaws to speak with a low and tired voice.

Bring me something good to eat and I will tolerate your presence a while longer small mortal.

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The small buck stood still,

The small buck stood still, almost shaking with anticipation, waiting to see if he was being too intruding or if the demon would appreciate his question and unspoken offer to grab him a snack. He could tell he needed something to give him energy, a giant stag like him shouldn't be as lethargic and laying down like that, no. He seemed much to important and powerful for that. He tilted his head, ears flopping to one side as he watched him turn to face his way. He gave a nod and listened to the ultimatum.

"Oh yes, I can do that," he said as he quickly whipped around, standing on his haunches as he spun and took off in the direction of his favorite food. Blue berries. They weren't too far from the blue bowl either, the best place to find tons of the stuff. Head held high, he searched for the large dip in he ground covered in blue. He spotted it and charged towards it, his sights set on a bouquet of blue berries for the demon. He slid to a stop, spinning his mask around so his face was visible, grabbing a mouthful of the plants & ripping them from the ground. He shook the dirt from them and ran back as quickly as he could, mask still turned to the back of his head.

He again skidded to a stop as he neared the spot he was previously at, dropping the large bunch of plants before the demon. A small smile sat on his exposed lips, lightly stretching the scar across them.

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