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Child of the cold caress of moonshine and the heat of a golden rose.
Growing in a little garden. Innocent as the first spring blossom.
Child of love and light and laughter.
Playing in a forest.
little Li Mei

» Mei for short
» Biological Male
» Eunuch
» Aesexual Poliromantic
» Chinese descent
» Was not Human.
» Was mortal
» Born on the new year's night when a woman wished on a golden rose
» Was taken before his first birthday to become the emperor's servant
» Smells of Rose water with hints of Nag Champa incense
» Converses with starlight and moonshine
» Sings for those he is fond of
» Has never been ill in his life
» Poor protection against the cold
» Loyal
» Does not easily hold grudges
» Delicate shield.
» Does not fight
» Taunt, Rear, and 'Antler' is never meant to do any damage
» Eyes like moonlight over silver
» Many shades of red in his coat
» Markings resemble silver vines and golden roses
» Horns like silver thorns
» Fur is soft almost powdery to the touch
» a curl of hair on his tail
» Generous and Kind. Filled with love and laughter
» Does not know of dark things, like hate or jealousy
» Pure naive innocent easily taken advantage of
» Was once Treated like a pet
» Eagerly plays with anyone
» Enjoys quiet time as well
» Adores flowers
» Never judges on appearance
» Can seem childish due to his naiveté
» Easily mistaken for a doe due to lack of hormones
» Does not even smell like a male
» Brave due to little knowledge of feeling fear
» Noh Horns. Idol pelt. Orca Mask. Mini Spell
» Brittle
» Can read. Chinese and English words.
» Surprisingly good artist
» Loves stories.
» Sounds like
» May use Chinese honorifics
» "Xiansheng" for males. "Nushi" for females.
» Human Reference


From Ryff ♥


Hototo: A sense of comfort, a friend. Met one rainy evening, spent tie playing with him, the stag then kept him dry. Looking forward to seeing more of Hototo.

Woden: Playmate. Curious. a sense of entertainment. Eager to spend time with.

Greitai: A good friend, protective of in his own childish way. A dear playmate.

Sabastian: Protected him from an odd doe. Sees Sabastian as a protector and friend.

Alexis: Acquaintance

Way: Acquaintance

The Candlehound: Adored companion A dear friend. Wants nothing more than to see the creature happy. Very much enjoys the company, always happy to spend time with.

Jergens: Mei announced himself as Jergens' friend before the stag even had a choice in the matter. He's out to prove that everyone just needs a little love and the world would be better. Self proclaimed teacher. Has made it his mission to teach Jergens to read.

Peanut: Silent cuddling partner.

SobekNofru: Dance partner, playtime buddy.

Flyleaf: Playtime buddy, fun to be around

Roleplay encouraged
Li Mei is © Matthieu/Tassle/Myself 2011 all actions are in-character and should not be taken personally.
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Jergens halted in surprise,

Jergens halted in surprise, whipping his head around to look at Mei. "Yew been livin' under a rock or..." he paused, thinking for a moment.

It was just like with Thomas. Talking to the old war veteran was always a pain simply because they both came from two different time periods. Mei seemed to be no different (and the question about what cars were only added to his theory).

"Where were ya born, anyway?" he asked curiously, even more intiruged by Mei's backround. "And the British whatnow? Nahhh... But America is kinda like that I guess... I mean, we came from em'..." he fumbled, not really remembering much in terms of world history. After all, he only had a basic elementary education.

"And a car is a thing you use to get to places faster." he explained simply, not really bothering himself with describing it.

"I am from the Ming Dynasty,

"I am from the Ming Dynasty, I was the emperor's 'Songbird'" he explained, humming for a moment. "You know, The British empire? They own so much land, how could you not know?" he seemed amazed, where had this stag been?

"oh! I get it, it's a Carriage, Car, Carriage. That makes sense" he smiled, proud of himself for seemingly catching on, tail wriggling as if it had a life of its own.
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You know someone is from a

You know someone is from a long time ago when you don't even know what the Hell they're talking about. Jergens' eyes took on a blank look of unrecognition before he stopped walking, lowering himself so that the smaller deer could slide off if he pleased. "Ya mean Great Britain? Pff, no they don't. At least not now." he looked around, trotting to a flat, well-trodden square of plain reddish clay.

"Here, lemme draw ya a map." he motioned Mei over, grabbing a small stick from the ground to draw a shoddy looking blob to the far right corner of his makeshift canvas. "Okay... picture that as China." he mumbled, his voice muffled from the small twig in his mouth. Carefully, he traced out a longish, narrow blob next to the larger blob. "That's Great Britain."

