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Mental: llllllllllllllllllll
Emotional: llllllllllllllllllll
Physical: llllllllllllllllllll
Thinking: I'm kinda tired out now haha~
Fighter's Chart:
Attack: llllllllllllllllllll Defense: llllllllllllllllllll Stamina: llllllllllllllllllll Speed: llllllllllllllllllll
Dodge: llllllllllllllllllll Pain Tolerance: llllllllllllllllllll Technique: llllllllllllllllllll Will: lllllllllllllllllll

Child of the cold caress of moonshine and the heat of a golden rose.
Growing in a little garden. Innocent as the first spring blossom.
Child of love and light and laughter.
Playing in a forest.
little Li Mei

» Mei for short
» Biological Male
» Eunuch
» Aesexual Poliromantic
» Chinese descent
» Was not Human.
» Was mortal
» Born on the new year's night when a woman wished on a golden rose
» Was taken before his first birthday to become the emperor's servant
» Smells of Rose water with hints of Nag Champa incense
» Converses with starlight and moonshine
» Sings for those he is fond of
» Has never been ill in his life
» Poor protection against the cold
» Loyal
» Does not easily hold grudges
» Delicate shield.
» Does not fight
» Taunt, Rear, and 'Antler' is never meant to do any damage
» Eyes like moonlight over silver
» Many shades of red in his coat
» Markings resemble silver vines and golden roses
» Horns like silver thorns
» Fur is soft almost powdery to the touch
» a curl of hair on his tail
» Generous and Kind. Filled with love and laughter
» Does not know of dark things, like hate or jealousy
» Pure naive innocent easily taken advantage of
» Was once Treated like a pet
» Eagerly plays with anyone
» Enjoys quiet time as well
» Adores flowers
» Never judges on appearance
» Can seem childish due to his naiveté
» Easily mistaken for a doe due to lack of hormones
» Does not even smell like a male
» Brave due to little knowledge of feeling fear
» Noh Horns. Idol pelt. Orca Mask. Mini Spell
» Brittle
» Can read. Chinese and English words.
» Surprisingly good artist
» Loves stories.
» Sounds like
» May use Chinese honorifics
» "Xiansheng" for males. "Nushi" for females.
» Human Reference


From Ryff ♥


Hototo: A sense of comfort, a friend. Met one rainy evening, spent tie playing with him, the stag then kept him dry. Looking forward to seeing more of Hototo.

Woden: Playmate. Curious. a sense of entertainment. Eager to spend time with.

Greitai: A good friend, protective of in his own childish way. A dear playmate.

Sabastian: Protected him from an odd doe. Sees Sabastian as a protector and friend.

Alexis: Acquaintance

Way: Acquaintance

The Candlehound: Adored companion A dear friend. Wants nothing more than to see the creature happy. Very much enjoys the company, always happy to spend time with.

Jergens: Mei announced himself as Jergens' friend before the stag even had a choice in the matter. He's out to prove that everyone just needs a little love and the world would be better. Self proclaimed teacher. Has made it his mission to teach Jergens to read.

Peanut: Silent cuddling partner.

SobekNofru: Dance partner, playtime buddy.

Flyleaf: Playtime buddy, fun to be around

Roleplay encouraged
Li Mei is © Matthieu/Tassle/Myself 2011 all actions are in-character and should not be taken personally.
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*pitches tent*
*stalkstalkstalk*.......ohai. ♥

Well hello there ♥

Well hello there ♥
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I'm keeping this one

I'm keeping this one forever.
Hope you don't mind.
Icon Art © Beloved

ffff you just want to smell

you just want to smell him ♥
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I'll be looking out for him~

I'll be looking out for him~ <3

Signature by Roo ♥
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Smart having your mini wear

Smart having your mini wear the idol pelt...nobody can mess up your pelt! LOL!

Pretty character. I'm just an overall suckers for mini's.