Finally, he moved over to the far left of the small plot of earth, carefully drawing out a curious likeness to the United States. For an added touch, he placed a small dot roughly where New York was located. Pleased with himself, he flung his stick over to the side.

"Alright, Britain used to own us a long time ago. Then we separated, right? And formed our own country. I dunno what China was doin' around that time, but whatever. Anyway, I was born... uhm...." he paused, pondering for a moment. Friend had told him what yaer he was born in before...

"1958. Eisenhower was the presisdent then... uh... that's kinda like our 'emporer' I guess..." he fumbled, not really knowing much of what he was talking about. Whatever.

"That dot is where I lived, okay?" he chuckled. "And fer the record, cars aren't carriages... they're like screaming metal death traps that go really fast... y'know?"

He blinked down at the map,

He blinked down at the map, nodding, finding a twig of his own. "where I come from, it is more like this"

His art was surprisingly, well, amazing.
North and South America seemed to be missing however.
"I will put a star where China owned land...and, a circle can be for britain" after a bit he finished.

"and this was the trade route we used..." he mumbled, squiggling lines places.

"...that does not sound very pleasant, why would you ever get on one of those?" he resumed drawing other things now, a person, a horse, Chinese characters for various things.

"Can you read Chinese?" he asked curiously.
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Jergens watched, jaw unhinged

Jergens watched, jaw unhinged as Mei completely dominated his shallow scribbles, even adding to them with every bit of information that he could cram into a small plot of land. He stared at the artwork, dumbfounded.

"Yer missin' North and South America, but... damn... Yer good." he breathed, unusually impressed. "Heh... I make em' sound bad because I was killed by one. They're okay..." he half-heartedly explained, watching as Mei drew little scribbles.

His question made him hesitate a bit before answering. "I never learned how to read anythin'..." he mumbled, obviously embarassed.

"I dunno where that is" he

"I dunno where that is" he stated, clearly the concept of America really went right over his head.
"that's okay, basic Chinese letters look like what they are, like little pictures, maybe you could write them" he retrieved Jergens' stick for him, plopping down with his own again.

"Tree...Bird...Deer" he wrote slowly, little shapes in the earth.
"England thinks it's so great with all its fancy letters." he could read and write English too, but even still...
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Tossing the America subject

Tossing the America subject aside, Jergens instead focused on the little buck's brief... writing lesson. He didn't say anything, rather narrowing his eyebrows as he looked at what were to him nothing more than a bunch of more meaningless sqiggles.

"They look the same as all the other letters I've seen..." he mumbled, a little flame of frustration lighting inside him. Determined, he picked up his stick and tried to mimic the symbols, though only succeeded in writing the first one over and over again... The process was painfully slow, and it was only until his ran out of space that he stopped to look over his handiwork.

He had started off strong, but the last line of the same characters that he wrote were just a bunch of childish lines that had no real meaning. Jergens didn't seem to notice this, however.

"Uh... how's that?" he asked, grinning sheepishly.

"Those first ones are good!

"Those first ones are good! and it's okay, we'll work on it." he inspected the words, were they so similar? "I think your mind is mixing them all up together. Here, let's try doing one at a time, you can copy it like that, like an image rather than a letter" he stamped out the first one now that they had finished, covering all but the second with grass, which he tore from nearby.

"This is deer, that's us. Try this one"
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His ears flattened against

His ears flattened against the back of his skull in mild annoyance. It almost felt like Mei was treating him like a little kid... or an idiot, but who could really blame him after all the unpleasent years of schooling that he had to endure?

"Nah... I'm just stupid." he smiled, shaking his head, watching as the smaller buck stamped cleared off a new blank slate to work on. Still, he stared at the single character, embedding it in his head as he took up his stick, copying it down once this time.

He'd humor the buck, but by no means would he really try unless he could see some progress.

"that's not true, you're very

"that's not true, you're very clever, look you already know two!" he pointed out.
He wasn't meaning to treat Jergens like a child, he treated everyone like that really.
"so now you know Tree, and Deer." he sat back on his haunches. "just remember, they aren't any different from your picture. see, these lines kind of look like the antlers on a deer, so you know it's deer. and this one, this one kinda looks like a tree, so it's tree." he nodded. "You're very bright Jergens, don't let anyone else make you think otherwise, including yourself" he looked up, smiling wide, ears tucked back. "I believe in you"
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Jergens couldn't help but

Jergens couldn't help but feel like he was being coddled. Even so, he restrained from snapping back with a venemous reply.

He had already forgotten what the character for tree was anyway.

"Yeah... I kinda am." he insisted, carrying a sort of sad smile for the whole thing.

Really, in many ways he almost exceeded in certain subjects, but that didn't change the fact that he never finished fifth grade. A sad fate indeed.

Still... hearing that silly accent and seeing that cute expression pretty much snuffed out all the bad feelings that Jergens felt. Having a writing lesson always seemed to leave a bad taste in his mouth.

"Eh... sure... whatever..." he mumbled, lips twitching into a little smile.

"There's no such thing as a

"There's no such thing as a stupid person, just super modest smart people" Mei insisted, eyes widening.

"...you any good with numbers?" he asked curiously, an idea coming to mind. ears ticking hopefully.

((Hello, again. 8D The buck

((Hello, again. 8D The buck infront of Li is Peanut, my boy. <3 Just thought Id let you know. c: He is absolutely cuddly and lovely.

But, sorry he left so early, I'm helping getting a set for a friend. He will definitely be back to Mei, espically when he is down like he is. <3))

haha I knew it, Peanut is

haha I knew it, Peanut is adorable ♥
not a problem~
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Super modest smart people...

Super modest smart people...

The term was so moronic yet so undoubtedly clever that it almost urged Jergens to go under another laughing spell. Instead, he freely chuckled, niether denying nor agreeing with the statement.

Mei's next question intrigued him though. Yes... he had always been pretty good with math... but only when Pert would read out the problems to him. While other students would write out their work, Jergens would do it all in his head... as he had no other means to do so.

"Maybe... haven't really done much math in years though..." he thought, turning to Mei with a curious glint in his eyes.

"I've got it, I'm going to

"I've got it, I'm going to teach you to write english by using math!" he decided. He kind of sucked at math, but he could count which was good enough!

"the alphabet has twenty six letters. so I'm going to teach you to associate certain numbers with certain shapes, so you can spell with numbers!"

He jotted down the letter 'A'

"This is number one. when you see these kinds of lines, think One, don't think of it as a letter, think of it as a picture to go with the number one!"

Thank you, though, I have to

Thank you, though, I have to argue, Mei is much more adorable. ♥
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Jergens had to admit this kid

Jergens had to admit this kid was determined... and a pretty damn good teacher too. Still, he couldn't help but frown a little as Mei scratched out a familiar, yet still unrecognizable letter.

"One... okay... But that's not a one, right? That's... uhm..." he fumbled, trying to think of it. People had tried to drill the alphabet into him more than once.

"Look, can't ya just give me a math problem or something? Then we can call it day and never go back to all these stupid letters and crap. How bout' that?" he reasoned, doing everything he could possible do to weasel out of all this.

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pfffffffffft ♥
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"nope" he shook his head.
"we'll finish this one, then we can stop" he nodded.
"sing with me, A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z. One Two three for five six seven~ eight nine ten and eleven~ twelve and thirteen, fourteen fifteen sixteen~ seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty~ twenty one and twenty two, twenty three then twenty for twenty five and six, spelling will be easy if you sing like this" it was funny in his little accent and voice.

"A one B two C three~"



Noo...we can't have that much

Noo...we can't have that much cute....GRAAAAH! *implodes*
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If there was ever a single

If there was ever a single situation that ever made Jergens want to kill and/or fade into complete oblivion... this was one of them.

"Hah. Yeah. No. I'm not singin' that. No way in Hell." he bit his lower lip to restrain a small chuckle that might have been taken in the wrong way, all the while shaking his head.

"A one B two C three..." he repeated flatly, taking it all in.

"Can we stop now?" he asked, unable to think of the next letters that had just been sung to him.

"Yes, now you need to repeat

"Yes, now you need to repeat that at least a few times a day, just whenever you're alone, and when you memorize it, we'll move on" he smiled.
It was never good to overwork a student.

"all done!" he nodded, dropping his stick, prancing over to Jergens again, setting about grooming the large red stag.
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"Sure..." he mumbled, lying

"Sure..." he mumbled, lying through his teeth. No way in hell was that song ever going to be repeated ever again. Ever.

"Heh, finally." he grinned, eyes half-closing in contentment as he felt his curled pelt being neatened and cleaned. How weird... he felt totally at ease with this littler buck. It was rare that he could trust someone so easily.

"Not like I'm gonna have any use with readin' here anyway." he scoffed, tilting his head up to look skywards.

"you never know, what if

"you never know, what if someone wants to leave you a message?" he asked, pausing to speak before resuming his actions, the fur springing back into curls under his skilled tongue.

"you have nice fur" he noted.
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"Then I get someone to read

"Then I get someone to read it fer me~" he replied, lowering his head so that it rested on his hooves. He had done that too. Not like anyone cared...