Woden is feeling derpy tonight. Don't mind him. Smiling

That's why I changed it from

That's why I changed it from Fan to Idol haha, I hate having my minis peltspammed XD

Thank you! I love Woden's design as well, I adore Minideer~

haha, it's fine, he's great fun~
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I love how Li Mei he has the

I love how Li Mei he has the voice of Chirin. I thought that sounded familiar. Threw me for a loop for a minute as I knew it was Japanese and not Chinese…and so familiar.

Sorry for how retarded Teal Deer was, that’s the fawn that came up and then just stood there like an idiot. I have my computer upstairs playing him so I could help a deer get the mini spell. The fawn would go to sleep, I’d run upstairs to cast the spell. Saw your deer, ran over to say high. Forgot I was the stupid fawn. My keyboard up there has no hotkeys so I was fumbling trying to make my deer do ANYTHING. Lol.

Aww, and I’m sorry you gave up on the fan pelt. Mini’s are an extra effort to play due to their pelt problems but they are so gosh darned cute. Two of my 3 characters are mini.
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track track track. Hototo is

track track track. Hototo is particularly fond of red minis.

He is honored to keep you and our butterfly friend dry. Smiling

He will likely have some thoughts on the matter in his bio later this evening if you would like to check back in. Smiling Thank you for finding us.

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Ah, so that's Hototo, so nice

Ah, so that's Hototo, so nice to meet him. Thanks for sheltering us from the rain. Don't want Woden's candles to go out! Smiling

Sight: hahaaa yes, I was


hahaaa yes, I was going to find something Chinese, but then I remembered watching Chirin recently and was like "Got it, that voice" XD

fff it's fine~ ♥


Mei is extremely happy for his company! he was feeling very lonely before he found Hoto' ♥
I will definitely be looking out!

&hearts; I love his design.

I love his design. Those roses, you draw them so beautifully.

Signature by Terabetha

Thank you Ammy &hearts;

Thank you Ammy ♥
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You sat with me for a

You sat with me for a bit.

Thank you so much. It meant a lot to me.

Not a problem Kaoori~ It's no

Not a problem Kaoori~ It's no fun sitting alone ♥
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Awwww <3 this is the little guy laying with my guy right now, hm?~ The secretary mini-doe is Uwharrie's Alexis, the skullmasked mini is Kirness' Way, and the big skullmasked antelope stag with the zombie antlers is my guy, Sabastien. <3

Gonna track this and add Li in to his relations if that's okay~ Minideer he meets instantly become friends to him assuming they like being around him. XD

Indeed &hearts; yay~ I'll

Indeed ♥ yay~ I'll look them up!

Thank you! I'll be adding Sabastian as well~
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Daawh, he really is

Daawh, he really is adorable.
Please call me Lyssa or Kir. n.n

Art by Anjali. ♥

Thank you Kirness 8D

Thank you Kirness 8D
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"Okay... I give up. Yew a boy

"Okay... I give up. Yew a boy or a girl? Cause I sure as hell can't tell."


"Ni Hao! I'm a boy, but I

"Ni Hao! I'm a boy, but I don't really mind what you call me~
My name is Li Mei, or Mei for short! what's your name mister?"

This bio holds very much

This bio holds very much adorable. I wish to meet him someday. <3
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"Niwhat?" he tilted his head

"Niwhat?" he tilted his head to the side, a curious grin eternally brightening on his face. "M'Jergens." he introduced, nodding a little in greeting. "Nice little pricks on yer head ya got thar... Made me think yew were a chick fer a sec." he shrugged casually.

Ryff: Any time you

Any time you like~!


He tilted his head. "I was castrated shortly after I was born, so I didn't have the chance to become masculine at all" he explained, tail twitching, looking up at his horns. "you like 'em? thanks!"
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Jergens twitched a bit at the

Jergens twitched a bit at the explanation, contranting his lips back with a theatrical hiss of mock pain. "Damnnn... That musta sucked." no wonder he couldn't tell. Hell, people still did that? Sick world...
"Yeah, they look kinda harmless, but at least they're somethin'." he nodded, sqinting as one of the little points caught a glint of sun. "There's a lotta little deer that don't have much protection goin' on, y'know?"

"Dunno, I don't remember it

"Dunno, I don't remember it happening" he admitted, shaking his head.

"I don't fight anyway, I'm too brittle" he stretched, yawning lazily, looking back up at Jergens then, tail wagging.

It lay coiled around the red

It lay coiled around the red buck's chest, its own brittle grey fur mingling with the soft and well-groomed fur of the other.

"Jhoo...jhoo not run like them. Jhoo stay? Them run from me." It said in a harsh whisper, its words almost incoherent with a heavy Russian accent and poor English. It quite liked this new friend, in fact, this one was its only friend.

"ah~ Ni hao! Why run? you

"ah~ Ni hao! Why run? you have not hurt me, yeah~?" he replied, laughing at the soft touch, gently folding himself about the other as best he could. Reds and silvers and golds and grays. Roses under a cloud filled sky.

"You have a pretty voice!"

Comfortable. A sensation

Comfortable. A sensation mostly alien to an alien creature. "E'dunno. Them just run when me get close. Or them hurt." The skin-and-bones deer shifted to keep the candles in his eyesockets away from the other's fur. Wouldn't want to burn the roses.

"Jhoo think so? Jhoo do?"

"Shì de! Shì de! Yes! your

"Shì de! Shì de! Yes! your voice is very nice!" he bobbed his head in a nod, inspecting the other's eyes.
They reminded him of candles, in little paper lanterns on little paper boats, drifting downstream. Guiding spirits home.

It was entrancing, how the flames bobbed and licked, reflected in his own quicksilver eyes.
"oh yes, my name is Li Mei! but you can call me Mei! what is your name?"

It was always smiling, but it

It was always smiling, but it uttered a soft, hoarse chuckle.

"L-Li Mie...jhoo got nice name, nice name. Me do not know name. Them call me 'The Candlehound,' though." It seemed to be making a soft buzzing sound up this close, like dulled radio static. A sound of contentment.

"Li Mie, what jhoo look like? Me not see jhoo..." It was true. All it could 'see' was the pulsing of the buck's blood, a throbbing white object sending gushes of molten alabaster around the frame of Li Mie's body. Each deer its own pit of magma.

"That's a long name, but

"That's a long name, but nice, Candlehound" he smiled, tilting his head at the rather strange question.

"Well, I'm small...and red, and uhm" he looked at his sides.
"I have patterns on my sides, like rose vines, but silver, with golden roses. And I have itty bitty horns on my head, they're silver too!...uhm, hm what else, oh yes, my eyes are also silver" he thought that was all the important stuff.

"how do you get around so well if you cannot see?" he asked curiously, eyes widening, ticking ears at the soft buzzing sound.

It nodded its skulled

It nodded its skulled crocodilian head, chuckling.

"Red nice colour. Liked red," It whispered, nostalgia heavy in its voice. It continued to buzz softly.

"Uhh...think them called it ek-oh-low-cay-shun. See with sound. Brzzzrrrr....." It buzzed louder to emphasize this, how he could see shapes and tell distances, with no perception of dark or light or colour.

"oh, that's cool!" he had no

"oh, that's cool!" he had no idea what exactly the creature meant, but it was a cool sound!
Seeing with sound, but wasn't that hearing? gah it made his head hurt.

"Liked? could you see colour once?" he asked, resting his head against the other creature's fur, listening to the sound.

A nod. "Da, but it was long

A nod.

"Da, but it was long time away." He sighed drowsily. "Long time..."
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Jergens didn't even need to

Jergens didn't even need to look over this fellow to know what he was getting into. Prissy. That was the only word he could come up with to describe him.
Still, all the more reason to play with him a bit...
Smiling, he leaned in a bit, "Y'know, yew must be new. There's a heapful of deer round' here that love huntin' minis like yerself." he whispered, as if he were telling a horrible secret, his chocolate brown eyes glinting in what could be taken as either mock fear of mischief.