"Thanks. he sighed, falling into a state of total relaxation. He had never been so spoiled in the forest before... not that he didn't mind or anything.

"It's kinda annoyin' sometimes though... too bad it runs in the family." he chortled, rolling to his side, the heavily scarred underside of his belly facing Mei. "My daughter has it too, cept it's kinda longer..." he rambled on, not really thinking before he spoke.

"You have a child?" Mei

"You have a child?" Mei questioned, moving on to clean the remaining fur on Jergens' belly as if it were a second habit to pamper whomever was relaxing in front of him.

"What is she like?" he asked then, trying to give the stag more to talk about, large ears twitching.
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"Mm. Her name's Peony...

"Mm. Her name's Peony... after some flower. I dunno, I didn't come up with it." he rambled, glad to find something to talk about that wasn't writing or history related.

He paused, his tail lazily thumping against the ground as he muddled some thoughts together, feeling the small prickles of the buck cleaning his nearly furless belly. "She's a little shy... kinda like her dad, just not so extreme... she's stubborn too... and that's only gotten worse since she's grown up..." he mumbled, on and on.

It was the first time he had ever talked about his family without even feeling a small hint of sadness.

"She sounds lovely, and what

"She sounds lovely, and what a pretty name. Peony. Little flower" he smiled, "I would love to meet her someday!" he moved to groom the fur of Jergens' neck and throat.

"And what of her other father?" he didn't seem to even bat an eye at the idea of her having two fathers. Clearly as open minded as anyone could be.


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Tracking. <3
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"She's usually all over the

"She's usually all over the place... I haven't seen her in awhile though." he mumbled, feeling involuntary heat rise up to his cheeks as Mei moved to his neck. He ignored it, focusing more on the buck's question.

"He..." he thought for a long time, picking through various thoughts. "His name was Rosine... I met a long time ago before I died... Then I guess he went too. I dunno. He was beautiful... and I mean that in the most manly way too, y'know?"

He didn't bother explaining the rest. It pretty much spoke for itself, to him anyway.

[I added you on Yahoo. Did

[I added you on Yahoo. Did you get a request from russian_raven [at] yahoo [dot] com ]

"I see" Mei nodded. Not

"I see" Mei nodded. Not pressing anymore, finishing up his grooming of the larger stag.
"all clean!" he nodded, curling up beside Jergens, eyes half closed. "I don't remember my mom, I was taken when I was still an infant to work in the palace" he explained. "so I don't know what family I have really"


Thank you!


no =o
I'll try and add you ♥
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"Mm, thanks..." he mumbled,

"Mm, thanks..." he mumbled, tempted to just fall dead asleep. Still, he listened to Mei, the corners of his mouth tugging into a frown.

"Friends are kinda like family. The only thing about em' is that yew choose em'. Ya ain't born with em'." he lazily replied, wanting to reach over and likewaise clean the buck's fur in return, but he could find no energy to do so.

"Still... I'm sure yer mom still remembers yew. Maybe yew can find her one day... I dunno." he lamely assured Mei, practically slurring over his words.

"you're sleepy" he noted

"you're sleepy" he noted flopping over Jergens and yawning.
"me too...nigh'~" he stated simply, draped over the red stag, breathing quietly as he slept, limp little ragdoll.
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Jergens said nothing,

Jergens said nothing, well-aware of the warm presence that draped over him like a make-shift blanket.
It only made him all the more drowsy.
Curling himself inward, he dozed off quickly as well.

baw they're so cute

baw they're so cute<3

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I believe he's dancing with

I believe he's dancing with us at the moment~ 83 Li Mei is just as adorable in person as I thought he would be.

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ayup, that'd be me ='D nice

ayup, that'd be me ='D nice to know who I'm dancin' with XD
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You're welcome~

You're welcome~ ♥♥

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Hey, you're dancing with

Hey, you're dancing with SobekNofru at the moment! ^^

&hearts; I looked them up

I looked them up hoping for a biography, they had a few posts but no blogs though haha~
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Yes, we are dancing here in

Yes, we are dancing here in the cave. XD Funny!
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aha there you are

aha there you are ♥
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This was fun and Flyleaf came

This was fun and Flyleaf came too. (:- )
And now we can sleep togheter! Eye
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I must agree~ We'll have to

I must agree~
We'll have to play again sometime ♥
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Hey , Hey !! So fun dancing

Hey , Hey !! So fun dancing today Lol !! It was very nice to meet you !
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Nice to meet you too~!

Nice to meet you too~!
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(not sure if this is going to

(not sure if this is going to show up or not.)





Thank you so much KaoKao ;A;