Ryff: "Nostalgia..." he had


"Nostalgia..." he had to say the word aloud, testing it, as if he weren't sure it were right or not, listening to mixed breaths, eyes half closed and drowsy, sweet as liquid sugar even now.


"...that's okay" he sounded almost serious now, not so bouncy. "Even if they hurt me, I won't hurt them back...and if anyone tries to, I would do my best to make sure nobody got hurt" he trailed a hoof through the grass. "If they hurt me, it's just because someone hurt them right? that someone hurt them really bad, somewhere deep down, like on their heart, so you can't just kiss it better like when you fall and get a scratch" his ears turned slowly.
"I know it's not their fault, so no matter how badly they harmed me, I would forgive them. They just need a friend, that way they know that not everybody is out to hurt them..." he blinked, long lashed eyes of silver meeting the brown of the other.

"Has somebody ever hurt your heart before?"
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The stag was taken aback for

The stag was taken aback for a moment, not at all expecting a sermon. Maybe a confused mumble or a frightened denial... but certainly not a long-winded speech. Still, as Jergens half-listened, he couldn't help but feel a tiny pang of pity for him...
"The world ain't like that, kid." he replied, still smiling, but no longer baring his teeth in that oddly menacing way. "People go around and do douchy things fer the sake of just causin' trouble fer others. I would know... I'm one of em'" he admitted, rolling back his shoulders in an easy, accepting shrug.

Still, Mei's last question hit him like a battering ram to the chest. He didn't show it, but his grin dimmed ever so slightly.

"Yew have no idea..." he chuckled. "Everyone gets hurt. It's a part'a life."

Silence, it didn't even buzz.

Silence, it didn't even buzz. It did not wish to see now, and it fell into almost complete blindness, save for the beating of the other's heart. A thing the Candlehound was familiar with. It nosed over Li Mie's shoulder, to curl its neck over the rose buck's, extinguishing the flame on the candle nearest his head to avoid burning him.

It was amazing how much of its thick-looking neck was really just fluff, and how its tiny throat rested on Li Mie's neck almost like above them was the blade of a guillotine, in total comfort, as if there wasn't a thing to fear anymore. It liked that aura that Li Mie emitted.

"are you sure? Or... Are you

"are you sure?
Are you just saying that to make yourself feel better?
Are you really like that?
Do you really think that?
That can't be though...Because..."

He giggled, standing to nuzzle against the larger crimson stag's chest, listening to the thrum of his heart. "mmhm, yup! yes yes! shi de~ you have a big heart! I can hear it!" he nodded matter-of-factly.

"it hurts sometimes I bet, still, but that's what you have friends for right? to let you know that everything is a-okay!" he plopped back on his haunches.
"me too! I'll be your friend, and if you feel icky, I'll try and cheer you up. and you don't need to do anything in return" he shook his head.

Smile, every so often"


Ryff you ninja:

And Mei didn't seem to mind that feeling at all. No fear of placing his head on the chopping block for a friend, no matter how new.
He smiled, lips curling slightly.

"don' worry" he yawned.

"if anyone is mean to you...you can come find me...I'll make it better if I can"

It breathed air out through

It breathed air out through its nostrils, making a quiet whistly sound.

"Really? Jhoo would?" It said. "Me will do same for jhoo, da. Me will."
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"Maybe. I like keepin' myself

"Maybe. I like keepin' myself happy." he tilted his head to the side, flicking an ear in thought. "I've done a heapful of rotten things... theft... murder..." his lips formed to list something else, but he impulsively bit back his tongue. "I won't say that I'm bad... but I ain't good either."

The stag didn't pull back at the contact, nor did he encourage it. He craned his neck downwards, taking in a different, yet oddly nostalgic scent of roses. He listened to the littler deer speak, eyes widening a little.


He laughed. Waves of his loud, brassy cachinnation bounced off of trees, vibrating the the very ground underneath. It was an odd thing for him to do. But when Jergens laughed, it could be heard all over the forest in it's purity.

It's peal lasted several seconds, to the point where tears beaded the corners of the stag's eyes. With a few remaining chortles, he looked back down at the smaller deer.

"Yer cute, kid..." he mumbled, his tail beating against the ground in silent approval. "Hell, I wasn't expectin' that... Kickass job in turnin' the tables on me..."

"shi de, I would" he nodded.

"shi de, I would" he nodded.
"You too? Then we'll always protect each other, because that's what good friends do!" he turned his head slightly on that long neck of his to nuzzle against the skulled face, humming a soft little Chinese lullaby.


"you're not chasing me off, I'm your friend no matter what now" Mei would have thought himself everyone's friend, in fact, he very much did, playing with someone one day when only the day before they had harmed him, wrath and grudges held no root in the little rose deer's heart. Maybe chased away by the ever soothing scent. Or burned away by the warmth he shared so eagerly.

He seemed to thrive on the other's laughter, as if it made him just a bit brighter, if only for a moment, unable to help but join him, joy like a cold.

"oh? is that good? yay!"
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Jergens just sighed, rolling

Jergens just sighed, rolling his eyes overdramatically at Mei's declaration. "Guess I don't have a choice then, huh?" he smiled warmly, lifting a hoof to gently press against the top of the mini's head, rubbing his fur in a mock noogie.

He was cynical sort, but the thorned deer was perfectly harmless. Almost to the point of being too harmless. He didn't seem to have a bad bone in his body, and such innocence was never a good thing...

Jergens had learned that the hard way.

"Lookit you~" he chuckled, staring at the mini with a new sort of fondness in his eyes. "I've only known ya fer about ten mins and yer already makin' feel all warm n' fuzzy."

"Nope!" he declared

"Nope!" he declared cheerfully, looking up and going a bit cross eyed as he did so. "Hei, haha, my fur" he gleefully trotted to Jergens' side, scrambling up to flop over his back.

"Good! everyone should be happy~!"
GingerNut's picture

"Figures." he snorted,

"Figures." he snorted, raising his eyebrow in mild amusement as Mei clambered onto his back. "What, ya want a pony ride?" he slowly stood up, shifting his position so that the little buck could adjust his balance.

"Eh... Yer always gonna get that one complainer in the world that won't just the hell up." he chuckled, craning his neck around to look at him. "Either way, where'd yew come from? I've never seen ya around here before." he flicked an ear in interest.

This boy is amazingly

This boy is amazingly beautiful. ♥

Dinamo: Thank you so much~!

Thank you so much~! ♥


"wh-whoa" he giggled, awkwardly gripping the larger stag's neck with his front limbs so as not to go falling off.
"I'm from China...I don't know how I got here honestly" he hadn't really thought about it too much...

He hadn't been old, or sick, or wounded so he couldn't be dead right?
In any case he was sure it would sort itself out.
"and that's okay I've got big ears so I'm a good listener"
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Jergens walked forward,

Jergens walked forward, keeping to the flat terrain for the sake of his passenger. "I've carried a lot of little deer around. I won't let ya fall~" he reassured him, keeping a steady pace, ears swiveling around as he listened to his story.

"China, huh?" he marveled a little. This stupid forest really did cater to everyone, didn't it?

"M'from America... Died god knows how long ago via flattening by car. Not a pretty sight, but whatever." he rambled on.

Good thing Mei had big ears... All the better to listen to Jergens never close his mouth.


"america...America....I've never heard of that country..." of course not, Mei lived in a time period before America was even a country.
"I was wondering about your accent though, are you sure you aren't from the British empire?" he asked, laughing every so often as they walked along, having a grand time atop the other's back it seemed.

"what's a car?"